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A Step Towards Healing

I’m Jane, my husband has UC. I shared our story with you in January 2017. He was diagnosed in 2016 after a major flare which started after severe work stress. It landed him in hospital on Prednisone.

Our most recent adventure was a 3 week 4WD trip to Central Australia, which included climbing Uluru and a few 20 km hikes.

Not really any symptoms, just the very occasional pain before BM. He is heading towards remission I’m sure.

Hi Adam and friends, just thought I’d update you on our story over the past almost 3 years since I shared about my husband Greg’s UC and our success with chloroflax tea. We’ve learnt a lot since then. When his flare stopped back then, I blindly thought that he was better!! Well he was good for just over 3 months and then regular flares started again, only mild in intensity, but still not good. We tried the teas again, with not much success, along with a host of other treatments; herbal enemas, poultices, diets, herbs etc etc. He would have a few good weeks and then the slight bleeding would start again. We changed Naturopaths a few times, and one told us, ” I think Greg’s problem is Roundup poisoning.” He did very thorough blood hematology and said he could see the effects of Roundup in his blood. He also told us it is VERY hard to detox Roundup and didn’t offer much help! On the way home from that appointment Greg remembered spraying with Roundup a few months before he got sick- the hose broke on the sprayer and sprayed him with the stuff!!

Greg was almost ready to give up with natural treatments as he didn’t want the inflammation to go unchecked for too long.

Then in May this year we came across a Naturopath who was also a Herbalist, Nutritionist and Bicom practitioner. Using a combination of bio-resonance therapy, herbs and simple vegetarian diet she pulled him out of the flare in 4 weeks. She is still working on him every 3 weeks, but he hasn’t looked back. The Bicom machine is amazing, it can test all of your supplements and foods to see which ones your body says “no” to (most of the stuff he was taking his body said “no” to!) (interestingly his body says “yes” to organic sourdough spelt bread which he loves!), it tells you what parasites you have and when they are gone, and it can treat specific inflammation sites, balance gut bacteria AND detox Roundup!! We wouldn’t have believed it if we haven’t seen it with our own eyes. There is no way Greg would have even gone for the appointment if we knew what was going to happen!! But it works!!

I may be stubborn, but I still believe Greg can be healed properly and stay that way if we are wise in our lifestyle and diet, and seek God’s help and blessing.

We just want to encourage all of you who are believers in natural therapies, not to give up. Keep searching for a good practitioner and see if there is a Bicom practitioner near you!

PS Please pray for the Australian Natural Health Industry. There are those in our government who are VERY anti natural health and are closing down practitioners whenever they can. A friend of ours who operated a live-in Health Clinic was stripped of her qualifications after her husband started a political party promoting free choice for vaccinations. Greg’s Integrative Medicine Doctor is currently fighting to get the ban lifted on him- he sent some blood to Germany to get tested for Lymes, and they jumped on him for “unconventional” diagnosis. SAD.

Medications / Supplements:

Boswellia, Curcumin, Gotu Kola, Echinacea, Propolis, Vitamin C, Zinc. Ionbiome (Restore).

written by Jane W

submitted in the colitis venting area

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2 thoughts on “A Step Towards Healing”

  1. THank you so much Jane for the update, and great job with helping Greg to find some new insights into treating his UC!

    AND…awesome picture of you two!! (Can’t believe its been almost three years since your original post:)))

    Best to both of you, and thanks again for the tips,


  2. Thank you Jane for sharing.
    I too believe in naturopaths here in Canada
    I took a herbal tea from a herbalist for years and then the government here would not allow him to make it anymore ( a bigger story that’s too long to get into). It worked for me for 20 years I’m 59 and was diagnosed at 21.
    I too had a very stressful job and became so ill with UC and could not work or go far on and off for two years. It was the worst time in my life. I am happy to say I have been in remission for mostly 3. Years. With that being said I take the speciality drug Humira weekly and have not be able to go off it, the UC comes back fast. I tried. I was on several other meds before this as in our system here medications have to be exhausted before the specialty drugs come into play. I am grateful for Humira because I got my life back. I also see a doctor of natural medicine who is amazing. I take aloe Vera gel daily, drink nondairy (coconut) kefir for a probiotic and 2000 units Vitamin C and D, I tried zinc but it really upset my stomach as so did curcumin (which my gastro doctor recommendation because there has been scientific research done for UC that is fights inflammation- It was nice to hear an alternative from her). I also take CBD capsules at night if I need more rest and they really work. I completed my Mind Body Teacher training to help myself as a holistic approach. I meditate do yoga and try to lead a healthy life with good food from my garden and never use any pesticides on our property. I went back to work as a wellness coordinator for schools and now retired. Life is good and although I have side effects from a Humira and a surpressed immune system which has some challenges. I’m living life and enjoying the freedom from active UC.
    I believe it is super important to educate myself the best I can ( I am a huge supporter of “Crohn’s and Colitis Canada” they have very educational free webinars and their latest research in Canada and I accessed their free peer support when I was so ill and blue. I try different things one at a time. Stress is a killer for most of us so be aware and change things up, listen closely to your mind, body and soul and I have an awesome support system of family and friends. I never gave UC the permission to live ‘rent free” in my body and I do the best I know how to be in charge and live well. Be kind to yourself and enjoy the moments truly!!

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