Any Luck with VSL#3 Probiotics

My son has recently lost 26 pounds and is in the midst of a current ulcerative colitis  flare up. His Asacol (12 pills a day) seems to have become ineffective in holding it in remission. He is 29 years old. I am afraid the think about what the next step may be. Has anyone out there had any luck with VSL#3 probiotic? Has anyone has the good fortune of having insurance pay for it though a doctor’s prescription?

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  1. Hi, I can not answer your question directly as myself is in the same position as your son and im also 29. Have had UC for 5 years now this year and part of last year since august I have been in a flare, If I am like your son trying to tackle this without the strong meds that have side effects (steriods ect) It is very hard to tell what works, I do take a probiotic and I don’t think it works but after reading this guys post

    I like the way he layed out his probictic’s and not just taking 1 at any time of day, also he is taking different types. It is all over my head what is in those and I fail to understand what we UCers need from them. However you just can’t ignore how some people get cured or miles better from them.

    Right now I have ordered some boswellia resin based on a story I heard how it helped some guys flare stop.

    Next step for myself is to try more probiotics and yes VSL is high on my list to try.

    I keep searching for a top ten list of ways to get out of a flare, the problem is most people as bad as your son go directly to the strongest drug. As I said before if he is stubborn like myself then those nasty drugs are not an option even in dangerous weak conditions.

    My last option I will try some slippery elm heard how it might help lining the colon or such.

  2. In the autism world where many kids have gut issues, VSL is used with good results. My 7th daughter hAs been on 3 double strength pAckets a day. My colitis husbAnd used 3 double strength packets. Day during flare up with success.within 24 hrs be noticed a decrease in stool frequency when added to his low residual diet during the flare.

    The package insert for VSL#3 DS says 1/2-1 sachet a day for UC, active-not responding to conventional therapy- says can use 2-4sachets(packets) a day. VSL#3 DS is only by prescription and my insurance covers it. U need to tell ur dr u need the script and tell them how to write it. VSL#3 DS 1sachet 3 times a day. That way u have enough for the flare for a month. If u don’t get the o
    Prescription strength, can order sachets from company but need to double dose. 1 DS packet=1 non prescription sachet. The capsules are not as potent. All this info is on VSL web site too.

    Good luck.
    Kathy p- lady with a fridge full of VSL-

  3. It seems to be effective for me. I use Asacol and following the SCD diet. It is good to use all of the tools that are available to control this disease. I buy it at a local drug store. I know that some Costco stores sell it.

    I think it is worth a try. It is pricey.

  4. I was taking VSL#3 when I was living in Belgium – it is very cheap to buy there. But now that I’m back in Canada I’m no longer taking it. Hard to know if it worked for me since I was also on Imuran and Asacol at the same time.
    I know there is a professional bike racer who only takes VSL#3 and he is racing in the professional ranks doing very well. He also eats a diet that is free of fruits and vegetables – ie. very very low fiber.

  5. I’m currently taking it and I bought it without a prescription, although I’m using it with my doctor’s knowledge. I always feel better when I take probiotics and I really think there’s a connection between UC & gut bacteria. I think VSL is working for me as I feel better than I did a few months ago when I was in a flare. I hope it helps you!

  6. I have been taking VSL 3 for the past year and I’m doing the SCD diet. The combo of the two is really working for me. Good Luck!

  7. I started taking VSL 3 about a year ago and immediately noticed improvement over my previous asacol regimen (9 400MG tabs a day). I take 3 packets a day and only occasionally have a little blood in the stool, otherwise I am quite regular. Was paying $600/month for asacol ~ $190/month for VSL3, so it’s a no brainer.

  8. i was taking VSL for about 1 year. i never noticed it helping but it never did anything bad either. just like taking a placebo. i had to stop it when i started SCD since it’s not SCD legal.

  9. I developed UC at the age of 14yrs, and lived fairly well until I was 4o then I had some really bad flair ups, the last one was so severe that I had to have the proct-colectomy. Soon after surgery I developed ‘pouchitis’ which was very uncomfortable. Then my Gastro put me on VSL3 and I have been stable for 9 years now, if I try to stop it I get pouchitis again, so it really works for me. I wish I had known about it before the prococolectomy it may have helped and avoided surgery – who knows, but I am so pleased that I dont suffer anymore.
    Currently Australia has no supplies – so I am trying elsewhere, here in Oz it costs me $130 per box, my insurance etc wont pay for it.That is the drawback – at the moment I can afford it but it does concern me that it is so expensive – maybe I should move Back to Europe!

  10. I have been taking vsl3 for several years with great results I don’t know why it doesn’t work for everyone but is a miracle for me.I would not be able to work or do many normal activities.Unfortunately I have just been told that I can no longer purchase it directly anymore instead I have to go through a pharmacy or a naturopath.

  11. I recently purchased four boxes of vsl#3 through my insurance. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. Now I have three and a half boxes that I don’t need. I hate to throw them out when they are so expensive. I would be happy to send them to someone in need, free of charge. (I kept the styrofoam box and ice packs they were delivered in.) I don’t know how to go about it, but please leave a message here first if you’d like me to send them to you. We can figure it out from there.

  12. Sorry for the delay in my response. My email account put this email in my spam box and I just found it. If you want, you can email me directly: Please just mention the probiotic in the subject line.


  13. Vsl#3 works awesome. I have had chrones diease for 20 years now had emergency surgery 5 years ago when I ended up with a bladder fistula and had no other choice. I have tried every medication availble and was getting tired of the side effect and everytime I when to the doctor for other health issues they always blamed everything on medications. The other medications only ever worked short term I seemed to build ammunity to the medications after a year or two.
    After my surgery my surgeon promised me I would have another surgery within 2 years that was always the way it worked. I decided to quit all other medications and start taking Vsl #3 I took 2 packs every day with vitiams and if I missed a dose I felt it the diarrhea and stomach pain would be back. three years after surgery I had a scope and my surgeon was amazed there were only 2 very small ulcers and very little evidence of chrones diease he said whatever your doing is working don’t stop. We have added a very low dose of mezavant to my daily medications just incase. I have never felt so good on vsl#3 and it was so nice to not always be marking out where the washrooms are when you go somewhere.
    The cost of vsl#3 is high in Canada but well worth the benifits if you can afford it.

  14. Thanks for these responses. I was just watching a video in my GIs office and it was promoting the use of VSL3 and ecoli nissle.

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