7 Factors I Think Lead to My UC

jesse with ulcerative colitis

I'm Jesse


Hi everyone! My name is Jesse. I am a female born in 1978. In January 2012, I was diagnosed with UC. So I have started the GAPS diet. I will post info here for you all that I find helpful. Good Luck!

My Colitis Experience:

Hi everyone! My name is Jesse and I’m a 33 year old female who has just been diagnosed with UC (January 2012). For the entire month of December 2011, I had blood and mucus in my stool. It was the only sign I had that something was wrong. My P.A. referred to a GI specialist. He performed a colonoscopy and diagnosed me with UC. My husband and I have been following a very healthy and nourishing diet based on the research of Sally Fallon and Weston A. Price for about a year and a half prior to the diagnosis. I feel that our way of eating may have helped alleviate some symptoms (as in I have yet to experience constant diarrhea or pain of any sort just blood in stool and I was only going 2-3 times a day). I don’t know if the healthy diet leading up to it may be why I have had so few symptoms or maybe I’m just one of the “luckier ones”. I just started the GAPS diet in hopes of continued and long term healing (eliminating all sugars, starches and grains and up’ed my intake of bone broth, fermented foods, and probiotic supplements). I have decided to forgo all prescription medications from my GI Dr. Based on the research I’ve done, here are my list of reasons why I think I have UC. Do any of these apply to you?

  1. Was not breastfed as an infant (breast milk being the main source of beneficial bacteria/probiotics for an infant. Formula doesn’t contain probiotics).
  2. Received all of the childhood vaccinations (which contributes to the die off of beneficial bacteria in the gut)
  3. Ate mainly processed foods (again, does not nourish beneficial bacteria but feeds the bad bacteria with preservatives and sugars leading to “leaky gut”)
  4. Had bad acne (a sign of gut imbalance and “leaky gut”)
  5. Was prescribed and took antibiotics for acne for many years. It was never suggested that I take a probiotic along with the antibiotic, so I was essentially killing not just the bad bacteria but the beneficial as well. Thanks a lot modern medicine.
  6. Was on the birth control pill for 10 years. Again, the same story. BC pills contribute to the negative balance of gut flora.
  7. In college, I partied. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

Put it all together and it sounds like a winning UC diagnosis to me. I know I don’t have any references listed, but given the research I’ve done, these are my conclusions. I’m hoping the GAPS diet will work and I truly believe that it will. My husband and I want to have a child and I would hate for our unborn to be brought into this world with an unbalanced gut b/c of me (the first bacteria to populate in a child’s gut comes from the mothers birth canal, given the birth is vaginal) or something worse. And so the journey begins!

p.s. I feel like everyone should take a moment and read this article. I do believe there are many modern lifestyle factors contributing to the rise in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases…vaccinations, antibiotics, processed foods, etc. Please check this article out… http://chetday.com/squattingtoilet.htm , I’m now going to ask the hubbie to build us a squatting platform to fit on top of the “throne”, due to my recent diagnosed of uc. I’m just looking for any and everything I can do on my own that will help me heal. Good luck! Adam, if this works, which I don’t see why it wouldn’t, you might want to consider changing your logo pic to a circle of squatters :)
Good luck everyone!

Colitis Medications:

Dr. prescribed an anti-inflammatory supository to be taken every night
written by Jesse
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17 thoughts on “7 Factors I Think Lead to My UC”

  1. Hi Jesse. I read your theories and your link and then followed more links and did more reading on squatting. This is all conjecture and of anecdotal evidence. I think it is a huge leap to think that regular sitting really does any harm. I know many people who sit and do not have UC. Probably most :). Now for UCers more time is spent on the throne hence hemeroids, but I think that would be the worst case and maybe added to that – a sore bum of medical side effects.. Before UC I spent maybe 10 min a day on the throne. I can not see how that would bring up any sort of medical problems. Sorry, I’m just not with you there. I am glad that you only have minor effects of UC and I hope that they stay that way or get better for you. But there is no way I’ll be caught squatting on a platform over my throne.


