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9 Years In, 6 Months on SCD


I’m 28 years old and have had U.C. since 2005. I’ve been under treated for my colitis until recently. I’ve been on 6-mp and remicade for the past 5 months, and they work!

Some more about WB:

I’m an avid duck hunter, fisherman, and generally spend my time outside working or playing and away from toilets.


I’m currently in a very mild flare

9 Years In, 6 Months on SCD

I’ve had U.C. for about 9 years. I didn’t take my symptoms very serious until about 2 years ago. My symptoms would come and go up until that point. I had a flare while on vacation in spring of 2013. It was a long time in the making and was never really healed, which lead to a serious flare that left me hospitalized for 5 days.

During the 9 years of U.C. I have been on a huge variety of medicine, but they always seemed to be a step behind my U.C. I would start a new medicine, things would look good for a month or two, then back to square one.

Currently I am on 6-mp and Remicade. I was on 6-mp and the scd before I was hospitalized, and the Remicade was started while I was in the hospital. I think I started the scd too late and to avoid the hospital episode, so I kept on it after I got out.

Once I had been out of the hospital for a week or two my symptoms were in complete remission until a few days ago (about 4 months U.C. free, the longest remission in the entire 9 years!).

When I started feeling symptoms recently, I immediately start to take it easy. I called in sick to work for a couple days which lead me into the weekend. The last time I tried to “tough it out” at work I ended up shitting myself in the middle of the street. Luckily, in my line of work we always carry a full change of clothes, as we often end up soaking wet during the repair of water mains.

I use the SCD simply because it seems logical and has no risk. During flares or when symptoms start to show I stick to it religiously. When I’m feeling happy (not crappy) I cheat occasionally, but I would say %95-%100 of the food I eat is scd legal all the time.

The SCD works. Just knowing what is good and bad is a huge tool. Whether or not you follow all the recipes it is invaluable to be able to read the ingredients of the food you buy and eat to tell whether or not it will hurt you.

I’ve been very luck to have a supportive family of extremely talented Italian cooks, and with some experimentation have found some very tasty completely legal meals!

Thanks for starting this website Adam!

written by WB

submitted in the colitis venting area

Adam iHaveUC guy

Adam Scheuer, founder of

Hey WB,

Great great story buddy WB, and I’m so so happy to hear your having great success with it!

What up with not adding any fishing pictures???

Just kidding, you don’t have to do that.   But glad to hear you are doing well overall, and even more glad to get a feel for your personality and a handle on how you are going about treating your UC.  I just wish more folks would be open minded to your thoughts that “I use the SCD simply because it seems logical and has no risk.”  If that was the case, we’d see a lot less inflammation in this world in my opinion.  Keep it up amigo, and best to you and your family!


2 thoughts on “9 Years In, 6 Months on SCD”

  1. Great post WB,

    It’s all about having whatever ‘tools’ we have in our respective arsenals when things go sideways for sure! That is fabulous.

    Thank you:)

  2. Kyle

    I also have Crohn’s disease and know the pain that it can bring to your life. I have been steady on the SCD now for 5 1/2 months and have been stricted. Honestly, I have not cheated once. I have had the urge too but I have seen the hardships that Crohn’s brings to a healthy 28 year olds life and am not in any hurry to get back to that place.

    Anyways my question for you is, as far as symptoms go things are going very well, normal, solid and regular bathroom habits, however I am still experiencing a tightness in my gut, it’s pain level goes up and down but it is a constant thing. Did you experience anything like this after being on SCD for a period of time? Any recommendations for steps to take for getting rid of it?

    Thanks for your encouragement! Blessings


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