A Windy Problem

Here's Simon with his wife Libby, the 1,127th writer for the site!  Don't he look great!

Here’s Simon with his wife Libby, the 1,127th writer for the site! And yes, Simon claims that his gas isn’t smelly…!! (What’s his trick right?:))

Hi guys,

I am Simon, married to Libby and have a daughter Lauren (very nearly 21). I have been a self employed Project Manager within the food manufacturing industry (one you might know big into sauces, cans goods etc and there maybe 57 varieties). I was diagnosed with UC 5 years ago. My father has Crohn’s, as did my grandmother and it is suspected that my great grandfather also had Crohns, He died of Dysentery, how times have changed.

Some more background on Simon:

I live in the North West of the UK, close to Liverpool and Chester. I enjoy playing golf and spending time with my family. We also try to escape to a place in Spain called Mojacar as much as possible when we can enjoy the sun, sea, sand and tapas.

Symptoms of UC:

I can’t really say if I am in a flare or semi flare at the moment as my gastro nurse and myself think i have learnt to live with my symptoms. These I must say are no where near as bad as what some of you guys are suffering.

Currently I am not fatigued, my joints are not hurting but i do find after a long walk i need a snooze. My poops are like a very thick Mr Whippy Ice cream but with lots of blood.

It’s Windy

I was diagnosed with UC 5 years ago. After years of going back and to to my doctors and them always saying ‘you have piles and here is some cream’, I ended up with an appointment with a young graduate doctor. How thankful am I to this doctor as she was not happy with the problems I was going through and she made me an appointment to see a Gastro specialist. Very quickly after that and following en endoscopy i was diagnosed. I have been up and down for the past 5 years with bleeding and fatigue being there most of the time. Like everyone else I go through periods of urgency and at these times it feels like UC is all we talk about and analyse, what food is causing the problem, is it stress etc etc. Normally is medication and time that gets it back under control and a big sign of relief can be heard. Following a not so near miss whilst on holiday I became slightly paranoid about going out without an escape plan, nearest toilet or close to the car. Thankfully these are not frequent occurrences.

The main question i have at the moment is i go through stages of feeling extremely bloated and have very bad wind (thankfully it does not smell).

At the same time my stomach ‘talks’ to me and anyone else that will listen and this is rather embarrassing when you are attending or running an meeting (which is a great part of my day).

Does anyone else suffer from similar problems and has anyone found any successful remedies. I am avoiding beans etc.

I moved in the summer from Pentaza to Mesavancol 3.6g / day, a mesalazine suppository and ferrous sulphate as my iron levels have been low.

I know this is small compared to what some are going through but i would appreciate your help.

Thanks Fellow UC’ers

Medications / Supplyements:

I have tried probiotic tablets, but not sure they made a great deal of difference

I have watched my diet but not changed it dramatically

written by Simon P

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9 thoughts on “A Windy Problem”

  1. Hi Simon,

    Thank you so much for sharing your windy story. And thank you for adding a picture too:)

    I’m a bit concerned after reading what’s going on with you. And I’m most worried that it doesn’t sound like you’ve had any lasting periods of remission for quite some time.

    When you wrote “My poops are like a very thick Mr Whippy Ice cream but with lots of blood.” that’s the part that has me most concerned. In my opinion, whenever someone with UC has lots of blood coming out the final end, that can be of course happening for a number of reasons. But for people with UC, its most often a sign of a definite flare. Mini or not, its not what you want to start living with and thinking its normal.

    One question I think you should bring up with your docs is if its time for a colonoscopy. If its been five years since you’ve had any procedure like that, it for sure might be time. Talk to a GI doc about that if possible would be my suggestion.

    From personal experience and that from many other UC’ers, the wind/gas/sometimes good other times not so nice smelling stuff is also a common symptom of active UC symptoms. I don’t think that’s too uncommon. And by and large, when symptoms are under control most people feel the gas and bloating goes away or much more in line with common non-UC folks gasiness(that’s probably not a real word…?)

