Are Drugs Really Bad?

recent picture of Donna

recent picture of Donna

Meet Donna:

Married woman, 52, two kids, wonderful hubby and UC since 2008. Also, diagnosed with Polymyalsia Rheumatica. I have sleep apnia too. Gluten and dairy free. I take lots of supplements too!

More details:

I’m from the Chicago area but ended up near Seattle. Love to craft. We are buying a cabin by a lake and I am going to journal the experience with decorating it on a dime and life away from ‘home’.


I am in remission. But, I still have pain in my joints maybe still from Polymyalsia Rhumatica. Seem to be getting some arthritis. Wow, hope I spelled that ok!

Are Drugs Really Bad?

I really have one big question. I am gluten and dairy free. I am on an elimination diet right now. I take lots of supplements. I’m thinking soy, sugar and coffee could be some of my problems. My problems right now are painful joints. One of my docs says that the UC can affect my knees…pain and swelling. Does anyone out there have that problem. I feel good on the diet but it is still quite limited. I crave sugar and wonder if that is a side effect from something else in my body. I have a much better gut doc and he wants info. from my naturalist, that’s good news! But, my biggest help has been from Humira! I feel a little like a failure. I also take Lialda. When do you risk going off meds? I have no side effects that I know of from these drugs. Some thoughts would be great.

I like my doctors now. I got rid of my other digestive specialist when all he did was order more drugs. He never took even a stool sample. That really mad me angry. That was the time I was really sick and had a hard time advocating for myself. I was making 14 + trips a night to the bathroom. Sometimes making it, sometimes not!! We have canceled a trip to Canada because I wasn’t sure I could be on a sea plane with out pooping my pants. My kids are pretty good, 16 and 19 but they still think it’s gross. I am not the type to hold back and keep secret what is going on with me. I wish this wasn’t my story, but I do think I am eating much better and when I’m doing well I try to do as much as I can. If I’m in a flare-up…I go on the UC ‘Adam’ diet and hunker down and try not to beat myself up and say too many sorry’s to my family.

Well, I hope someone can speak to my med use. Thanks for reading.

written by Donna D

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3 thoughts on “Are Drugs Really Bad?”

  1. Hello Donna,

    Have you done some looking into cultured foods. There are some you tubes about Kefir making, it looks so simple and is choke full of probiotic. Cultured Food Life and Crohn’s Babe had some interesting videos. I’ve ordered the culture but haven’t started making it as it hasn’t yet arrived. I’ve also order a prebiotic, powdered chickory root, which is what the bacteria feed on, from what I’ve read it’s important to have both pro and prebiotic foods for people with inflammatory illness. Some thing else that I learned recently is that non steriodal anti inflammatories (NSAID) are not good for those of us with auto immune disorders. These would be aspirin and ibuprofen. Doctors never tell you these things. I have not had the joint pain with my UC that others experience but I know from this website that is a common problem. I’ve been sticking really close to SCD and it has helped me a lot. It isn’t easy but it’s worth it, people who don’t suffer with this probably can’t really understand. Take care.


  2. Hi Donna,

    That’s so true, what Donna, above says. We should not be taking anything with anti inflammatory properties, like regular aspirin, or Advil, Aleve, etc. Only Tylenol or acetaminophens for pain. Sometimes, doctors don’t tell you these things, and they really should, but there are so many things that UCers should avoid, that the list would be a long one. Pepto Bismal, alcohol, cough medicines, certain foods and food groups….and the list goes on and on.

    As to are drugs really bad? If they are helping you and are not affecting your quality of life negatively, then I say, stay the course. It’s all about how you feel, each day you are alive. Each day, every day. If Humira and Lialda are helping, and not hindering you, then don’t feel bad at all! Why should you feel bad? That’s terrific if you have no bad side effects from them and they are helping you.


  3. Hi Donna..everything they said above plus…do yourself a favor and make sure you also document/journal your UC journey and keep track of ALL meds including the natural ones…they too have side effects, bm’s, etc.
    Knowledge is power so read, read, read…natural anti-inflammatories, vit D are essential. Just remember that all meds will eventually lose there effectiveness over time as your body builds up tolerances so it is good to have some back up plans. Read about ALL the side effects because the doctors, no matter how good, will not blame the meds…KNOW YOUR BODY and do what’s best for you and Don’t beat yourself up over meds! :-)
    Read about SCD and it’s concept. I think the verdict is still up in the air about soy. Be careful of carageenan in soy/almond milk(you could try that)..carageenan is known to cause issues for us IBD’ers.
    Best of Health on your new journey/s! :-) Shelly

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