Asperger’s Along with Colitis – Who Else?

Danielle K-fIntro:

My name is Dani I am 28 and live in Iowa with my cat Shaddow. Along with my UC I also have Asperger’s which is a high functioning form of autism.

Some more about me:

Like I said above I am 28 and live in the great state of Iowa. My cat Shaddow definitely lives up to her name as she is always at my side especially when I am hurting or sad.


I have consistently bloody bowl movements, joint pain and cramps.

Asperger’s Along with Colitis – Who Else?

My journey with UC started in January of 2013. One day I went to the bathroom and noticed blood in the toliet. I ignored it at first for like a week hopeing it would go away. When that did not happen I told someone and set up a doctor’s appointment. My first appointment was with my family doctor who said I am pretty sure it is just hemorrhoids but I want u to go to a gastro to be sure. She made an appointment with a doctor I had seen before but did not really like but we don’t have many options in my town. The appointment was not for like a month and I was stressed so I called to try to get in sooner and the nurse was a total witch. She said no I cant get u in sooner it is probably just hemorrhoids and there’s not much we can do for them anyway. Needless to say I called my gp right back and ended up going to The University of Iowa In Iowa city about 30 minutes from home.

The first doctor I saw there was a colorectal surgeon. She was awesome did an exam said I had hemorrhoids but wanted to do a colonoscopy to make sure nothing else was going on. We did that and she did not see much just the hemorrhoids that was in April of 2013. From April to October I probably was back at my gp 4 or 5 times.  Every time they said u need to increase your fiber try this med etc…

Finally out of desperation my gp made an appointment with the doctor who did my colnscopy. That fateful day was October 30 2013. When I got there she said she was going to rubber band my hemorrhoids. She explained all the risk and said one possible thing that could happen is she would have take me to the operating room to remove the band.  She said that is very rare and she had never had that happen. Well we did the procedure in the office and I had a lot of pain and there was more blood then there should be so like 20 minutes later she said how would u like to follow me to the OR today and thinking she was joking I said no thanks. Turns out she was not and I ended up having surgery to remove the band and do biopsies that after noon. She knew right then there was something more going on. I got the news it was UC about a week later and the med trial began.

The couple Questions I have are was any one going through a stressful time when symptoms first started? I ask because I was going through a pretty ruff patch when mine did.

Also any one else also have Asperger’s along with UC?


I am currently on Azathirprine 3 pills a day and just this week added Delsclol 2 pills 4 times a day to that. I also take Probioticks and a multi vitimen every day.

written by Danielle K

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8 thoughts on “Asperger’s Along with Colitis – Who Else?”

  1. Hi Danielle,

    Thank you so much for sharing with us your story.

    I hope you can get things figured out with the best ways that work for you in terms of treating your UC in the near future.
    There’s a website link that is for a study titled: Autistic enterocolitis: fact or fiction?, I thought you might enjoy reading the study, here’s that link:

    Also, we completed a “Stress and Ulcerative Colitis” study with many many participants a few months ago. You should read it: here’s that link:

    And, if you are interested in reading up on how diet has helped many people with UC & also many people who live with autism, you should for sure get familiar with the site:

    Best to you Danielle,

  2. Hello Dani,

    Just wanted to welcome you to the world of UC. I am praying for you that you get through your flare and feel better soon =)

  3. Hey Danielle,
    My battle with UC started after a profoundly stressful time – losing my parents after years of caretaking, selling their house, financial stress…. I am not sure stress caused my UC, but I always felt it was deeply connected. I finally had surgery (a total colectomy). I have no regrets. I hope your UC responds well to whatever treatment you choose. Try to manage stress as well as you can. (Breathe!!!) My cat is a big de-stresser. I wish I he had been with me when I was really sick!
    Best of luck to you!!

  4. Hi Dani,
    Cool you found this site and you have your faithful cat, Shaddow by your side.
    I’m sorry you are going through all this, but this site will really help you.
    Although I do not have Asperger’s, I am an educator who has worked with many children with Autism/Asperger’s who all have had varying degrees of stomach/intestinal issues due to their selective diets, meds, stress, etc, etc.
    I would like to suggest you read Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall and reading some of the input of others on this site and natural solutions, diet, etc. Exercise and finding things you love to keep your stress to a minimum is key to anyone’s health, but especially those of us battling chronic diseases/conditions. Stress is a definite trigger and can certainly exacerbate symptoms.
    Wishing you the best and keep researching and asking questions…you are already on the right track and definitely in the right place for answers!
    Best, Shelly

  5. i’m a aspie with uc and it is terrible i seem my girlfriend say she is under to much stress with this flare up and want to move out but not break up she said but she is also on her period i hope i don’t seem sexist . her saying that makes me even more depressed she new i had this condition before she moved in I just take my wellbutrin XL and it really calms me down i love the stuff im trying to find the right meds to treat my UC . ug explosive bloody puss diarrhea stinks and hemorrhoids i have a anal fissure im only 38
    i’m misunderstood often when i rush her out of a store i try to hide it my UC sometimes i do not eat .

    i hope this make sense im not feeling depressed at the moment thanks to my anti depressant

    1. Hey Christopher,
      I hope you can keep talking to your girlfriend and Doctor. I also hope you have family you can talk to as well. Remember that as hard as it is for us to go through it is hard for people to understand something they are not going through whether it is Ulcerative Colitis, Asperger’s or any other thing. Sympathy is hard and empathy is even harder.
      Hope you feel better soon.

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