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Any Advice?

Hi my name is Ashling.

I’m from Dublin and I’m 24 years old. I have Crohn’s Disease.

I became sick last year (jan) got test’s done and was told I just had polips. Then in july I went to Vegas (still sick, still unable to eat drink etc) ended up in hospital there and they told me I had crohns. When I got back the doctor who told me I only had polups said she told me I had crohn’s that it was in her chart (not true never told me). I was still sick but could drink now. Then in early feb this year I got a new doctor who told me I was the worse case he had ever seen, especially in someone so young (24) I was admitted a few times and then one sunday this surgeon came around and told me I was getting the bag and it would be unreversable. I said no, spoke to me doctor who let me leave the hospital the next day. I’m still struggeling with it. I was ment to be married in June of this year but I was told I would still be in hospital so I had to cancell it (very upsetting) I have a alot of support from my Family but my friends seem to have disapeared. I dont know what to do my life just seems sh&%#t now and I would just love to go back to my old bubbely self. Now i’m down all the time cant go anywhere cant work.

I just want a NORMAL life again.


3 thoughts on “Any Advice?”

  1. That sucks! I am sorry you are going through all this!
    Its not easy, but you should definitely try out the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Alot of us on here have had great success with the diet and it has really changed my live for the better.
    Do your own research and dont always trust what your doctor says to be the only option.
    Take control of your own health.

    As for your friends, thats too bad that they havent been supportive. They may not understand the disease so try to talk to them and explain it to them. If they are real friends they would be there for you during this rough time in your life.


  2. Hi Ashling, I’m really sorry to hear that you are having a bad time, the doctors seem to have let you down quite a bit, verging on the incompetent by the sounds of it. Just an idea but it might be worth trying to get a referral to a Consultant in England, I know from experience, having until recently worked in private healthcare, that Ireland send thousands of people over on referral for major surgery, all paid for by the Irish health service. Worth a try.

  3. Conas ata tu Aishling, an bhfuil tu go maith? My name is Ciaran and I live in Co Cork and I have UC. I just saw your post and wanted to wish you all the best. I dont know if you’re on Facebook but there is a page on it that might be of interest to you as a support

    it’s a support site for in Ireland for Crohn’s and UC people, hope it will bring you more information then our medical friends do with us

    Slan Leat


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