All About my Colitis and Me

I have Ulcerative Colitis… I have had it for about 6 years now. I originally was diagnosed and put on ASACOL… luckily it is not my whole colon just the end of it. Asacol seemed to have helped my flare up and then I reduced my medication on asacol for a bit. My UC was so bad that I had used the bathroom on myself in public while I was walking my dogs. I did not have a flare up for like 3 years, until now. I started to take my full dose of asacol and drink 8 glasses of water a day and this seems to be helping quite a bit. I could not pass anything (ulcerative proctitis) at all (I had not passed anything for 14 days besides blood and mucus and had that continuous feeling to go go go). I stopped all SUGAR and have been eating lean meats and veggies,LOTS of water — at least 8 cups a day (no diet anything, fruit juices, etc) and that has seemed to help a lot. I am no longer have that feeling of having to go, I am using the bathroom without needing an aid, but I am still dealing with the bleeding but it is not as bad as it was. I think I am on my way to remission. Thank God!

I do find that I seem to flare up when MOST when I am going through hormonal changes. So during and after my pregnancy was the worse times. Also when I am having my monthly cycle and my hormones are going crazy I do notice that my flare ups seem to get a bit worse. Also this last time before I flared up I had been on a crazy amount of antibiotic between everything that was happening. I was soooo sick and then I get hit with my AUNT FLO and then bam here comes UC but instead of using the bathroom I was clogged up.

Treating my Colitis:

I think that diet works best to control UC and I do like the asacol but it makes me nauseous sometimes and not want to eat anything. I do like to apply heat on my belly at night as well with a heating pad or warm bath. It seems to comfort whatever pain I am having.

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