    I’m big on diet, so lastly, I’d consider finally making some more dramatic changes if you want to give that a try in tandem with whatever meds you’re taking. Small steps are possible that often help people get over the hump. Starting out with removing drinks such as soda, beer, wine, alcohol, milk, coffee and other caffeinated stuff. I’m big on water and herbal teas with honey. Ginger teas too. If you can live with those for a while, might be worth a try. You might be surprised with some noticable changes right there.

    I hope some others have some ideas for you too and best of luck in the coming years.

    And happy 21st to your daughter whenever that goes down!


  2. Hey Simon! I think it’s great you are not having pain in your joints, but I’d have to agree with Adam that blood in every stool is not something you want to live with as “normal”. That aside, I do have a suggestion for the gas, bc I had the same issue. Everything was great with my bowel movements, but I’d have nights where I felt like the gas never stopped!!! nobody could tell (thank god!) bc like yours it didn’t smell (yay for that at least!). My remedy? I drink raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. IT has SO MANY benefits, there is really nothing to lose with trying it. I drink about 1 – 1.5 tsp in a large glass of water (large enough that I can handle the taste) first thing in the morning, and sometimes before each meal. I originally drank it to help with energy levels, but I noticed that I have not had a night of never ending farts ever since I started about 3 months ago. It’s also great for alkalizing your gut and aiding in digestion, so maybe it will help you in more ways than one ;)

  3. Adam / Wendy,
    Many thanks for your time and responses, I certainly will try the cider vinegar and your suggestions Adam.
    I am seeing the consultant on Tuesday so will discuss the options available, i normally play the symptoms down.


  4. Pig whip worms are getting cheap now, you could check that out. The company is called Taniwasa, based in Germany.

    I had a lot of flatulence at one point, the best way to cut it down was to avoid anything with FODMAP’s(google this). FODMAP’s are indigestible fibers that are passed into the gut and fermented by bacteria. They are present in most veggie’s, best to eat very plain food until you get your tolerance.

  5. Hi Simon,
    I second what Andy said about the FODMAP diet. I came down with microscopic colitis on my 80th birthday. Terrible effects and I didn’t think I would survive it. But a friend pointed me to the FODMAP diet and by the time I had a diagnosis two and a half months later, I was already slowly getting better. It took me a full year to get back to a relatively normal gut. The specialist told me that I would be on the medication for the rest of my life, but I never took the medication. I was super careful of my diet, and still do not eat soy, dairy, or gluten. I also don’t eat processed foods or much fat. But I can eat any fruits and veggies, fish and eggs, rice, corn, quinoa, etc. I feel fine and have lots of energy. My gut and poops are normal again. It’s been 3 and a half years since I came down with mc.

    When I was really sick, you could hear my stomach gurgling clear across the room! I had a tremendous amount of gas too. And oddly, the gas and liquid poops as well had no smell. I think it was because everything was going through my system so fast that the bacteria didn’t have a chance to get a look in and do their usual smelly thing. I ate a lot of physllium husks too when I was sick. They can help with both constipation and diarrhea odd to say. They just even things out and are good for your gut bacteria. Anyway, good luck! Oh, and another tip! I found that if I wanted to eat out, the very best food for the FODMAP diet was sushi! I still eat lots of it and have even learned to make it. How’s that for an old codger?

  6. Hi Guys,
    I hope you have had a great Christmas and you all have a healthy 2015 !!!!!!!

    Thanks for the responses it is very kind of you all for giving time to try and help others. An update, I saw my specialist and had more blood and stool samples done, the bloods came back Ok and I am awaiting the results of the stool samples.

    My meds were adjusted and I have come off the iron tablets and feel great but I also put a lot of this down to the GREAT advice from Debbie (see above), I now take cider vinegar in the mornings and this certainly seems to have reduced the wind, and bloating. Fingers crossed, over the coming months and I will keep a very close eye on other symptoms and possibly check out the diet changes.

    Thanks again guys xx

  7. Food definitely causes a lot of wind and smell problems in my experience. I have an Ileostomy for the last 17 years and I have to keep adjusting my diet. Certain foods suddenly seem to cause me problems even though I could eat them for the last few years. My main problem is the smell when I empty contents of my stomach bag particularly when I am taking Antibiotics. I have tried everything I can think of to remove bad odour but would love to get any tips from other people who have discovered something that works well. Thanks in anticipation. Madeleine

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