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Hey UC’ers,

What up. OK, so I just took a peak at my youtube account, and noticed that I’ve made over 100 videos in the past several years for the website. That’s an insane amount of youtubing. Since some people initially find iHaveUC through  my videos, I figured it’s time to have a post dedicated to them. So here they are. A crapload of iHaveUC videos.

The order of the videos are from Oldest (at the top of this page) to Newest (at the bottom of this page). Make sure to only watch one video at a time, otherwise you’ll likely be hearing tons of voices and you’ll probably go crazy. As always, I hope you enjoy, and definitely laugh. And for those of you wondering about that vacuum sound in the first video…well my wife Michaela decided to start vacuuming right when I hit record…

Most importantly, don’t freak out if your UC is flaring, the colon knows how to heal, and you’ll always have options.

Ciao for now,


The video above was the very first video I ever created.  This was back when I had just started the SCD diet and was beginning to feel normal once again after so much time dealing with the ups and downs of severe ulcerative colitis.

– Again, I apologize for the vacuum sounds, gotta have a clean place though right…

The video above is all about me making orange juice.  I know there is alot of questions about diet and what people can and can’t eat with their colitis, and yes, depending on which GI doctor you speak with, or which holistic  doctor you talk to, you are bound to get multiple answers to your very same questions on these types of subjects.  But at the end of the day, I drink lots of OJ, and even though this video was recorded well over 2 years ago, my orange juice intake has not decreased, probably the opposite.  I love that stuff.

Alright, if you know me personally, or if you’ve ever been a neighbor or live in the same apartment complex, you’ll know for sure that I get the BBQ (grill for you southerners) going several nights a week.  I get emails from people all the time asking if they can eat “this” or asking if they can eat “that”, and usually what my answers fall back on is something like this.  “I’ve got UC, and I eat this, this and this all the time” or “I’ve got UC and I don’t eat this, this or this”…  The SCD diet has been great for me because it allows me to eat all sorts of BBQ foods which I like, and thankfully my wife does too (most of the time)

Above is another video of me doing some BBQ cooking and showing an example of what I eat to treat my UC.  Also, there is a mini Czech language lesson included for free as my wife is in the middle of a phone call with her friend Petra. (If you know what she’s talking about, you’re way better than me, but please message me if she’s saying anything bad about my cooking:)

Above is a video I shot over the course of a weekend in the fabulous city of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Planet Earth.  I took part in the Crohn’s and Colitis Half Marathon back in 2010 and raised just over $3,400 for the CCFA organization to “help find a cure”.   This was the first annual pilgrimage for me to Vegas, I went again last year in 2011 and I will be going again this year in 2012.  Who wants to join???  So far it looks like two fine ladies will be probably making it with me from the site, but there’s got to be more of you?  I’ll be putting together a posting soon about this, as it would be a great way to meet up with some of you all!  Michelle G, it was fabtabulous meeting up with you and your family there last year, and congrats again for raising over $7,000 for the cause!! Way impressive.

The video above is about me talking about a Colitis Flare that I was experiencing and also I talk about some of the associated back pains that are often present with colitis patients during active UC symptoms.  I’m pretty happy that I was able to contain the flare up without it getting out of control, and again much of that was done with the help of the foods that I make for myself daily.

The video above was the first ever interview for iHaveUC and it couldn’t have happened with a more relevant person for all of us to learn from.  Les who I know consider a friend, is one of the world’s leading microbiologists who works out of the Microbiology & Immunology departments at Stanford University.  But what’s super cool about him, is that he specifically studies GUT BACTERIA.  That’s right, the stuff that is at the heart of so much of the current research within the field of the digestive system.  He’s a full on expert, and WAY smarter than I’ll ever be.  And beyond all that, he’s a super cool guy, and I was so happy that he was willing to meet with me and share some of his knowledge.  Here is a link to the rest of the interview/learning session https://www.ihaveuc.com/gut-bacteria-part-2/

The video above is from this post is about how I stop symptoms when I see them starting up.  This video was recorded a while back, and I’ve changed up some of my protocol, but the basis on things is still the same.

This video above I shot during a family vacation down to Mexico in December ’11 and early Jan ’12.  I am pretty sure it is the first time a Mariachi music amigo made his debut on an ulcerative colitis video/website…but maybe i’m wrong about that. Even though you have UC, you can still for sure enjoy a vacation or two.


Alright, that’s a few videos, if you all like the videos, let me know via a comment and I’ll post up some more like this.



3 thoughts on “8 Ulcerative Colitis Videos”

  1. Good stuff!! Keep reelin out those videos sir!
    May I add that you get a chiefs hat similar to chief from South Park, except yours say I have UC on it… haha.
    But on a serious note, who here nominates Adam to get a shot to cook a SCD meal on one of the big time shows like Iron Chief, or The doctors, or the chew. I mean they always got these rookies cooking meals, no reason whu Adam couldn’t be on their, I bet you could make a mean Oamlet, SCD syleee!
    Lets make it happen UC’ers!!!
    Johhny Drama

    1. What up JD,

      How about you and I get together someday and do the first annual UC’er CookOff competition with a whole bunch of others tasting whatever we crank out!!

      Talk to you soon,

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