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An App for Ulcerative Colitis Self-Care – Finally!


Hey all you UC’ers,

I’m pleased to tell you about a free app that I recently learned about, called IBD Health Storylines. It is specifically designed for individuals diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and IBD, created with inputs from the patient community.

This app makes it easy to record your bowel activity, food triggers, moods and other symptoms. You can even use it to track other health conditions and sync with your FitBit or Jawbone! All the information you track on the app is summarized onto your personal health “storylines” so you can track your UC patterns, and share your history more accurately with your doctor.


That’s not all – by using IBD Health Storylines, you also have the opportunity to anonymously contribute learning from your UC self-care experience to help researchers learn more about our condition, so that they can improve care and support services in the future… for people like us!

I strongly encourage you to check out this free app! Download it today on the Apple App Store for iOS devices, or on Google Play for Android users.



8 thoughts on “An App for Ulcerative Colitis Self-Care – Finally!”

  1. very interesting, I will try it for sure. Meanwhile, I was wondering how come u have never talked about the chineese suppliments that my Dr. has perscribed for me and u can get it on Amazon. There are 3 different pills that u need to take 3 times daily and are called:
    RF plus, Isatis cooling , & flavonex

  2. I’m trying the app and it’s seems great. The only things is that I would like to tracks my alternative medicine intakes. Someone knows if it’s possible?

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