How is Your Poop Count – Once or Twice a Day?

Hey UC’ers, What is UP?

I hope you are all excited that we’ve got a weekend coming real soon, should be some relaxing for some of us right?:)

the place we're staying has a but cleaner(or most call them "bidets"), sweet right!

the place we’re staying has a but cleaner(or most call them “bidets”), sweet right!

Things are going pretty good right now UC wise and I wanted to explain.  I’m pretty sure some of my thinking can help some others with UC who are struggling at the moment and not sure which way to turn.  It was only five years ago that I was in that situation.

Settling into a New Routine

You see, a few weeks ago (I think it was September 8th), I found myself in a completely new routine.  I started going back to school again for the first time in nearly 15 years, and I was a bit nervous that this sudden lifestyle change may affect my UC.  I didn’t know if my body could handle sitting at a desk for the first 5 hours of the day, without being able to walk around.  Might sound crazy, but hey…all the UC’ers have lost a few screws along the way right?

So, it’s been 3 weeks of school.  Here’s the daily schedule:

  • 9:00 – 10:30 – lesson #1
  • 10:50-12:20 – lesson #2
  • 12:40-13:25 – lesson #3

It’s probably not as hardcore as some of you who are in school, but it’s a new schedule none the less.  I’m waking up at 6:00 in the morning.  Making my breakfast smoothie, having a cup of ginger tea(with honey and lemon).  And then heading out the door.  Of course, several days a week I’m finalizing my homework that sometimes I don’t get to the night before…But that’s how my day starts. You can watch my video about that here if you want to see exactly how I’m doing them now- smoothie video.

Half the days I drop a poop before going out the door, the other half I poop when I get home or later at night.

Getting my czech homework done on the couch.

Getting my czech homework done on the couch.

How about Lunch…?

Eating during the day is something we all deal with somehow.  Hopefully not too many avoid it completely.  I know what its like to be next to others and to hear your stomach growling because its hungry.  I think I might have scared a classmate with those sounds the first week.

So my fix for making sure I get a snack or a meal while at school, is to pack a meal.  Sure, there’s a vending machine that sells all sorts of crap food I could hit up.  But every single thing in there is not part of my diet.  Snickers candy bars, chips that have who knows what in them, Chocolate Chip cookies, you know the stuff I’m talking about.  Let’s not leave out the M&M Peanuts…(Been 5 plus years since I chowed those guys…used to demolish a bag in about twenty-five seconds:)

Nope, not playing with any of that crap, and I’d suggest you don’t either.  You can do better than that, and your crapper is going to be much happier too.

It’s nothing really too new for me.  I just forgot how easy it was to make.  And I’m talking about a meal that’s healthy, filled with some high quality protein, and will fill you up.  Oh, lets get real, it only takes about 5 minutes to make in the morning.(not including cooking time of the meat which you can do one day and last thru the next few days:).

Yeah, I’m busting some super bomber chicken salads once again for lunch.  Had them all week, and real happy about that too.

What’s the Poop Count?

  • Monday – 1 poop in morning, 1 poop in evening (morning smoothie, chix salad, and Misa made meatloaf for dinner with veggies)
  • Tuesday – 1 poop in afternoon (smoothie in morn, chix salad, and have forgotten what we had for dinner)
  • Wednesday – 1 poop in afternoon (smoothie in morning, chix salad for lunch, and we made some awesome Salmon for dinner)
  • Thursday – 1 poop in evening (smoothie for breakfast, chix salad for lunch, and we had a squash soup and some more BBQ chicken for dinner)
  • Friday (Today) – no poops yet and its 5pm right now(Prague time).  (smoothie this morning, chix salad- best one of the week too:), and might go out and have a kebab from my Turkish kebab guy down the street.  He does some nice chicken along with cabbage, and some other greens.  He knows not to throw me the tasty bread, and I only take a tad bit of the yogurt dressing.

So do the math.  I think I’m doing pretty good with keeping the toilet paper use down.  Heck, I think my wife might even be using more than me at this point..:))HAHA right!  Come on though, that’s something we can all shoot for right?

If your poop count is way different, OK, that can change, don’t get discouraged.  Are you eating similar to me?  I should throw in, I haven’t had a coffee in three weeks either, straight ginger teas, or apple cider teas, or water, or vodka on the rocks(only a few per week of those).

Does Eating the Same Stuff Get Boring?

