Advice On Diet Plans and Probiotics for Colitis Recovery

My Background:  I have Ulcerative Colitis.  I’m Allergic to sulfazamine, treated with antiobiotic therapy for two years.

My Colitis Story:

I was diagnosed with UC and have been battling symptoms for almost four years. I have tried different treatments and they all worsened my condition…basically I have been in a severe flare up for almost four years. It has been determined I must be allergic to sulfazamine. I recently went to Cleveland Clinic. They want me to start Remicade treatments or consider surgery. The only medical relief I have had from severe symtoms is antiobiotic therapy. I have taken this and nothing else for two years but they tell me I can no longer take these because of the risk. I am looking for diet plan options and need to wean off the antiobiotics in the mean time. It has always been scary for me to stop taking the antiobiotics because of the loss of quality of life, usually within a week and then the routine of getting the antiobiotics back in my system. I just started the Great Taste No Pain diet two days ago and need to wean off the antibiotics but wonder if I should do this at this point or after following the diet for a period of time. I have been looking into other diets as well and would like to have some recommendations and success stories of UC sufferers similar to my situation. I also feel that I need probiotics after taking antibiotics for so long but don’t know what kind to begin with. Cost is a big factor in treatment for me so my hope is to be able to recover with diet and probiotics. Has anyone had a similar experience to mine and would like to offer advice on diet and probiotics and what the effectiveness of this self treatment might be? Every doctor has told me diet will not help but I am convinced that it has something to do with recovery. It has helped me tremendously to read your posts and know I am not alone. Thanks so much!

My Medications: Asacol and Mesalzamine severely worsened symptoms…my husband thought I was going to die while I was taking them. Finally the doctor said to discontinue this treatment that I was allergic to it. I have been putting off taking Remicade.

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5 thoughts on “Advice On Diet Plans and Probiotics for Colitis Recovery”

  1. Hey There Sharon,

    What’s up!! Hey, thanks so much for adding your story.
    I’m super happy that so many people are taking matters into their own hands when medications aren’t working and looking to try diet as a long term treatment for UC, which is what I do as well actually.

    Anyways, regarding probiotics, I think you should take a look at a video I shot with one of the world’s leading Microbiologists who specializes in GUT BACTERIA. I asked him quite a few questions on his take on probiotics, and you might find it useful. Here is the link to that page with the video:

    Also, for me, I don’t take probiotics on a regular basis to treat my UC, I just follow the SCD diet. I have also stopped for two months now making the homemade yogurt that the diet calls for, and I seem to actually be doing even better now than I was two months ago when I was making it. I’m in remission, my gut is healed, and I’m taking formed poops, and I’m also medicaiton free incase you’re wondering.

    I wish you the BEST OF GOOD LUCK with your treatments moving forward. Keep us posted Sharon on how things go for you.


  2. Sharon,

    Here is what I have learned about UC and diet. First some brief background. I was diagnosed with UC about three years ago and am now in my 40’s. My condition was mild for awhile and then I had a flare which took 8 months to get under control (three weeks of solid bleeding and came close to requiring rescue therapy and then many, many months of on-going symptoms). Because of my concern over additional problems from medication (this is my second autoimmune disease), I was determined to get it under control with Lialda which I determined was the best option given the choice of the other not so good options. However, I realized that I had to change my diet because without a dietary change, Lialda was not effective. So here is what I have done:

    1) No dairy, fried food, high fructose corn syrup, alcohol, red meat, carbonated beverages, coffee, and potatoes. No fast food (I rarely at fast food before I was diagnosed but still) or frequent eating out unless the food is very healthy.

    2) Lots of wild salmon, apple sauce, bananas, oatmeal, brown rice, carrots, squash, black raspberries, and for protein chicken only. When I was bleeding, all I ate was applesauce, bananas, brown rice, and oatmeal and in the early months of my recovery, if I felt myself slipping back, I went back to this diet immediately.

    3) Limited gluten. When I was in the flare, I totally eliminated it but now consume some occasional gluten.

    4) Supplements. Fish oil, probiotics, and vitamins. Here is the thing I have learned about probiotics. The studies that have been done on probiotics that have shown effectiveness have been at very high dosages. I did not realize this at first and was taking a probiotic that I was purchasing at a health food store. When I further researched it, I realized the dosage was way too small. Since then, I started taking a product made by Pharmax which has a dosage of 10B cells but for awhile took a 7 day dosage of 130B cells (made by Pharmax as well and called Synbiotic Intensive). These products are only available from physicians which is how I get mine.

    There is a site I found that indexes medical studies done on natural treatments for ulcerative colitis. The home page is but check out this page

    If this is helpful, let me know and I can share more of my story. It got so bad for awhile that I was not sure I was going to be able to work a normal job. However, I now have it under control and have on average two BM’s per day that are pretty normal.


  3. OrdinaryWorldWhereRU

    I just finished my 3rd Remicade infusion. No side effects yet and I am starting to add new foods into my diet. I am grateful for it and I hope that it keeps working like it has been. 80% of patients on Remicade are allowed to cease taking other medications so I hope I am one of them. I am tired of taking Asacol (3×3). I did ask my doc about taking specific probiotics before the Remicade started and he said if there were more studies about it that showed more promise, he would consider it. The only reason he didn’t want to try it now is I had just come off of an extremely bad flair and I was not in remission. Needed to get to a stable place again.

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