Adam’s Ulcerative Colitis Friendly Bathroom Videos

2 Videos on My Bathroom and Why It’s Ulcerative Colitis Friendly for my Wife and I

I want to take a couple of moments and share with everyone the bathroom that I use for 90% of my bowel movements.  It’s nothing super fancy, and if you are one of the movie stars and celebrities on the newsletter, I realize your bathroom is much nice.  But no matter, there’s some special things I’d like to point out in both the videos.  If you can make your bathroom a relaxing place, DO IT!


Video 1:

Video 2:

If you are interested in checkingout the prices on this stuff,

here is the link:   Wet Wipes and Antibacterial Wipes on

Some of them are between 10 cents to 5 cents per wipe,which is about:

  • 1-2 Czech Korun
  • 1-2 Mexican Pesos
  • 50,000 Venezuelan Bolivars per ASS WIPER!


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