Another Update From Curtis – Moving On After Colon Surgery

Hey all, here is another update about how I’m doing in my recovery from having my colon surgically removed. I had the surgery on Saturday February 26th after only being diagnosed with UC on January 14th (that’s how severe my Ulcerative Colitis was).

I was able to go home the following Friday with my ileostomy bag hanging off of my belly and all. The first couple days out of the hospital were a little rough because of my bed situation and walking around and what not because the wounds from the surgery were still hurting. It hurts to lay flat on my back so luckily my dad was able to prop my bed WAY up to make it more comfortable which is working now.

The first couple of days I was in a good amount of pain, but we stayed on top of my pain pills and it helped a lot. I had to use a cane to walk for a couple of days because the hospital beds really do a number on your body (achy back, fluid build up in mid section, legs and ankles so they’re very swollen) which made it hard to walk and stand straight up. On Sunday a home nurse came to visit to help me change out my bag. I did it myself while he just helped talk me through it. It’s a weird experience to see your small intestine coming out of your stomach, but surprisingly I have gotten used to it already. It is also weird not to have the urge to go to the restroom and have any bloody painful bowel movements anymore. It just goes whenever it wants into the bag! I have to empty it 3-5 times a day, but it is really easy.

The thing I am very very happy about right now, is that I can eat pretty much anything! I started off slowly of course because my body hadn’t had any real food in it for a while, so I started with eggs and pasta and bread and soft stuff like that. Since then though, I’ve been eating cereal with milk, hamburger helper, ice cream, popsicles, teriyaki meatballs, rice and I even had a double cheeseburger with avocado yesterday! The doctors said I can eat whatever I want as long as I chew it well and it works with my stomach. So far so good! The next couple of days I am excited to try some Thai Chicken pizza and some REAL Mexican food and see how it goes.

I am now walking without a cane and without any help going up and down the stairs in my house (we only have like 2-3 steps) but hey its something! My dad drives me to the beach and stuff so I can get out of the house and get some new scenery and to walk around in the fresh air. I am so thankful to be living at home with my parents who are doing a great job taking care of me and helping me through all of this. The mornings are always the most painful, but the pain is nowhere close to where it used to be just a couple a days ago, so things are going forward for sure!

I will update you guys as my journey continues, (hopefully in a positive direction from here on out).

I hope everyone is finding something that works for them! Good luck everyone.

Current Medications: Prednisone taper (down to 20 mg a day), Percocet (pain pill).


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5 thoughts on “Another Update From Curtis – Moving On After Colon Surgery”

  1. Your post could not have come at a more opportune time. I find out tomorrow if I will be having surgery to remove part of my colon which considering the amount of pain I’m in, I’m pretty sure is what’s going to happen. I am quite apprehensive about the procedure but reading your comments has made me feel a less so, anything to improve our condition has got to be worth the risk so I’m pleased you are coping with the after effects well.

  2. I am SO happy to hear you are doing well. I’d love to talk with you more. My mom currently has really severe UC, she is on prenisone, and remicade but it’s not working. I’m getting quite worried about her…. but I love hearing this story from you. I am wishing you all the best with the rest to come!

  3. So glad you are doing well, Curtis! I’m having surgery in 11 days so I’m all for positive stories wherever I can find them. I hope your recovery continues to go this great. :-)

  4. Thank you for updating! My son (12 yrs) will soon be having this surgery and will find this helpful. Prayers for continued healing for you…please continue to keep us updated.

  5. curtis,

    I have read what you wrote and am so happy for you and I wish you luck. I have diagonised with UC last end of May and my doctor wrote me mesalazine pills and predinisone injections through rectum as with diet for sure. I got better for a month since that and I started to drink coffee then UC returned back again since beginning of last August am still trying to cure with medicines for the current moment my doctor advised me to not have surgical surgery unless if theres tumaor or am at risk. My question to you is how long did u have to stay in hospital? And how long did it hurt you? Are you eating normally like before your UC? Were you in diet through the healing of surgery? Are u still taking pills even after the surgery? I know that I have alot of questions but, I will really appreciate your answers cause I really need to know and be strong.

    Your soonest reply would be very helpful.
    Thank you indeed and my best wishes to you.


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