About to START The Diet(SCD) and Need Advice

I Have UC

I was diagnosed 2 week ago with UC.  I am from Chattanooga Tenn., My interest are in sports and music.  I am currently on predisone, flagil, and an iron pill.

My Story:

I started having “loose stools” starting around Oct. 4 2010, I didnt think much of it so I didn’t tell anyone until I started to have blood in my stools about 3 weeks in. I went to my doctor who sent me home with no answers. I got worse and went to the emergency room and they sent me home with an antibiotic and iron pills but still no answers. Two days later I broke out into a fever and went to a different ER, they admitted me and I had a colonostopy the next day. They diagnosed me with UC. They gave me predisone and basically told me I had only 2 choices left since the prednisone was not working well enough -Remicade or Surgery to remove my colon. I am only 17 so I don’t want to do either. I had heard that there were diets you could try but when I ask my doctor he said food had nothing to do with it. I have been in the hospital for 16 days and I will be basically checking myself out tomorrow and trying this diet thing. I found your website and i t was very encouraging. I don’t know a lot about the foods I am suppose to eat so any help would be appreciated such as tips on starting the SCD diet and keeping on the diet.

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  1. You are so brave and right to take control of your health. Don’t listen to ANYONE who tells you that diet doesn’t matter. They are uneducated or in denial.

    Here’s what I would recommend, do as much research as you can. There are other diets you can try if SCD doesn’t work. There’s always something else you can try.

    On SCD, make bone broth chicken soup for several days. There’s a recipe in the Breaking the Vicious Cycle book. It has an intro diet you can follow.

    Another great resource for SCD is http://scdlifestyle.com/ and their eBook, http://www.scdlifestylebook.com/. The eBook is great and I’ve learned a bunch of new things from it as a reference guide. It’s basically the same as BTVC but they made it much easier to understand and follow.

    Wishing you the best of luck. Please keep us updated.

    1. Hi Eric, I agree with the comments about the SCD lifestyle website – they have a great approach to the diet, and share their experiences in podcasts which I’ve found really helpful.

      Every doctor I have spoken to has said removal of the colon is an absolute last resort, and my gastro says he wouldn’t agree to it for most patients.

      I had 3 doses of remicade, which really helped me. Prednisone worked, at least while I was on really high doses, but after 6 months I had to find something else, and the 3 doses of remicade was enough to get it under control. I started the diet at the some time, and I think that made it a bit more difficult because I didn’t have any effects from introducing advanced foods.

      If I had my time over, I’d do the diet again without the remicade, but I guess it’s a question of how sick you are and whether you can cope with the symptoms until the diet starts working.

      You sound like a really strong person – I don’t think I would have been able to stand up to doctors and plan to check myself out of hospital if they said not to at 17 years of age. In fact, I probably wouldn’t have been able to until my recent realisation that doctors don’t necessarily know what is best for me (and I’m 28).

      All the best. Ask all the questions you want and read everything you can find about the diet. I hope it works for you.


  2. Eric, first of all, I commend you for being so brave to come forth and share your personal struggle with this illness and seeking help and advice about your diet inquiries. It is true that there is no solid diet that can “cure” or lessen the illness. From my own personal experience, I have foods that contain Tumeric ( a ginger extract) found in curries and other foods, can help alleviate the symptoms. While it may not prevent the illness from expanding, it is far more nutritious in value and help build up your immune system which I am not sure if you are aware that is greatly affected by UC.

    Also, tumeric produces natural endorphins as well. This is the best advice that I can offer and remember, Tumeric or ginger is greatly beneficial to health and the immune system.

  3. I agree with Reid. Buy Breaking the vicious cycle. Read the SCD Lifestyle site. I would add that http://www.pecanbread.com is a great resource. I use there legal/illegal list, and have learned a ton from their site.

    Remember, this diet can be tough, but it’s worth it. There are lots of us out there doing it, so when things get hard, we’re here–we’ve been through it. Jonz, Reid, Adam, Me, and about 1000 others like us.

    Good Luck!

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