All I want for Christmas is a few….red blood cells, and a good shot of Pred!

awesome colitis person from hawaii

this guy knows how to mentally beat this disease

I Have UC

background:  Diagnosed since May of 2008. Currently, I am a full time college student with funding by DVR. I live here in Hawaii and for yours since childhood, I have a variety of illnesses since childhood in now in retrospect, we can deduce it stems from UC. I am continuing with my education and using my experiences and challenges with UC to be my driving force to succeed and win this battle of UC.

medications: I am currently taking Asacol daily and receive Prednisone shots and pills once or twice a month depending on the flareup activity.

Easiest and Hardest Things to Deal With regarding Ulcerative Colitis:

Even worse than the blood in the stool, the excessive tiredness, the chronic mood swings which are challenges of their own is the fact that my immune system doesn’t recover quick enough. It hit me in the campus health room when the nurse asked how could I receive a staph infection from a minor paper cut I received over Halloween unless my immune system was severely compromised. I had to reveal to her I had UC and then it made perfect sense to her and she was able to supply me with some information regarding UC and other resources.

Then I thought about it the recent minor scratches that didn’t heal but ended purple and swollen or the bruises that took months to recover. That was my reality check after being diagnosed for two years.

As for the easiest, it has heavily influenced my art and writing in school. Taking the route of Frida Kahlo, many underlining themes in my illness: the use of the color red, elephants, volcanoes, and split bodies, reflect my own bout with UC. Always got to make the most of what we live with and do our best.

3 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is a few….red blood cells, and a good shot of Pred!”

  1. Hey I just saw Santa Claus cruising the skies doing some loops in the air and he was screaming that he was headed over to Hawaii with some nice pointy needles filled with 100% pure prednisone steroids. I guess he’s headed your way buddy.

  2. I am glad to be getting my shot tomorrow regardless of its ill side effects. A bad thunderstorm is approaching later on in the day so my joints been acting up like a grumpy old dog and afterwards, when the rain approaches; my temporary relief will make climbing the stairs less like taking a ride on the Stratosphere!

  3. I fully appreciate what Therouxlover means about tiredness, that’s something I suffer from in sacks and something I can’t get my doctor to truly understand. Don’t misunderstand me my doctor is very sympathetic but like most people unless they have suffered from the condition themselves, they fail to truly understand its debilitating effects.

    My typical day is, I wake up feeling sick, go downstairs and make a drink, have my breakfast which relieves the nausea for a while, take my tablets which at the moment are down to 9 including the prednisolone, then have a shower. For the rest of the day I seem to have permanent stomach pain which for the most part I can separate myself from mentally, unless it gets too bad then I have to lay down. But then there is the tiredness which can hit me like a train, sudden unexpected and devastating, I’ve tried to explain this to my doctor, the feeling that it is even an effort to think, the weird sensation that affects my whole body. I can’t even explain it here apart from, its like gritting your teeth when someone runs their fingernails down a sheet of glass except its my whole body that’s gritting.

    I want to get back to work, I’ve been off since the end of July but I don’t feel confident enough to return. My doctor tells me the sooner I get back the better but how can I when almost every day my stomach and joints ache, I get this tiredness and I’m afraid a serious flare up is about to kick off. I’m not lazy, never have been but I’m starting to get a guilt complex about not working. What a bloody nightmare, do we really deserve this.

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