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Alcohool is the Best For Me

Meet Youness:

30 year old guy from morocco , lived in the US for a few years . always took a lot of Advil , aleve , tylenol etc with i very much suspects is a cause of US

I enjoy lots of sports , travel and outdoors.

My Current Colitis Symptoms:

on remission (fingers crossed)

Alcohol Seems to Help My Colitis

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis for almost 3 years now.. I know exactly how debilitating it is , as I have lost my job because of it , was borderline depressed and couldn’t go on with my life so much this illness affects your daily life ..

I have to honestly say that it can not be a coincidence , the fact that 2 of my 3 remission periods came after heavy drinking nights … as recently as 2 weeks ago , I went out with some friends and really went at with the drinks , beers and vodka shots .. obviously I spent the night hugging the bathroom throwing up , next day hang over as hell .. but since that day , I did not have a single symptom , I go to the bathroom once a day , every morning at 9h15 am , exactly 20 to 30 minutes after my coffee , no blood , no pain , just good ol’ solid logs ..

It is the second time this has happened , the first time was a year ago after a drinking night , remission only lasted for 3 weeks .
I know I might relapse soon , but I also know that I will go straight for a bottle of Vodka when that happens ..

My other remission came in the month of Ramadan .. as a muslim , I did my fasting from sunrise to sunset , and ate very healthy with my first meal always being a vegetable soup of some sort and a pill of aloe vera gel .. after 2 weeks of that diet I went to remission that lasted for 2 months .

I wonder if anybody had the same experience after a vodka heavy drinking night ..
obviously I know it is against doctors’ orders so I can’t recommend it but for me it works !

Medications I’ve Tried:

been on mesalazine , aloe vera gel pills , probiotics and vitamins

written by Youness

submitted in the colitis venting area


8 thoughts on “Alcohool is the Best For Me”

  1. Wow Youness,

    I’ve NEVER heard of alcohol bringing ON remission, but what the heck…if it works…do it!

    Anything is better than a flare!


  2. Lol! My friends would be very pleased to learn that I was contemplating alcoholism to beat UC. What a celebration we would have. I haven’t had even a glass of wine in over two years. Not that I was ever a drinker per se but you know how it is, if someone tells you you can’t have have it, you go nuts thinkking about it. Notice I have started stuttering as well. Pumpkins are $12NZ each at the moment, so we missed out on pumpkin pie this Christmas for the first time in years. I’m not mad about pumpkin but boy I’ve been craving it lately. I have since learned that when it is in season you can chop it up and freeze it no problem. Why is it not in the freezer dept of the supermarket I ask you? I may go into the frozen pumpkin business. Anyway, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate UC than to get blotto and if the side effect of that little placebo is that you go into remission, so be it and amen.!

  3. The science behind diet based remedies doesn’t support the consumption of alcohol. My thoughts on this matter is whatever psychological disturbance one has that manifested this disease (there are comprehensive reports on the links between I.B.D. and psychosomatic illness), getting blotto once and awhile could release stress related issues that induce flare-ups. Just a thought. Enjoy the booze if you think it helps…but pay now or pay later. I personally don’t drink, as I’m treating my U.C. with diet, acidophilus, L-Glutamine and a whole lot of respect. On a side note, if I have excessive bleeding I smoke about ten cigarettes a day until the bleeding stops, then stop smoking. Disgusting habit and expensive here in NZ at $20 a packet. Hope luck. Peace.

  4. Interesting results from drinking. My specialist says that alcohol has no effect on making UC worse. Ill have to ask her if it can make it better. LOL. As a side note, I have a friend who is a Muslim. He says Muslims are not allowed to drink. Is this not true?

  5. I have noticed that alcohol helps my flares as well sometimes. Also drinking milk or eating junk food (like a burger etc…I otherwise eat healthy!). But I think once in a while it helps me at least!

    My GI doc said that the oils in the burger or whatever I eat may help in stopping the’s just what he thought and I think it makes some sense!

  6. it could very well be a psychosomatic effect , a placebo effect or a butterfly effect … all I know is that the day after going blotto , I was completely symptom free ..twice ! now going on over 6 weeks , had a great new years eve for the first time since I was diagnosed ..
    this disease is a complete mistery because each person can tell you a different thing about what works for them and what doesn’t … but for me , the whole puking my guts out after a night of drinking works !
    and Gary , there is 1.8 Billion muslims in the world .. the only thing we have in common is believing in one God and Mahomet , Jesus , Moses as prophets … apart from that each individual is different … and by the way this is from the Old Testament : “And the Lord spake unto Aaron, saying, Do not drink wine nor strong drink, thou, nor thy sons with thee” .. so Alcohol is forbidden in christianity as well .. still .. same thing with islam my friend .. we don’t follow every word just like you don’t.. ;)
    so yea .. VODKA ROCKS

  7. It’s funny you said this. Because I kinda always thought it helped too. There have been times when I have had plans to go out and party and almost cancelled b/c of my uc. But – I forged on, because I like a good party! And, immediately after my first glass or two of wine everything was better!. I always thought because it took the edge off. But, I did pay for it the next day. My relief was very short. :(

    1. yes Paula it is the same for me too … when I go out for couple of drinks only , or for some vino with dinner , it is nice at the time , but I end up paying for it later … what I am talking about is really going at it with the drinks .. the couple of times this has worked for me , I had beers ( north of 10) and vodka shots untill I go home and puke my guts out ..
      Basically drinking with moderation doesn’t help .. I need to really DRINK ..
      again I do not recommend that anyways .. although I wish someone else with UC tries it and tells me if it is just me …
      I reiterate that this has worked for me twice .. it can’t be a coincidence…

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