Hello guys, my name is Mohammad and I have ulcerative colitis.

My Super Happy Ulcerative Colitis Story:

My story is quite long but I will write it anyway. I got diagnosed with ulcerative colitis on January 2010. I was given the usual asacol/mesalazine with tapering off of the prednisolone. Within a few days after I came out of the hospital UC came back and just didn’t let go. I am a medical student in the United Kingdom and I failed that years medical exams due to the UC. This forced me to take a year out and absolutley devastated me.
My ulcerative colitis got progressively worse and I was put on Azathioprine. This I can say did absolutely nothing. I was going toilet non stop and I was getting no sleep at night. Have you been toilet in the middle of the night only to find out when you get back in bed that you need to go for a second round in the bathroom. Anyway my situation was not improving at all so the doctors put me on remicade/infliximab. This worked for the first few weeks but then it came back. Again the pain came back and bloody diarrhea.

I knew fully well now that the doctors were going to tell me to go for surgery. The thought of this just didn’t sit well with me. For one medical school starts in a few days and If I had gone for surgery I would have had to take another year out. I have a family who depend on me graduating so I can provide for them financially. I have also seen videos of a very nice guys called Dennis on youtube who has a J-pouch. He says that he has to go to the bathroom about 6 times daily I think. That would not work for me at all as I am doing my internship at the hospital 9-6pm everyday.

So I finally decided a few days ago to start the SCD diet and I have been sticking to it fanatically as stated in the book. I started on Sunday night and I am writing this very early morning on Wednesday so that’s about 3 days. All I can say is this. This diet has helped me more than anything has ever helped me before. let me just put this into perspective. On sunday I went to the bathroom about 8 times during the days with 4 times during the night. On all the occasions there was blood. Last night I went to bathroom only once and 4 times during the day with very little blood.

I have finally found a way out of this disease I think. The book states that you need to be on the diet at least a year to reap the full benefits. Every single day I have been on I have improved. Its early days now. At this rate I believe I will be disease free within a few weeks. I will be pretty busy at the hospital so I will try my best to keep you guys updated.

P.S. I appologise if there are any spelling or gramatical mistakes

Submitted by Mohammad in the Colitis Venting Area


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13 thoughts on “A Way Out of Colitis”

  1. Hey Mohammad,
    I’m so happy for you, and you family. It’s got to be such a relief seeing some good results after trying so hard with medications. Your story is so similar to mine its crazy. Especially with regards to the remicade stopping its benefits after just a few weeks. I wish you continued success on SCD, good luck, and keep us posted on how things continue for you. Enjoy the school year too! -Adam

    1. OrdinaryWorldWhereRU

      I am considering attempting this diet. I have the book by Elaine Gottschall and I invested in the materials that Adam also provided a link to. If anyone can answer my questions/concerns, I would be grateful.
      First, in reading the authors stories in the SCD Lifestyle book, neither one was diagnosed with UC or Crohn’s. It gave me pause given that I don’t know what they have and thus if they are treating the same thing I have.
      Second, I travel for my job. I have tried to ask people at a different on-line group about what to do and they weren’t realistic. They kept saying to bring a cooler of food with you. That isn’t an option when you have to bring along the requirements for your job with you on the plane. No, the airlines won’t budge on the carry-on restrictions and I cannot check those items or they would be destroyed. There are times even when I have had to check one of my carry-on bags because there was zero room left on the plane (I took out the breakables). Additionally, my company doesn’t allow staying at high-end hotels so the best you can hope for is a tiny refrigerator and a microwave which doesn’t happen often. Follow that with the fact that the locations we travel to are in the middle of nowhere and I don’t even have the option of going grocery shopping to look for shelf stable food products (which likely aren’t allowed).

  2. I’m really pleased fir you Mohammad. I too started this diet a couple if weeks ago as a last resort and there has been an improvement in my symptoms too. It makes a lot of sense and it’s such a healthy diet. Good luck.

  3. Thank you guys for your comments. It has now been just under a week since I started the diet and I can say that I am totally in remission. I have bowell movements about 2 or three times in a 24 hour cycle which means only one thing; bye bye UC and hello life. As for ‘OrdinaryWorldWhereRU’, I will try and address your concerns.

    First of all the woman who wrote the book ‘breaking the vicous cycle’ was called Elaine Gottschall. Her daughter had severe UC in the 40s I believe and she was not responding to medication. The doctors at that time were planning on taking out her daughter colon. It was then that she approched a doctor by the name of Dr Haas who prescribed the SCD diet to her daughter. Her daughter is UC free and living a normal life as far I am aware.

    Secondly in terms of the Diet, you have to fanatically stick to it. Go to http://www.breakingtheviciouscycle.info/index.htm. It has a legal/illegal list of foods. I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to follow this diet strictly. If you have anymore questions please ask.

  4. Ordinaryworld and Carmen:

    The hardest part of the diet is the learning process. After a few months you will be able to know exactly what you can and can’t eat. For instance if you go out to eat, you can eat get a salad with scd legal cheese (swiss, cheddar, etc) and have it with salmon, chicken, steak. I find it easiest to ask for a gluten free menu at restaurants, if they don’t have one you can just ask the server to ask the chef if there is any flour used in the cooking of whatever it is your ordering. Celiacs disease and gluten intolerance are very similar to our disease (possible even the same thing), so that’s a good starting point. It’s easier to simply say you’re allergic to wheat, or just say flour, instead of trying to explain the entire ulcerative colitis thing. Restaurants are very aware of Celiacs disease and will do their best to accommodate you. Basically if you have Colitis or Crohn’s you might as well accept that you probably have Celiacs disease as well.

