A Full Life of Sickness and Pain

Torie on the beach in Queensland AustraliaIntroduction:

I’m a 46 year old mother of 6,married for 27 years, diagnosed august 2009, living on the good old sunshine filled Gold Coast Queensland Australia. I used to own and ride horses. I bike ride, walk swim and am a carer for adults and children born with intellectual disabilities.

My Symptoms:

I am currently in remission and have been since april/ may 2011. i still get an occasional (monthly maybe) need to rush to the toilet but nothing happens just a little wind or a normal stool. so i think its a memory thing. i do watch my diet immensely, I’m not going back there, i had 30 stools a day, blood, pain, weakness, sleeping on the toilet, experimenting with meds ,natural, diet, acupuncture, anything and everything. 30 grand in debt because of it and just finished paying it off.

My Story:

I was at the end of the line “dreaming” i think when God (or whatever you believe) handed out health or healthy bodies. I got what was left over after everyone else chose the strong, the mighty, the fast and the healthy. I didnt end up with brains either, and my childhood was a lot to be desired by the dead only.
So as we do the ones who have to fight for everything, I got fighting, fighting for my life, my freedom and my rights to be seen as “someone”.
I was born with a dislocated hip which causes some pain even now. I also had massive allergies, so I was on a special diet, until I was put in an orphanage at 18months old because my parents split and they (the orphanage) couldn’t see a reason to feed me special so I started on the diet of the masses: wheat, carbs, milk and sugar (yay).

I stayed there until my mum moved in with my step father who lived up to what bad stepfathers do. I was about 5 then, I had been immunised in the orphanage which I can remember vividly, and again when I got to live with my mum which was another blast to my immune system.
I continued on the crap diet of the masses and by the time i was 8 had started on the Drs and hospital visits with massive pain. No-one knew what was going on, so i just lived with pain my whole life. Never going to a Dr but occasionally hospitalised and morphine was awesome pain relief. but no-one ever investigated.

My life was a roller-coaster of pregnancies and chronic fatigue and pain and glandular fever.

Along the way i met my wonderful caring and loving husband Frank who just picked me up and carried me through all that. including all my emotional ups and downs that go with major health issues.
This brings us to early 2009 id gotten to a stage in my life where we had to move because i had empty nest syndrome with only 3 children left at home and a new life ahead of me,

I couldn’t walk i was so weak. but i found a Dr who slowly diagnosed me with adrenal problems, hashimotos thyroiditis, diabetes, liver failure, kidney failure, fibre cystic breasts, polyps in my gall bladder and if that wasn’t enough i had 2 daughters wedding 6 months apart. she got me on my feet and I slowly started to walk then jog then be a healthy person once more.
AND THEN…….. I broke my ankle jogging, nerves tendons snapped everything, I spent 3 months in a wheel chair and on pain killers, that was enough for my bowel so it said no more, and I then went through the above mentioned pain etc for 17 months. and then the eventual remission.
I am now at this stage facing what i thought would be the fight of my life with the big C yep “CANCER” . but i waited to see the best of the best gyno oncologist,surgeon, professor and he said he had taken out my kind of tumour for 30+ years , weekly and he had only found 2 to be cancerous. phew…
brings me to now… 10 days and counting, the tumour is on my right ovary and is about the size of a golf ball. it secretes a substance that looks like tumour/cancer markers in the blood. so when its out, it will no longer cause me pain, stress or secrete harmful substance into my blood steam.

Where I’d like to be in 1 year:

Pain Free & Disease Free. Owning my own business of positive Cash Flow Real Estate.

Colitis Medications:

Troche 7-Keto Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)

written by Torie

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I can’t do this for long, but my op was 2 1/2 days ago. Recovering well but slowly. My bowel so far has held up to the barrage of drugs and pain killers. Iv kept my perfect diet up. Organic vege juices and organic soups blended. Except for one morning that the nurses wanted me to eat and not vomit but my husband hadn’t bought my food in yet. So at 9am in the morning I succumbed to pressure and ate puffed rice (we call it rice bubbles in Australia) and milk. No nausea so they let me go home. Yay.
The tumour was the size of a large egg and shaped somewhat like one.
I’m not sure how much gas they pumped me full of,but my diaphragm is so painful and my ribs feel like they’re broken. Talking is extremely painful but getting easier.
I got the best case scenario in that it was all done by keyhole surgery or laparoscopy. They took the tumour off my right ovary which wasn’t damaged and photographed and took samples of the rest of my organs spleen, gall, liver, kidneys etc. And also took the lining from in my uterus . They will test all of these for cancer. But so far they said it was all clear. YAY.
So I’m hoping my UC stays tough. At the moment it’s doing really good. But I’m sticking to my diet. I’ll send a photo or two. Torie


This one is the evening before the op.
I was very excited to get the tumour out and the sign in the waiting room said day surgery. Even though they told me I’d be in for days and took me to another section of the hospital, I remained hopeful.

6 thoughts on “A Full Life of Sickness and Pain”

  1. Torie…you are an amazing person. Thank you for sharing your journey and wishing you all the best and good luck and good health. :-) Shelly

  2. Torie-

    That is my daugther’s name but she spells it TORI…..It’s so interesting some of your illnesses…I just had my Thyroid out(april)it was cancer..I’ve had colitis for 27 years, and was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue..All the doctors agreed that was caused by prednisone that I’ve been taking for the last 18 months….

    Your story is amazing and you are a very strong woman..feel free to email me if your want to talk



    1. thanks Julie, sounds like you’ve had it tough too, hang in there.
      its 4 days till i go to hospital. its thursday here at the moment, and i’m booked for monday to operate tuesday.
      i want to come home asap after the op ,as i want to eat like me, not hospital food. i’m already organising organic soups and organic veggie juices (i’m freezing them) for the hospital. so at least i can have something until i can get my bowel moving again.
      i’m so worried that this op will cause my disease to flair up again.
      but at least the tumour wont be there anymore.
      thanks for your comment,

  3. Hi Torie,
    Just saw your update not sure if there was a post, but I saw you had written to someone and checked! Glad I did!
    Hope you are continuing to heal. :-)
    Best, Shelly

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