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Meet Lindsay:

My name is Lindsay M. I am a interior designer. I’m 62 and in pretty good shape for a senior. Love to play pool and have played in many tournaments and for $$. Still play and love it. I love horses and owned my own for years for pleasure and show. Last year a was on State Disability for a whole year because of my UC and back problems( Spinal Stenosis). Up until 2005 I hardly ever went to a doctor. Since then I have seen way too many and must say they are not my favorite group of people. I am currently doing some design work and still playing pool once a week. Believe it or not I play better than ever but my stamina has taken a big hit.

My Colitis Symptoms:

I currently have NO SYMPTOMS….I’m not kidding !

My Story:

Well here’s how it happpened. My current GI gave me MP6 along with 4 Lialda every morning. The MP6 lasted for 3 weeks and then I thought I was gonna die. I have taken many kinds of meds…all the usual stuff. Oh yeah, let’s not forget the enemas. I’v been on Prednisone 4 times in the last 2 yrs. for 8-10 weeks at a time. As much as I hate that drug it would stop the bleeding,diareha,exhausting sessions in the bathroom,cramping and total fatigue. If I’m forgetting anything I think you get the picture.
Now my Dr. talking about Remicaide….

marbled bengal cat

LIndsay’s Marbled Bengal

The side effects from all these drug has been nothing short of a nightmare. THINNING hair and whats left is like straw. I know I’n getting older but give me a break…always looking withered. Because all those drugs don’t just make your hair bad…they make everything bad. Which by the way, the doctors I’ve been to don’t seem to be concerned about side effects. Nor do they tell you what’s going to happen to your body and energy levels. It would be nice if someone ( 5 G.I.’S) told me what I should expect. How about Prednisone is like Methadrine…FYI
OK, here’s the MIRACLE story. May 21 2012 ,4 days before my birthday I was a Wreck . All the horrible symptoms …I was really in a Flare. Basically, all this year I haven’t felt great. So I finally called the doc and he said you have to go back on Prednisone. I knew he would say that, I stopped taking Pred March 21 2012 and really dreaded the thought of going back on 2 months after stopping. That’s when the Remicade talk started.
I started doing more research on the internet and came across The Garden of LIfe products.
I started taking something called Fungal Defense. I took it for 2 weeks that’s it. It zooms in on your gut Flora. 2 a day 3’xs a day. By the 3rd day I stopped bleeding and diarrhea was way better and I didn’t feel like a steam roller had worked me over. Then I went on to Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra. Two in the am on empty stomach with some water and the same at night. OMG, I’ve stopped bleeding, diarrhea and my hair and skin look so much better. I’m down to 1 Lialda in the morning …that’s it. My friends are telling me I look so much better ! I’ve also started taking 5000 mcg. of Vit.D.,Omega -3 1200 mg.,B-12 1000 mcg and Biotin 5000mcg for my hair and Folic Acid too,800mcg per day.
It’s been 8 weeks now and I’m doing great. I feel like a miracle has happened !
Also, did I mention all this illness has boken me financially and that,s with a PPO. Now I have CalCobra HMO…much better. I get to see the same cast of characters for a copay of $10 or $20 that’s it.
If this helps anyone out there and I hope it does. This stuff is not too pricey and cheaper online.
I’m not one to write about my story but a miracle has happened to me after living in hell for 5 years. Give it a try you can always return it. Amazon is pretty cool about that. Maybe it will work for you or make you feel just a little better.

Where I’d Like to be in 1 year:

Please let me feel like I do now !!!

Colitis Medications:

Garden of Life…Fungal Defense
Garden of Life…Primal Defense Ultra
Just follow directions…pretty simple and if it doesn’t help at least there are no horrible side effects like all the other stuff I’ve been on

written by Lindsay

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  1. Hey Lindsay,

    You story is absolutely cheerful and encouraging. Thanks so much for showing us there could be miracles! I am going to try what you have done. I have been in this hard journey too long and wish to see more improvements, could I email you in case I meet any difficulties? BTW, did you follow the SCD diet?

