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Any Suggestions to Kick My Butt in the Butt?


As a 30 year UC veteran…mercaptopurine, prednisone, apriso. Was hospitalized 6 months ago. 1st time in 29 years. I was on IV of prednisone for 4 days. The rest in the hospital did me wonders!

Colitis Symptoms:

Gassy…can feel it moving along.

My Colitis Story:

HELP!! As a 30 year veteran…I can tell when stuff happens before it does! Past 2 days I could feel the old gut churning up a storm. Tonight is the first time in 5 months I have had that venture to the porcelain throne that was a wasted trip of gas and a blob of white mucus!!! ARRRRRRGGGGGHHH!!!! Anyone have ideas? They cut my prednisone back to 10 mg/day…mistake #1…and my mercaptopurine is down to 75 mg a day. I used to take 100 mg. The Apriso…which I do not believe works….I have been taking 2 a day for about a month. I think Apriso tires me out…anyone else?

Gee….I need more words??? I only have 135 now?? No one ever tells me talk more!! This is no fun when you are doing so well and all of a sudden your gut takes you down. Okay…only 132 words to go. I really hate to complain…I just thought maybe someone has a heads up to help me. I drink plenty of water. Take a daily fiber pill of pectin and such. Just saw I ran out…need to go online and order more. Please don’t make this a full blown flare!!! If you know how I can keep it from going full blast flare, let me know. Am I rambling? Sorry…I have about 50 more words to go before this will post for me!! YIKES!! What can I say? I sure hope if you are reading this you are symptom free right now. I wish everyone could be symptom free! Is this weather related? We had major weather from the hurricane the past few days. That could be it.?

Anyways…I do not like to know that I have a gut down is meant to be not seen nor heard!

Where I’d like to be in 1 year:

Where I was a month ago!

Colitis Medications:

Mercaptopurine is a wonder drug for me…if they let me keep it up. When it is cut back because of liver levels..that causes issues! Apriso…I don’t think is good. Prednisone made me fatter!!! Did not do that when I was younger. In past 3 or 4 years I have gained 20+ lbs.

written by Rosanne

submitted in the colitis venting area

6 thoughts on “Any Suggestions to Kick My Butt in the Butt?”

  1. PROBIOTICS. They are really helping people with UC, me included.

    They may take time to work, so don’t think that they aren’t until you give them a chance, like even up to a month. They really are way to go!

    Try a good one…at least 50 billion strong. Everyday, Forever.

    1. Rosanne

      Hi J…yes…I have Kefir everyday…has mega probiotics…also plain yogurt…no additives in it…PB8 from Swanson vitamins…lots of probiotics there. Also take 5000 iu Vit D3. Plus a host of other supplements…iron, kelp, biotin, folic acid. Been drinking for last week Propel or Gatorade without the sugar…heard UC patients can be deficient in magnesium. The other day I paniced…not 100% but flare hasn’t progressed either. THANX to all that have responded. I appreciate it so much!! WE understand each other. WE are a rare crew!!!

  2. Torie

    My way of controlling UC…. It doesn’t work for everyone. And when I let people know my fight and my cure, it sometimes brings up negative comments.
    It has also helped me recover from an op 2 months ago in sept 2012.
    I do the normal things like probiotics with as many strains as I can get, glutamine for anti-inflammatory , vit D 3 for healing and immunity, iron for iron, crushed chick peas for protein for my white blood count, chia Seeds for gelatinous to help remove toxins from my system, iodine for healing and thyroid function and to ward off future cancers, and a herb to remove excess estrogen from my body. THIS IS ALL TO MAINTAIN MY HEALTH.
    I also use a natural hormone troche (dissolves in your mouth) to give me the hormones my body won’t make. it’s called DHEA a word that has 20+ letters in it, with a little bit of pregnenolone. THIS IS A PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION AND MY CURE

    on top of the above I juice organic veges and some fruits everyday. Lots of them and put them in flasks and take withme everywhere. If you decide to do this start with one juice a day ONLY with the veges and fruits you can eat. And build up to 3-5 a day and SLOWELY add more variety. This is my everyday al day diet. It has healed my immune system amazingly. All my 7 auto immune diseases are cured. I do eat small amounts of food. But only organic and very very lightly or no cooking. And no grains or sugar. It’s my life style now. And I can now eat normal food and have normal bowels like everyone else. But I will not return to daily foods like everyone else. I use them as a treat. Like people eat at fancy restaurants or have caviar.
    I hope just ONE of my ideas helps you.
    Support people and movies for me are
    Kris Carr
    Hungry for change
    Fat, sick and nearly dead by Joe Cross
    Jason vale has an app the juice master.
    Meridian tapping with nick and Jessica ortner.
    Look them up.
    And of course all the beautiful people here who keep me going when I’m really down.
    Love, positivity and good health to you Torie.
    Remission 18 months and counting.
    Daily juicing 8 months and my forever diet. Nothing beats micro nutrients.

  3. Polly

    Hi there! I’m going to echo the responses from above.
    Also, you should eliminate gluten from your diet (anything with wheat, wheat flour, breads, pasta, etc.). Eliminate all sugars, too.
    You can drink cabbage juice and aloe vera juice. Try drinking coconut water instead of Gatorade.
    You can take turmeric or boswellia, glutamine, and fish oil…
    And more probiotics!!!

    Hang in there! Sending you a big hug,

  4. Rosanne

    Thanx Polly!! Actually just started tumeric on Friday!! Hope it helps. Will take all into consideration. So hard to get rid of wheat stuff!! Italian/pasta…what can I say? I don’t eat it all the time. Would eat it every day if I could. Yes…I take fish oil too…lots!
    thanx to all

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