Am I Really Getting Better?

I am 32 years old and what diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in November of 2009.

So, I have only been dealing with this for a year. I was sent to one gastro doctor in August of 09 and they thought i was just having problems from having my gallbladder taken out even though I told them that there was blood involved. But they didn’t listen. So, they waited until November to do a colonoscopy and then discovered I had UC. They gave me Asacol and a few other meds but I had reactions to all of them. I then went over a month without any meds at all while i waited for the doctor to get back with me. So, I finally changed doctors and they treated me with immediately. I am now on my second round of prednisone because the first did not work. I only have one more week on the prednisone but I am afraid that it still didn’t work. I am better than I was. I mean I went from going 12+ times a day to 3 to 5 times a day but I am still getting up at least twice during the night. I am also very bloated almost all of the time and there is still a little blood. What is “normal” for someone with UC? Is going to the bathroom 3 to 5 times a day normal? Is bloating and gas normal or side effects of the prednisone? Will there always be a little bit of blood? Basically what I am asking is how will I know for sure when I am in remission? What should I expect?

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  1. You have some really great questions, but at least for me, some really hard questions to answer, reason being I think nearly everyone’s responses will be different(of course I might be way wrong withthat guess.)
    either way, super congrats with bringing down the bowel movements, that for sure is positive, and something is going right for sure. seocondly, about blood, and is that always going to happen… For me it happned for years, but for the past year it has stopped. I treat my UC with diet alone, no medications, you can read my story under Personal Stories, and adams stories etc… As for bloating and gas? I surely had that in a big way when my colitis was out of control, I don’t know if thats a prednisone or active colitis symptom, maybe others might have more insight into that. But for sure I was super stinky and super bloated around the abdomen during my flares. it looked like I weighed much more than I did even though I was losing weight.

    As for knowing when for sure in remission. that’s a super tougie. For me, I am taking 1-2 craps per day, no blood and feeling back to normal minus the lingering thoughts that I have a lifelong disease and some on and off joint pains. I feel like im in remission. I don’t have any cramping, haven’t had that for about a year. Haven’t been to the doctors office since Nov etc… But, I think its a personal questions with unique answers for everyone. I think bleeding, excessive gas, pain is surely not signs of remision. But, as for quality of life, if you were taking 10-15 craps per day prior, and only 3-5 now, thats surely got to mean your quality of life has gotten better too, and surely counts for alot at the end of the day.
    Sorry for the ramble, it would be great to hear from others on this topic too.

  2. Hey KB,

    It helps to remember that normal is not the same as healthy. Obesity is becoming “normal” in the US, but it’s not healthy.

    It’s great that your symptoms have lessened, but if you are still seeing blood in your stool this is a very significant and important message your body is telling you. It should NOT be ignored. The longer you wait the worse your UC will get.

    I don’t believe in drugs to treat UC or Crohn’s. Like Adam, I have used the same diet as he, + probiotics and other supplements. Now I feel I am healed with no symptoms of diarrhea or bowel obstructions. I do have gas, but that’s because I eat too much honey (sugar).

    Technically, you will be in remission when you have no symptoms and feel wonderful.

  3. Hey there!
    I just went through this!!! And I feel your pain. It is really hard to understand when you are better and when your are still sick. I had to understand that it was a SLOW process and that signs of recovery were going to take a while. Be patient. Like Adam said, if your BM’s have decreased, that’s great, but if there is still blood….DO NOT IGNORE IT! If you are not happy with your doctor, research another (possibly someone who specializes in UC and Chron’s). Have you done anything with your diet yet?? I was really against it in the beginning, BUT I will say that it has helped me TREMENDOUSLY! It takes a while to get use to, but it is worth it. You definitely need to read Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elains Gottschall
    Wish you the best,

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