    1. Hi Ann
      So sorry it has been so long to get back. I looked once for commemts and didn’t see any or maybe went to wrong site.
      I am till doing well. I haven’t bleed or had diarriha. I did not go on that diet that you mentioned. I take one probiotic in the am with a glaas of water on an empty stomache and the same at dinner time. I also drink about 1/2 glass of Keifer in the morning. That has helped alot. I notice if I don’t have ,I can feel a burning feeling in my intestine later in the day. I eat well but I always did. I don’t worry about what I eat like I did.
      Let me know how you are or if you tried it and had a good response
      All the best

    2. Hi I just came across this post and wanted to say that I started taking Garden of Life Primal Defense Probiotics a month ago one in the morning and one at night and my bleeding & UC Symptoms have all gone away!! I really can’t believe it!! Just though would mention it here incase it helps any of you too.

      All the Best


  2. Hi Lindsay! It so nice to hear about a new product that might help. Are there any side effects from this product? Also, do you keep a certain diet while using these products?

    1. Hi Liora
      Sorry to take so long to reply. I didn’t think I had any responses.
      I’m still doing great. Took my last Lialda on July 21 2012. My hair is way better and so is my skin.
      The presription drugs were really aging me. I always was so tired. Since taking this probiotic I haven’t had any negative symtoms. I also have added a half of keifer to my diet in the morning. That seems to help eleviate any burning sensation. Based on how quickly I responded to this probiotic,makes me think U.C. is an overgrowth of bad bacteria. Once that is controlled I stopped bleeding and diarrha etc,etc
      It really was unbelievable.
      Please feel free to contact me If I can be of any help
      Be well

  3. Right you are Lindsay!!

    OMG OMG OMG!!!


    We are onto something here. Why don’t we all just get off the drugs (I know that’s a bold statement) and on the probitics and/or a good diet??? Don’t condemn me to prison for this statement…please…I really believe it.

    I too cured myself…yes, I said it(!) CURED MYSELF, also with an excellent ultimate flora probiotic!!

    When are the doctors going to realize that these drugs are hurting us more than helpingus, if they help at all?? I felt so awful on the UC meds that I was on constantly for the past 13 years! 13 years that I cannot get back!! My hair fell out, my skin was horrible, I’ve aged dramatically because drugs literally suck the life out of you!! Am I pissed off???

    HELL YES!!

    Sorry about all the passion, but you got me going Lindsay! I feel like I’ve lost those last 13 years of my life to being sio sick, and tired. I barely did anything fun, and missed out on alot of things in life. I was so sick at times, all I could do was to spent the day in my sweats. I look back, and it’s really so tragic…

    I am over the moon for you!!! Come on everyone…try it for yourself…please! Put those drug companies where they should be…a little further down on the priority list!!


    1. Hi Bev
      Sorry I have taken so long to respond. I didn’t think I had any commemts. I’m so happy for you now ! Yes …those drugs are horrible…they were killing me and aging me. At my age I don’t need anything to speed up my aging. I think the result I got from the Prbiotic was so dramatic. It seems there is an overgrowth of bad bacteria and once that is controlled we get better. I’m shocked that there are not more doctors that are aware of this. I feel I stumbled onto this. I had tried some other probiotics but they didn’y really work. But when th DR. told me to go back on Prednisone I began sesearching even more. I was not going back on that horrible drug.
      Also I have 1/2 a glass of Keifer every morning. Seems to keep me from getting that burning feeling.
      I wish you all the best and I understand what you went through.
      So glad you figured out a way to feel good naturally. If youwant to contact me ,please feel free.

  4. OH, one more thing…this CURE ( a good 50 billion stength probiotic) costs less than $50 per month. Yep. Not the $400 to $600 that meds cost.

  5. Hello Bev,

    I have had Crohns for decades.

    I have tried many Probiotics, but havent had a cure.

    Could you please tell me of your experiences with the Prosuct, and which one it is and as I live in australia, where can I get it?

    Kind regards,

    Carmen Spence

    1. Hi Carmen…

      What is prosuct? I have never heard of that. I have not taken that.

      I do know that crohn’s is different than UC, though.


  6. Great going, Lindsay, there’s a lot to be said for going natural! I am a 61 year old female, just got off a 6 month flare with not much meds because my body can’t handle the side effects. Side effects from an antifungal drug is what caused my last flare not to mention how bad they are for the liver all because I wanted clear toenails! I’ve always believed in eating healthy. Love the pic of your cat, we have 3 cats! Keep up the good work, it’s good to hear a happy ending! :)

    1. Hey Maggie,

      I am considering taking antifugal supplements, what did you take that have terrible effects on your liver? Do you have any suggestions? I am very concerned about the die-off effects and seeing the drug causes your a flare I am even more concerned. Were you taking prescription antifugal drugs? Have u ever tried candida clear or fungal defense?