  2. Hi Jesse…whoa!

    I have all but the last two factors on your list! I never correlated the breatsfeeding (or lack thereof), or the chilhood immunizations…but the ance, and the four courses of accutane that I took…well, that’s me all over! I am absolutely CONVINCED that the reason I have UC is because of the accutane. I knew nothing about good gut flora and probiotics back then, and, of course, the doctors do not inform you about all of that.

    I was never on the birth control pill, and I have never been drunk or done any recrational drugs in my life…so I’m not sure about those two things. Alot of people drink like fish, ann none of the ones that I know have UC.

    The breastfeeding (I wasn’t, but alot of my friends weren’t either, and they don’t have UC) and childhood vaccines I can’t be sure of either, because alot of us had them, and, well, I am the only one in my wide circle of friends that has this stupid disease.

    So, I have narrowed down your list to two for sure…altho the acne itself is probably okay if you just leave it alone(we should not try and change our own body flora)…just don’t try and get rid of the acne by taking drugs!!! For the love of pete…all doctors have to do is google accutane and UC, and it is ALL there in plain english. Also, anitibiotics to ‘treat’ acne…same thing! Read up on MINOCIN, a commonly prescribed antibiotic for acne. Unbelievable what doctors prescribe us to put into our bodies…and now, we’re on a whole other batch of drugs for our UC, and god only knows what they are going to do to us long term! Sheesh…

    Cheers, and thanks for the insight,
    A friend in UC,

  3. Some of us were born with a propensity to have colitis or other autoimmune disorders and it’s very probable that some of the factors you mentioned helped it along. Our bodies are meant to be pure and we’re born of parents who probably didn’t eat a pure diet–it’s hard to do in this day and age. Probably a huge offender is eating wheat or gluten-containing grains. Wheat was being altered back in the 1800’s. Stay gluten-free and eat as healthy and pure as possible. It’s interesting the possible causes people list as to the reasons why we get colitis. Blood type O’s are more susceptable to colitis. What blood type are you? Good luck, Jesse.

    1. Very good insight Maggie. I agree. Environmental factors on top of a propensity…a definite cocktail for UC.

      I took accutane, and for me, it caused my UC. I am absolutely sure of that. I most likely had a tendency toward autoimmune disorders. Any drug that I take seems to affect me more than it does others.


    2. Bev, I actually took two rounds of accutane (spaced about 10 years apart) and many rounds of antibiotics before that. I just wish that mainstream medicine would take more time in determining the root cause of an illness vs. masking symptoms with medication. It is this reason that lead me to self heal my UC with the GAPS diet. I’m starting my 3rd week on the diet and stopped bleeding 7 days ago. So far so good!

      Maggie, My blood type is B+

  4. My husband was on accutane too. He had severe cystic acne with scars. He is also a cancer (testicular) survivor who had chemo for mAny months. Talk about screwing up the immune system!!!

    1. Wow, Kathy, well said!!

      Our poor bodies can’t take all of these harsh drugs, yet we are sold on them by our trusted doctors and specialists. It’s sad, really. As just regular people, we believe and trust in the so called proffessionals. I don’t anymore…


      1. Bev, it is sad to admitted, but I don’t trust the majority of the medical professions either. I am a firm believer that good health can be obtained through diet and lifestyle. Dr’s make a lot more money perscribing drugs

        1. I could NOT agree with you more!! I have truly lost my faith in medicine. We must cure and heal ourselves through lifestyle absolutely, and stop masking our symptoms with poisonous drugs. I am almost positive that the cure for UC is to have those fecal transplants, where good fecal bacteria is put back into the colon. Natural…not poison!

          Exactly, Jesse! Excatly…medicine and drug companies do not want any of this to happen, because we won’t ‘need’ them anymore…


  5. I have experienced all the factors you have listed except for the birth control since I’m a guy. In fact, I’ll go as far as say that I firmly believe my UC is a direct side effect of taking the acne medication “Accutane” when I was younger. I’m 22 and took that drug when I was around 13-14. For the usual 6 months of taking the drug I don’t even remember getting so much as dry lips. Years later I’m diagnosed with UC despite having no risk factors for the disease. So let’s see, no risk factors and I took a drug which several studies have linked to IBD. And my Dr wonders why I’m apprehensive with taking medication for a long period of time.

