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Alternative Medicines (for people willing to try)

Hey guys,

I am still doing good on the diet although I am a little bit put out today as everyone is prepping themselves on Easter egg gorging and eating a big roast with roast pototoes and thick gravy and lamb on Sunday! But I am going to make rasberry pie and eat lamb and carrots…not so bad I suppose. At least it stays in my system. I have also made peanut butter fudge. That’s pretty good too.

Anyhoo the reason I am writing this post is for people considering alternative medicines. My reaction to that is GO FOR IT!! I find that my alternative med doctor is great and he says every month he will cure me! Of course me being a negative nancy I never believed him.

I started going to him when I was starting to crack up on steroids and pentasa. I had just got off steroids and was starting to go into remission when it all started up again. I snapped at this point and swore I wasn’t going back on steroids. So a woman where I used to work suggested acupuncture as she is lactose intolerant and it helps her. I gave it a go. More curiosity than anything about hundreds or needles being stuck into my body and not feeling them. You really dont feel them either I was lying there with needles all over my head,my arms,my legs and the bottom of my feet. When I was left alone to relax I couldn’t and i started picturing people coming across my lying there with needles all over me and I got a terrible fit of the giggles. I got out of there quick as I didn’t see it working for me (obviously I got the needles out). I am a cynic when it comes to things like that.

So symptoms got worse and I was still fighting the battle of going back on steroids or not. Again another doctor was suggested to me. A healing doctor who had cured a girl of ulcerative colitis. I practically snorted at this story explaining that UC could never be cured it is a chronic disease. But again I said I would give it a go. I was ready to go down there for an arguement to be honest that all this hoo ha medicine does nothing for sufferers with chronic diseases so stop trying to make money out of people. When I arrived at the clinic I started to freak out as the first thing I saw was a big hairy grey bearded guy covered in mud. This wasn’t looking good. I started seeing images of him dancing around me with twigs shouting to the sky gods. But of course still being curious I got out of the car and walked up to the clinic making sure not to have eye contact with the hairy man. When I walked in I was taken aback by the secretary’s desk and all the Degrees and Masters certificates hanging on the walls along with a queue of people with crutches and smiling old women. I sat down after filling out my details (none showing what my problems were). Then a tall smiling doctor in a white coat walked in (no beard and mud) and brought me down to a room where there was a computer. He asked me to put my hand on a device that looked like a big mouse for the computer. Here we go I thought and started my giggles again. I told him I don’t believe in this and that there is no such thing as curing my disease. He looked at me and smiled and began explaining that it wasn’t gibberish that in fact it was based on quantam physics (I think thats what he said) he then showed me that the mouse I touched was actually a scanning device for my body detecting faults in my body field. I started laughing again. Until he showed me the results on the screen. Every problem I had was showing up and he wouldn’t have known that. It showed my immunity system was down and that i was lacking in calcium (steroids i had just finished). It showed that my stomach functions where in a really bad state causing my digestive system to become bad. He went into more detail even showing me other problems I had before such as yeast infections (all true). He gave me a few bottles of drops to take daily and said because I am so sick the detox effect will be bad but they are all good signs. So I took my drops and the effects came straight away. I was sick with flu like symptoms I just felt awful. As the month went on I became worse and worse and thought these things arn’t working at all. Then in the final week of the drops I felt fantastic. symptom free no blood or diahorrea. I went back again for more this time to clean out my liver. Again better results I couldn’t believe it. I started to think no way! This is some kind of placebo effect because I don’t want to go back on steroids. I decided to test it by eating foods I hadn’t eaten since I had been diagnosed such as tomatoes. Not one effect! People started to see my reaction to the drops and also started going down. My uncle had a stomach ulcer- it healed up. My mother had stomach problems-they stopped. I still don’t really understand how they work but they obviously do! He is also a big believer in diet banning milk,gluten and sugars from my diet (sound familiar?) He also gave me these pointers

1. NEVER drink with your meals, as your own body produces enzymes to break down the food when it reaches the stomach. You are washing these natural fluids away when you take a drink.

2. Chew your food properly. If you eat fast the food isn’t being broken down enough causing more stress and energy for your stomach and intestines to break it down. (I was a big culprit of eating fast.)

3. Drink room temp. water or luke warm water more than cold water. As cold water is apparently bad for your liver and a shock to the system.

Now along with these pointers,my diet plan which was close enough to the SCD plan and the drops. Well, it is what brought down my severe colitis to being mild colitis. The next time I am in hospital I shall ask for my pictures to show here. I also cannot wait for my doctors to talk to me about my colitis. As I was so bad and looked close enough to getting my colon removed. My images were a hit with the interns to show severe colitis. So I cannot wait to see their reaction with my new images

I was with my alternative doctor again a couple of days ago for my next monthly batch and after the scan and explaining the SCD plan (which he believes is great due to the banning of sugars and foreign chemicals) he told me I am doing really good and my results are proof of that. I also might only need one more batch of drops after this. Which proves to me it isn’t a money scam as I have only been with him for about 6 months. I also told him about this site and how I would like to tell people here about the treatment but most are from America and other countries. So he gave me this site so people can see videos and read information. All I can say is it is working for me and along with the SCD plan I have more energy and the most important thing is my colon is healing.

Hope this helps people in some way. I am in no way an alternative doctor and I am not telling everybody they should do it. I am only giving my experience and opinions on it for those who are actually considering alternative medicines.

Happy Easter! :)

6 thoughts on “Alternative Medicines (for people willing to try)”

  1. Phew !!
    It’s great, in cases like this, when one is so cynical, to have one’s beliefs confounded, don’t you think? It’s like it seems like a kind of magic, but in fact , it’s just real and going back to basics. The trouble is , we’ve all been taught to think that the western medicine that we know is the only way (i.e only treating the symptoms with drugs) and anything else is quackery… I love being confounded – bring it on!

  2. Jen,

    I just read your blog and the alternative medicine sounds great. I myself am sick of steroids and am willing to try anything at this stage. I am living in Ireland and would be great if you could pass that doctors details on to me.

    Good to hear your well!

    1. Hi Clodagh! Great to hear from someone else in Ireland :) My Alt. Doctor’s name is David Hunt. He can be found at Wexford Healing Centre. He also has a facebook page if you are on facebook. Also if you are you might want to join “Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis Ireland” too.

      1. Thanks for the advice Jen. I actually didnt see your reply until today but have since went to a guy in Stillorgan and he has given me some herbal drops to take morning and night for a month. He is meant to be very good! I have seen an improvement already so fingers crossed!! Its hard to stay positive on the bad days but I am so determined to get myself into remission!! :-)

        1. Hello, this question is for Jen and Clodagh. I was wondering if you could possibly tell me the name of the drops that you are taking. I live in Canada and I have been struggling with ulcerative colitis for eleven years. The medications I am taking aren’t very effective and they are causing my hair to fall out which has been devastating. Any information would be of great help. Thanks!

  3. Please read into fasting to understand how it can benefit you during a flare-up. It is what I do to get control of the situation. Fasting has been done for thousands of years, and it is a surprisingly effective in slamming the brakes on the bleeding, cramping, and everything else. If you feel like you’re physically and mentally strong enough to fast for a short period, you will be shocked at the immediate results. What you do after the fast will dictate the continued results, so read up and decide if you ready for this alternate treatment. For me, I am 100% pleased with not having to constantly fill prescriptions and hand money over to a GI for routine visits, even when I’m in remission.

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