      Best for you,


      1. Hi, Lindsy. Some of my email from this site are going into my spam bin! I took a precription for toenail fungus called fluconazol. Thank goodness it cleared it up but I still have gut problems. I’m not in a flare but still get gas and gut pains and yes I take a probiotic and other supplements. I still have a fungal skin infection on top of my foot that I’ve been using a topical anti-fungal for but it’s slow to die. Hope all is going well.

    2. Hi Maggie
      I’m still doing good. I have added 1/2 glass of Keifer to my diet in the AM. But really it’s pretty simple. One in the AM and PM of the probiotic. I eat well but sometimes I have desert or a drink and seem to be fine.
      Glad to here you have 3 cats. I have 2. One is 15 rescue ,I have had her for 8 yrs. and the Bengal is 4yrs. They are such great company.
      Please feel free to email me if you have questions
      All the best

  7. Hi there, great news Bev, I am in Australia and have suffered with UC for 4 long years!
    When first diagnosed I was given high doses of anti inflammatory pills and cortisone….the worst 6 weeks of my life!!!
    Yes it got rid of the flare up but after a few months it came back…..I seeked help from naturopaths From all over the world
    I now found a great naturopath in Melbourne and he has given me high doses of probiotics and other supplements and I feel much better
    I have a flare up at the moment only because I have been eating the wrong food!
    Food is important you need to figure out what foods effect you!
    I am about to start mediclear a meal replacement that has anti inflammatory products in it
    I will let you know how I go!!
    Good luck everyone,

    1. Hi Gina,

      That sounds promising! Yes, please do let us know how that goes for you…I am most intrigued by this meal replacement with anti inflammatoriy properties in it. That may just help alot of sufferers!

      Cheers, and thank you for the words of encouragement. I wish everyone good health as well!

  8. bev, can you tell me what products you have been taking to help cure your colitis?
    im going ok on the mediclear plus only day 4 but it has helped the pain still bleeding and many bathroom runs but getting there..i need to atleast take it for a few weeks to see a change. keep you posted.

  9. i’m so happy you have been able to get remission through something so easy. i know probiotics and diets don’t work for everyone with UC, but i’m glad some can benefit from it.

    1. hi joanna
      thanks for your kind words. i had tried a couple of other probiotics but never got any results.
      this stuff worked well on me..it seemed to really do the job. i aso have a little keifer every morning. if i don’t i’ve noticed that i get a slight burning feeling in my intestine.i also drink lots of water.
      be well

  10. Hi Lindsay, Your story seems like a replica of mine. I am 55 years old and my colitis started when i was 32.It is Garden of life Primal Defense ultra that has put me in remission for over 2 years now.

    1. hi uma
      I’m so happy to hear that. I feel like I’m still in shock at how well I’m doing. This stuff has been an absolute miracle for me. I was in bad shape when I started taking this. But I’m delighted to hear you take as well ! ! It’s rally amazing to say the least. I have tried a couple other probiotics but they didn’t help. The funny thing is when I have told a couple of DRS. they act like it’s no big deal. I guess pushing drugs is pretty profitable for all the players….what a bunch of creeps.
      Also, on a happier note, I take 1/2 glaa of Keifer in the AM and that seems to help alot too. If I forget I notice a little burning feeling in my intestine. Not all the time. There’s lots of probiotics in that as well.
      Thanks for telling me your story. It’s awesome. No one can even imagine what hell is until you have UC. Keep up the good health ! ! !

  11. Well if anyone wants half a bottle of Fungal Defense come get it. I bought them on a special so got 3 in the deal. I had gotten up to the regular dose and after a while I began having severe stomach cramps. I tried to cut back the dose but the cramps didn’t let up. So I stopped them and the cramping stopped. After awhile I decided to try them again but at a small dose. The cramps started again. I recently started again at 1 per day. No cramps but 1 per day is useless.

  12. Wow this seems to be a product to try! How is everyone doing.? I am definitely putting it into the ” must try” list if a bad flare comes back and when I will be off remicade… Which isn’t putting me into total remission.

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