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Alcohol, Surveys and Learning About Colitis



Thanks for watching and for being a part of the site.  I hope you have a great week even if your colitis symptoms, or your mom’s colitis symptoms are out of control at the moment.  Flare ups and nasty symptoms don’t last forever.  They really don’t.


Cheers (just no beers OK),



20 thoughts on “Alcohol, Surveys and Learning About Colitis”

  1. Allison-3

    Great video Adam.
    Totes agree on the booze. Have a celebratory one a few times a year.
    And YES knowledge is KING! The more I know the better I feel and the more comfortable I feel talking about UC with other people.
    This is a huge week for me because after nearly three years it just hit me that I have a chronic illness. Woah! But I feel so hopeful and I am heading over to the beach right after this email to go catch some rays and stick my toes in the ocean (luckily I live 5 miles away).
    So live it up everyone and make the most of this day.
    Thanks again for this great site!

  2. You are the man, man!!

    As usual…excellence!!

    I believe that alcohol is a NO NO for us poor irritanle bowel sufferers.

    Cheers, and thanks for being you Adam.

  3. What do you mean you don’t know how to play that guitar…are you kidding me??

    Again, FANTASTICAL!!

    Sorry for the THREE posts, but I couldn’t wait for your video to end before I just had to start commenting…a little look into who I really am…I’ve gotta lot to say most times…lol!!

    Great guitar, great song, and great voice Adam. Pat yourself my man!

    1. Thanks Bev,
      Too nice of you. But for sure there’s some master guitarists here who’d make me look like a fool (at least I hope there are) Maybe we’ll be doing guitar lessons from someone on here eh…!

      have a great week Bev, (can’t wait to get your story up, its coming soon!)-Adam

  4. Nice Adam! Way to rock out (country rock! ) the info…knowledge is definitely power-I sooo agree Bev… and control over UC!
    Thanks…just what the doctor should order!
    You win already on the guitar…dang you’re a fast learner…you taking that guitar and practicing on your commute?! :-)
    You rock! Shelly

    1. Time for work/commute Shelly, I definitely don’t have the cahones to crank guitar on the metro…YET…haha. I don’t want to ruin the others ride on a Tuesday…but maybe on a Friday right:)
      take care,

  5. Lisa OH

    Great video. So true about alcohol. I am colonless (waiting for jpouch takedown surgery) and if I drink any more than one drink, I feel like absolute crap. It’s hard enough to stay hydrated, alcohol just makes it so much worse. Not worth it. A friend of mine w/a jpouch told me he gets pouchitis if he has a big drinking night out. It just messes with the bacteria flora in there.

  6. You started playing guitar 2 weeks ago?! I’m inspired.

    Quick update, I was doing fantastic this year, best I’ve felt since I was diagnosed in 2007, no meds at all. 8 months later a few things have changed:

    1. my son was born, very happy moment but my sleep suffered tremendously
    2. I was so confident things were going so well, I had a total of 4 beers in half a day at a company outing – headache and dehydration for next 2 days but continued to have solid BMs for a month after that
    3. Hired someone at work that I felt competitive with

    I’m not going to be very hard on myself here but drinking those beers was a bonehead move! Too confident. Should’ve had water, like I did for months and months before. First beer in years. My hip joint started to act up a few days later but like I said, solid BMs continued. Experienced heartburn, new something was up. Stress at work and baby crying next to my head piled on but I love the little dude. Now I’m in a pretty serious flare for almost 2 weeks, got my labs back and they look bleak. Will most likely go on Prednisone once again, unhappy about that but need to help myself out right?

    Just needed to let everyone know what alcohol does to you. Cannot wait for the survey.

    Btw, I’m getting a guitar, I want to learn and bring up my son listening to lots of music.

    Thanks Adam, you inspire me.

    1. What up Massy,

      Get the guitar!!! You’ll love it, your son will love it, your neighbors…well, they’re gonna have to learn to love it right!:)

      Seriously, it is a super relaxer/fun/toy that never gets old. (invest in a decent tuner too…out of tune guitar can sound kinda scary…:)

      I’m bummed to hear that you’re having flarish symptoms, but don’t trip. Those little white pills if you head that direction are often helpful for stubborn flares. I’ve had to resort to them before, and although they are a pain, and sometimes shed side effects, I have to say they did their job.

      Sounds like you are definitely in tune with what stresses you out, and although its too bad stress pops up, its even worse when people don’t even recognize what’s stressful in their lives. So good on you for recognizing.

      Best of luck with the guitar, and stay in touch,


  7. Haha, awesome video! you should start a band, you already have a fan-base

    Surprisingly enough, I don’t have problems with vodka or gin. Beer on the other hand, means almost INSTANT-REPALPSE for me. I tried having a sip and right after that, my stomach started acting all crazy. Never again. I have my occasional drink every other couple of weeks and feel great, even the day after. I don’t want to make a habit out of it, it was a nice summer, I enjoyed it, alcohol was a small part of that fun, but I’ll cut it until next spring. All in all, after about 3 years of colitis, i wouldn’t recommend drinking to anyone. Better off. I was completely off alcohol for about 2 years and I don’t regret it one bit. Just drink water with ice in a glass at a party, people won’t know what you’re actually having haha

    @PeterNZ. Great stuff right there, very nice

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