    1. OMG Hector!!

      Exactly! My doctor is actually upset that I would even think that taking four courses af accutane could ever have caused my UC!! He is now trying to tell me that I should take imuran and remicade, that they are tried and true drugs in the treatment of UC. When I asked him what they were, me told me ‘poison’, but that it will work.

      Unbelievable…oh, by the way…I had no other ‘risk’ factors either…imagine that…


  6. I had UC since December 2008 but really began to notice it January 2009. I had the same problem you had in 1, 2, 3 adn 4. But I was breast fed a little.
    I read about the chances of a baby having UC due to the parent having it and its not much but in Crohns its more likely.
    Guess it boils down to nutrient.
    The most powerful over the counter crap I took for acne was Proactive. Currently so far I haven’t had a pimple on my face for a little over a month. First time since I was 13 and I’m 28 now.
    And I didn’t have pain in my stomach until Jan 2009.
    Doctors practice medicine!

  7. Hi, Jesse!

    Thanks so much for sharing your story. I’m so excited that you’ve gone straight to the GAPS diet to treat your UC. This is the kind of thing I dream of- I long for the spread of this kind of shift in consciousness that you’ve been blessed to discover! You see, I had severe Crohn’s disease for many years and healed completely on the GAPS diet protocol. You can read my story here:


    In 7 months, I was completely symptom-free. I have now been completely healed and medication free for over a year now. I cannot stress enough that this is a disease that lies in healing and correcting the ecology in the gut! The HOW of that may differ slightly for people but the key is in finding a way to do it. These days, I can tolerate “illegal” foods in moderation just fine. I eat a healthy diet as often as possible (a combination of GAPS/BED/WAPF). Basically, I listen to my body and feed it accordingly.

    I also think your assessment as to how you developed UC is spot on. All of those factors are a recipe for disaster. In retrospect, I have my own little recipe that I know led to me getting Crohn’s.

    So, I just want to offer you encouragement and let you know you are on an excellent path! I wish you all the best in your healing journey. I hope it doesn’t take long…


    Tara Rosas

    1. Thank you Tara!
      I hear a lot about the different medications here on the site but knew they where not going to be my perferred form of treatment. After being on the GAPS diet for only 2 weeks, my bleeding stopped and has yet to return. So happy the diet has worked for you as well. I’m still working up to “my” theraputic probiotic dose, as I experienced what I assumed to be the die-off symptoms which were fatigue and slight headaches. When I lowered the probiotic dose, they went away so I’ll build them up slower this time. Thank you for your encouraging words! It means so much!

  8. Hi Jesse,
    Thanks so much for sharing your story. I was diagnosed in December 2011. I am still trying to get use to the diagnoses. I am seeing a Naturopathic Dr. and she has me on an anti-imflammatory diet and is about to switch me over to the GAPS diet. I agree with you on reasons you may have UC. I believe we have a lot in common. I would love to be Facebook friends with you or keep in touch somehow. I was hospitalized in December due to high fever. I had a blood transfusion and was in ICU. I was very sick. So I am currently taking prednisone and asacol. I have been studying natural health for many years. I am currently working towards my wellness degree. I am not happy to be taking pharmaceuticals, but my flare was so bad I had to do something to stabalize myself. My doctor is saying they would like to try Remicade on me if I flare when I taper of my prednisone. I am nervous about this because I do not want to take Remicade. I am on 20 mg of prednisone now tapering off 5 mgs a week. My Naturopahtic Dr. is thinking I probably will not need Remicade and thinking I will go into remission with diet and natural supplments.

    Again, thank you for sharing your story. As I wean off the prednisone I am getting a little emotional. I was crying tonight and decided maybe I should read Happy Stories. It really cheered me up to read your story :))

  9. I had taken doxycycline in Aug for acne.. only took it about a week because it gave me diarrhea. I started having blood and mucous in Nov. Continued to get worse. In Jan spent a week in the hospital and almost lost my colon. I had c diff. Antibiotic related. And had also developed uc. I now have remecade every 8 weeks… It’s been 3 yrs now. I’m doing great. I watch what I eat extremely close. UC is something I deal with daily. But very thankful I still have a colon. BUT PLEASE PEOPLE DON’T TAKE ANTIBIOTICS — USE LIGHTLY. IT CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS. MY UC is all because I took an antibiotic… So I do agree some what with the causes of it.

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