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After 5 Good Years a Different Type of Colitis!

MichellefromAZAug2016Hello Everyone! When I was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis about 5 years ago this site was amazingly helpful to me. I started eating Paleo and have had very few flares in the last few years. Now I have had something different happen and I once again need some help! I returned to the United States about a week ago from a two week trip in Europe. We visited Germany, Italy, France and England in a whirlwind trip. I wasn’t able to completely stick to my Paleo way of eating- I had chocolate croissants, crepes, etc. but did not have any flares. Upon returning home I immediately resumed my grain free/ dairy free diet. After being home 5 days I started having horrible stomach pain and strange small squiggly poops (so glad I can say that here!) but no blood. Very unlike a normal flare. After a day of this I went to the ER. Abdominal CT scan showed inflammation all through my colon. I’m home now on pain meds, cipro and flagyl. They are call ing this Infectious Colits. Waiting on stool sample results. I would love any advice! Thank you!

About Michelle:

I reside in Prescott, Arizona and love the natural beauty of this area! I find that regular aerobic exercise and yoga really help keep me healthy.

Some more about her:

Just came from the ER with the diagnosis of Infectious Colitis. Taking antibiotics and pain meds. Waiting on the results of a stool sample.

Infectious Colitis

Before my two week trip to Europe I was doing a great job eating grain free/ dairy free, taking a daily probiotic and using digestive enzymes whenever I would eat something that I shouldn’t! Sometimes I just could not resist that piece of garlic bread! I also have been using the DoTerra Essential Oil Supplements. I wonder if anyone else has tried these? In addition to the DoTerra supplements I would take a combination of Turmeric/Ginger Root. I also just started Ashwagandha root. Basically what I was doing was working great until this latest episode. I will be following up with a new GI doc that has recently moved to my area. He was a professor at Johns Hopkins and is now in private practice. My husband is an Anesthesiologist and does cases with him. According to my husband, this new GI doc seems to be receptive to the notion that what you eat actually makes a difference with Ulcerative Colitis! Wow! So unlike the other GI docs that I have seen. I’m sure that there is a colonoscopy in my future. I haven’t had one since my diagnosis 5 years ago. Having UC really hasn’t been an issue until this recent episode. I look forward to hearing what others have to say. My family is very supportive and my conventionally trained physician husband has been very open minded to my way of treating UC. He now sees how important diet can be. I have two boys- 18 and 16 that I have been watching very closely for any signs of my disease and so far so good! I haven’t made them be completely grain free/dairy free but they mostly eat like I do. Thank you so much for any advice and suggestions that this group may have for me!

Diet Treatment – Paleo Diet She Has Used:

The Paleo approach has worked great for 5 years! my occasional flare would be successfully treated with Canasa and it would resolve after a few days.

written by Michelle

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5 thoughts on “After 5 Good Years a Different Type of Colitis!”

  1. Hello Michelle, I completely agree with you regarding diet. I was diagnosed at 38 and just celebrated my 50th. I am currently at the tail end of a three month flare thanks to the dreaded prednisone!! I will also attest to the fact I too believe diet plays a key role. I am currently following a gluten free dairy free diet and feel this is a huge part of my remission. I am also drinking a cup of Great Lakes collagen daily, similar to bone broth. I applaud you and you for sharing your story as I believe the more we get the word out the more people will advocate for themselves and not just medicate. So happy you have found a progressive GI doc as well, it’s about time they research this? What a wonderful trip it sounds like you had, I wish you a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself!

  2. Hi Michelle, I’m Patricia from London UK . Couldn’t agree more than with the ethos of helping the body heal itself. It’s a daily battle and sometimes you take a hit, and go down but hopefully we get back up and continue with the battle within!! A close family and good support structure when times are tough is key to keeping yourself on an even keel mentally and you sound well covered in that area! Good luck with your results.

    1. Totally agree with you Patricia! The mental battle is just as hard as the physical one. As for “infectious colitis”, that is a term that really has not been used often on this site. I would like to learn more about it, and if that is something that is used worldwide or more in specific locations. Either way, I hope you can get relief from any symptoms you are dealing with soon. Best to you:) Adam

    2. Hard to believe that there are GI docs out there that don’t think that food has an effect on UC. All, can I say is, well, just walk a day in our shoes. Hope that you get some relief and answers soon from your new GI doc, though. I was only recently diagnosed, still not what I would consider “normal”, after nearly 5 months, looks like something that went through a shredder. Sometimes even tap water with my pills in the morning is enough to set me off. Lialda and a reducing dose of prednisone right now, along with VSL#3. WIsh I was seeing better results. No beef or dairy. EVER. Chicken and fish only. If I try anything different, I always wish that I hadn’t. Great to hear that you have been able to have some relief for such a long period of time. Hope you get back on track soon!

  3. From my understanding “infectious” colitis is acute not chronic and is caused by a bacteria/virus.

    I wonder if you didn’t have this type at diagnosis vs full blown autoimmune UC?

    Either way good to hear you’ve managed your symptoms with diet alone. That’s great!

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