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5 Years with Colitis, No to Prednisone, Hello to SCD

I was Diagnosed with UC 5 years ago. I work at sea on old wooden boats and was a week away from land when the symptoms that we all are familiar with started. Sailing is very physically demanding and as the week went on, I couldn’t eat, had severe stomach ache and was passing basically nothing but blood. When we got to land and i Walked (I was mad, I could hardly stand up) to the ER, they discovered i’d lost 3 pints of blood. After all the tests they told me i had UC. I am British but was sailing on holiday in the States with no health insurance so I had to get out of the hospital because of the cost. They had put me on a clear liquids diet and as they discharged me they gave me a glass of milk and a prescription for a course of Prednison, no guidance about food or the future. Once back home, and with symptoms returning after the initial course, my own doctor put me on Pred for the forseable future. Over time I have taken azathioprine, Asacol, Predfoam etc. I have nearly always been a vegetarian but through experimenting with food i came to the conclusion that being vegan worked best. For 3 years of meds and being vegan I went symptom free (Mostly) But i hated being on the meds, so came off them, with success for 2 months.
I travel alot and have been traveling for 5 month non stop now. For 4 of those i have been experiencing symptoms which went from bad to worse, at times i have been unable to get out of bed, was eating nothing but soft foods like rice and potatoes etc. Being vegan went out the window because i wasn’t able to eat vegetables and wasn’t getting any nutrients, I started eating fish and eggs and some dairy. 3 weeks ago i decided to see a gastro even though once again i am in the States with no insurance! He wanted me to go on pred again, but i refuse to do so, of all the meds i hate that one the most!!!! evil evil stuff. So instead he gave me Lialda, possibly the most expensive meds in the world?! Nothing at all changed, I am mostly very nervous to leave the house because of urgency issues, when i do, i am calculating all the spots i can use the bathroom at if i need to.
A week ago whilst on the net, I found info on the SCD Diet and immediately adapted to it (this wasn’t extremely dramatic for me, so i didn’t do the usual starter diet, I experimented with what i could tolerate.) I am on day 5 and have just started to see some difference (i hope), I pray it is going to aid my way back to remission with out having to take more drugs once i get home to England.

2 thoughts on “5 Years with Colitis, No to Prednisone, Hello to SCD”

  1. Hello,
    I am so sorry that you have gone through such hell. I have been through my own hell with UC as well, but have found that the SCD Diet has been helping a lot! I have been very strict with it…it has been very hard to do but worth it in the end. I am still on Pred and Asacol and doing Remicade, but working on getting off the Pred and Asacol soon.
    I wish you the best! And stick with the Diet…it will help!

  2. Thanks Michelle,
    I am doing my best to be very rigid with the diet and traveling on it has proved to be tricky this week when i went on a trip across country (by plane) I was good! though i realized quickly the need to plan ahead properly. I also find i am hungry a lot, do you have any advice??

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