Any Fellow UC’ers Taking Probiotics or Vitamins?

HEY Colitis People,

I was watching the tube the other day and saw a commerical for a Pro-biotic capsuel made by Phillips…
Has anyone tried this….. are the legit? Or do they have bad afffects?? Im thinking about giving them a try, I haven’t tried the self-made yogurt either….. I may buy the machine sometime, but just haven’t gotten around too it?  Has the yogurt helped??? Also what kind of vitamins you peeps taking, I take a vitamin D pill(1000iu) and a Centrum Silver(Mature) vitamin everyday..
I was told by my GI Doc to take the mature version, even though I am only 20 years old….
Today marks 6th months since I had my colonoscopy and being diagnosed with UC! I’ve been on the UC diet since the beginning of FEB!!, HOPEFULY I CONTINUE TO GET BETTER!! IT’S BEEN A LONG JOURNEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY..


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7 thoughts on “Any Fellow UC’ers Taking Probiotics or Vitamins?”

  1. I’m a big supporter of probiotics, BUT you have to find the right formulation for you. I’ve tried at least 5 different kinds, from drugstore to VERY EXPENSIVE, and finally found the one that works best for me and my UC. I’m on meds, but when I was off them, these probiotics made a big difference fast. I like Nature’s Bounty– this one to be exact:

    I take 3 in the morning with my breakfast and Apriso, and I’m set for the day. They calm my stomach, regulate my digestion, solidify my stool. I do not travel without them, I don’t skip them, and I pop an extra one if I need it before bed (helps me stay asleep all night, woohoo!). I like this brand because it’s inexpensive and it actually works. I’ve tried other probiotics that had not affect on my stomach, and even one brand that made me feel a lot worse. I can’t say for sure that this will help everyone with UC, but it’s worth a try. I started out buying this brand at the supermarket, but switched to Amazon because they carry the formulation with more bacteria in it and they’re a lot cheaper via Amazon. Plus I set up auto-shipping so they send me more every two months and I’m set.

    Give it a shot and see if it helps… it’s been a lifesaver for me when my UC was at its worst!

  2. Centrum gets horrible ratings as well as alot of other popular vitamin brands. Source naturals has some very good vitamins. I now take a whole food vitamin because it is scd legal.

  3. I tend to buy Quest vitamins…multi, zinc, Vit C and D. I also take UDOs oil which is amazing. I make my own yoghurt which i HIGHLY recommend. If you buy a yoghurt maker it’s super easy and actually cheaper than buying and loaded with probiotics.

    As far as I know, the only decent pill format probiotics are Natren (highly researched and recommended by Jini Patel) and HMF Forte (my naturopath gave me these). But i still think natural probiotic in yoghurt is best.

    Good luck!

  4. I’ve tried the Probiotics by Phillips :) I started taking them about 2 years ago. I was in remission and my insurance was canceled because I had lost my job at the time. So I called my doctors office to see if they recommended anything I could do to help stay in remission or at least out of the bathroom a lot and they said to try probiotics. Needless to say I tried Phillips and I honestly love it. The only bad thing I can say about them is sometimes I don’t go everyday. Which is better than going 10X a day. My little sister, who’s 18, has the opposite problem and is constipated all the time and she takes them now and never has problems going anymore.

    I recommend them :) I hope they work out just as well for you if you do decide to try them!

  5. I take GI Prohealth multivitamins (3 a day, not the recommended 6…), I also use their probiotics (Scdofilus 10+, 2 a day). Also, Vit D bought at Costco(2,000 U.I.) and fish oil (Nutrasea HP by Ascenta, 6 caps per day) and iron pills.

  6. It’s been 3 years since I was diagnosed with UC, and last year I tried a pro-biotic. Unfortunately, it did very little. I felt great the entire week, but then every Friday I would have horrible stomach cramps and painful stools. I thought it was probably the pro-biotic, so I skipped it the next week and was fine! Pretty strange how that works, huh? Haha. I’m now taking folic acid, vitamin D, a multivitamin, Asacol and Prilosec. I take all of these everyday. I take 2 Asacol and 1 Prilosec every morning, then 2 Asacol, 2 folic acid, a vitamin D and multivitamin every night.
    Us IBD patients are at risk for anemia (I’m a victim, but IV therapy fixed me up pretty quickly haha), and so daily multivitamins are always a good choice. Just talk to your doctor!

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