    My go to meals when eating out are salad with meat or fish, no dressing I just use olive oil (balsamic vinegar can have some illegals in it), steak with vegetables on the side, or a cheeseburger with guacamole sans bun. Many places will give you the burger on enough iceberg lettuce to pick it up and eat it like it’s a bun. Then substitute the fries with field greens or vegetables. Red Robin is a place I can always get a good meal.

    When I’m traveling (which is very often) I live off of nuts, bananas and other fruits, and scd legal cheese. For breakfast you can get a good omelette that’s SCD legal anywhere, and then eat the aforementioned for lunch and dinner. Chili is another option as long as it doesn’t have any illegals added.

    I have yet to do the “intro” diet, and often test out the diet with some illegals to see what I can handle. I know in the long run this is probably causing me to take a few steps backwards at times, but I am still seeing large amounts of improvement. I basically went gluten, sugar, and preservative free right away which was easy. I then took out grains, and now the only illegal starch I eat is Sweet Potato or potato occasionally. I may cut them out, I may not. Like I mentioned, it’s all a learning process.

    1. Hi

      I have sorta tried to stick with the diet, but do find it hard to stick to – how do you find it easy to stick to the diet? Especially the sugar part, it seems everything has sugar in it. What do you snack on during the day? Finally what do you drink during the day, I am drinking lots of water, but am craving flavor – I use to drink lots of pop, but now only drink one a day.

      Thanks so much!

  5. hi
    I am a thirty year old medic with kids – i found scd great but impossible to stick to.
    Can I get some tips Mohammad?
    Also you have graduated and are now an f1 is that right? I always thought being a doctor meant I was too busy to eat right.
    Can I get some tips on what you eat when and how?

  6. First of all, not everyone who has UC and Crohn will respond favorably to diets. In my case, I’ve been on a strick SCD diet for a long time and I’m stil not in remission.

    The diets are not one size fits all unfortunately and some people will need to have surgery if they plan to have a notmal life.

    Also being on these diets is difficult simply because they are very light on carbs such as rice, potatoes. You need this fuel in your body for energy. Some people are on the Paleo diet and are doing just fine. Paleo allows carbs such as rice and potatoes. Furthermore, if you read Jinny Pathel “Listen to your gut” book, she doesn’t believe good carbs are bad for you.

    All in all, UC and Crohn is very individual. Neither Adam nor Mohamed can guarantee that if you follow the SCD diet to a T, you will heal. That is bullshit, sorry. By all means, try everything but don’t trust a hope.

    1. “don’t trust a hope”….

      On the flip side of your statement it is also true that no one can guarantee that you will not heal….bc uc is individual. So it does not really make sense to be negative in this case. I say trust a hope!

      1. Just my two cents…but I have seen these treatments work for those who want to follow them. I have studied both SCD and the raw vegan diet extensively. Two very different thought processes but both have worked for me because I have followed them 100% as stated by David Klein and Elaine(I have had trouble eating raw thanks to financial restraints and the inability to have the food I need in close range—the closest store is 50 miles away—so I am trying SCD). I’ve already seen changes and I was just trying different meals before getting her book. I am hoping to start the intro diet tomorrow. One problem I have seen mentioned here a lot are people still on their medications.

        Please do not misunderstand me and quit taking your medications without your doctor’s advice. Doing that with medications, especially steroids, can be very harmful. However, everyone here that has talked about struggles on the SCD plan has mentioned still taking medications. I can assure you from my own experiences those medications are doing more harm than good. Your body is already toxic and sick…how are you going to heal and find optimal health feeding your body more toxins in concentrated form?

        All I am saying is…I have taken the drugs too. Every single time, I was worse. Not better. If I am worse, maybe it is not that the medicines just do not work for me. Maybe it is…the medicines are a band-aid to cover up the root of the issue. That being lifestyle choices. While we all have different stories of how we got sick, I have yet to find a person who followed these plans eating healthy, fresh food still remaining sick. But I do see people stuck on highly processed foods, frozen processed foods, etc…still very sick.

        Sure, the first few weeks suck…mostly because when you give yourself healthy food, your body will crave the unhealthy junk it has become accustomed to until your body goes through the withdrawal. At the same time, your body will start to release the stored up toxins in your body into your bloodstream for elimination…something it was unable to do before because it was always bombarded with more junk. This process is not fun and to boot…you’ll have bacteria changes in your gut that may send you to the toilet more as well. But if you get by that part, we are all starting anew and these changes will help. If they do not, you are likely doing something wrong and the kicker is you may not even know it. I know I have made those mistakes.

        Sorry if I ranted a little but I wanted to share my thoughts. I must go look around the site now but I would be happy to talk with anyone who wants some support or just to chat it up! Steve

        1. I have eaten a healthy, largely fresh, veggie-based diet for two decades, am very physically active, and have done lots of stress reduction techniques for many years … and I still was recently diagnosed with severe IBD, likely UC. I also am trained in scientific research and can say that there is no good evidence that lifestyle is a cause or sufficient treatment (long-term, especially) for the disease. Drugs aren’t all blanket “toxins” and have their place, which for many is a very helpful place. Even for those who haven’t have long-term success on existing drugs, new drugs might help where others have failed. There are pros and cons to be weighed in every approach, anyway. I am not saying that there isn’t a role for investigating one’s lifestyle. Each person is unique and has to find what works for him or her, and individualized dietary changes might help when flaring and perhaps at other times. Plus, for many people, it is likely that their overall health would benefit from dietary changes. However, there are many factors involved in this disease, including genetic, so it’s not true that it’s mostly about lifestyle. I think some people wish it was that simple because we might dislike our options and want more control, but for some or perhaps many of us it’s probably healthier to accept reality, work on coping skills, and learn to utilize the health care system (and credible health information) more promptly and consistently, if at all possible.

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