Any Ideas, Do I Just Have to Grin and Bear It?


Hi, I am 51 yrs old and was first diagnosed in 2007 with Ulcerative Colitis. I was put on a course of prednisolone and Mezavant 2400 mg and my symptoms just went away. I gradually came off the Mezavant and have been symptom free until this year. In January my symptoms returned and I started back on Mezavant and Prednisolone rectal foam as advised and again my symptoms went away within a couple of weeks.  I work full time and try and eat a healthy diet and remain as active as I can.

My Symptoms:

Since 14th |July ’12 my symptoms have returned with bleeding from 4 – 10 times per day. The rectal foam did not work and since the 24th July I have been on 30mg prednisolone ( I did try and reduce by 5 mg but after 4 days had to go back up to 30mg daily). My mezavant has also been increased to 4800mg daily. I am only opening my bowels 1-2 daily faeces and this is soft and formed. My appetite is really reduced and I feel nausea.I just feel so unwell. I was admitted to hospital on the 15th Aug for 24 hrs( no beds available on medical ward). I had 1 x IV steroirds and then sent home on Mezavabt 4800mg and 40mg Prednisolone. Although the bleeding is now only twice a day I still feel so unwell, very little appetite, pain after eating and generally weak.

My Story:

I was first diagnose in 2007 with UC. I had tried several medications for treating piles with of course no effect. No-one in my family has UC but I feel mine was due to extreme stress.  I had lost 3 family members in the past 3 years, one being my brother-in-law who died at 55 yrs old. My sister was beside herself and needed lots of support. Also my son decided at 15yrs old to live with his dad and left not speaking with me., and still does not.  Because of this I then split up with my partner (we are now back together) I also gave up smoking in 2005 and haven’t really felt well since.  My family is very supportive but I feel they don’t really understand the symptoms etc. I have a telephone consultation next week with the Gastro Nurse but not sure if I should contact her before then.

Should I be feeling better by now?


My consultant was on A/L last week but should I ask for an appointment or do I just have to grin and bear it?


Have I just been so lucky so far with my UC?
What I would like to know is have others experienced things similar to myself?


I feel my symptoms this time are so different to when I was diagnosed. When I first went on steroids I became instantly hungry all the time – now I have to force myself to eat.  In 2007 I was passing bowel movements approx 10 time daily(diarrhea) and now only 1 -2 times soft formed motion.I have also experienced side effects of the steroids – I very quickly become very angry , I am normally very plassive person. Am I just being too impatient or should I be phoning my nurse for an appointment. I know my symptoms are not getting worse but I don’t feel hardly any better. I don’t know what to do?

Where I’d like to be in 1 year:

Back at work and living a normal life

Colitis Medications:


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2 thoughts on “Any Ideas, Do I Just Have to Grin and Bear It?”

  1. There is a correlation to smoking cessation and UC. Many patients with UC are able to control symptoms by smoking one or two cigarettes per day. This information is in the medical literature. Check the Mayo Clinic online resources for UC.

    Most GI docs know this but are reluctant to encourage patients to smoke for obvious reasons.

  2. Hi Vanessa…

    Nobody with UC is lucky. Yes, some of us have worse UC than others, but I think it just sucks, in general!

    Whether or not you ‘should’ be feeling better is anyone’s guess. This disease is so individual, and so unpredictable, that the question is almost too difficult to answer!

    It’s funny (or not), but what J says, up above me, about quiting smoking and getting UC seems to really be a factor in some people. How strange that quitting such a bad habit could cause another thing like UC to crop up. I had no UC while I smoked, over 15 years ago, either. Strange for sure.

    I’m glad you don’t think that your particular case of UC is so bad…but wouldn’t it be great not to have it at all…lol?


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