To an outsider, or someone who has never been on a diet before, you might think my meals seem boring.  I think those folks are missing something.  And Louisa, the super super super nice Swedish girl who sits next to me in class would disagree with you too.  She also makes her own lunch each day, and we often eat together between classes.  I’m no executive chef or anything, but she’s been getting pretty excited when I answer her question of, “What’s in your salad today Adam?”…

Like today for example, I told her I had:

  1. BBQ chicken with curry and italian seasoning spices(salt and pepper was part of the chicken’s spicing as well).
  2. Redish green lettuce.
  3. I threw on some cherry tomatoes(cut in halves to look nice)
  4. some cucumber slices,
  5. some red onion(sliced real thin),
  6. a full avocado diced up,
  7. And since today was Friday, I also added some sliced of a redish-green apple I found at the market the day before.   Yum right!  Dressing…oh yeah, simple.
  8. A tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil(extra virgin Graham)
  9. and about the same of apple cider vinegar.  Mix it all up in the tupperware, turn the pepper grinder a few times and toss in a bit of salt and I was set.

She was impressed.  I was impressed too.

chicken salad before tossing

here’s what my salads have been looking like right before a quick tossing and right before putting in the tuperware for safe storage until lunchtime…

I’ve been anti-apple for so long, but that’s changing again.  A good change of heart too.  It’s tasty stuff.  And if you put in a decent amount of chicken, say a half pound or more, along with the avocado, and extra virgin olive oil, you can get a decent amount of calories to get you through the day.

Give it a try.  And believe me.  There’s so many different combinations of ways to get creative with salads the list could go on forever.  You like steak…no prob.  You like fish…perfect.  The list goes on and on.  As you can see, I’m not a vegetarian in the least, so I don’t have many ideas for those of you there since I don’t eat soy, and some other stuff that vegetarians often eat.  Some of things are no good for UC in my opinion, so I stay far away.

Why No Grains

I don’t eat grains.  Gluten or no gluten, it doesn’t matter.  The reason why is because many UC’ers simply can’t process grains along with many other carbohydrates properly.  And this leads to the immune system kicking in and things potentially getting ugly.  It’s all about gut bacteria.

If I was able to eat bread, or bagels, or toast, HECK YEAH I’d be chowing that stuff in the morning, and probably making a super bomb sandwich for lunch everyday.  Or running across the street and picking up a piece of pizza to go.  I CAN’T LIE.  That’s what I’d be doing.

But I can’t. 

That food has proven one too many times to send me into a UC flare, and I’m not willing to deal with a UC flare again.  It would be nice to have, for sure.  But what I’m making for lunch these days, along with breakfast and dinners is working just fine.  And since next week will be my 6 year anniversary of being diagnosed with UC, I surely don’t want to be feeling like I was six years ago.  I was on the bed, sometimes the couch, and mostly the toilet dropping bloody bombers down the drain all day and night.  Killing whales was a daily event in the toilet bowl, and that is absolutely not worth a few grains and refined sugars getting into my mouth.

Let’s Wrap this Up with a Timeline

  1. Oct. 2 2008 I was diagnosed with UC
  2. For the next 10 months I was started on Prednisone, Asacol, Colazal, Sulfasalazine, Remicade, Humira, and some Enemas
  3. I was getting ready for surgery in August 2009 when things changed
  4. I met someone else who treated their UC with diet and I gave it a try
  5. Within days, I saw things a changing for the better…FINALLY:)
  6. Within a few months I was medication free
  7. I’m 5 years now of doing the diet thing for my UC and couldn’t be happier
  8. UC really isn’t the end of the world
  9. And, I haven’t had the honor of pooping at my new school yet

Have a great weekend UC’ers, and if you have a special salad idea, let’s hear about it!

-Adam Scheuer


** also, just because I don’t take medication surely doesn’t mean that medications don’t help others.  I’ve met hundreds of UC’ers who are most certainly getting benefits from meds.  But, at the same time, I know there are tons of UC’ers who aren’t really getting much benefit from their meds, and for those folks, that’s unfortunate.  Maybe go and read through this post again if you’re still scratching your head.  Or go to the site map and check out the 2500 plus stories from others who are dealing with UC in different ways.

***And if you are a UC’er, definitely go and do one thing early and often.  Make sure the family and friends who support you and help you out with your UC know how much you appreciate their support.  Some of the very best things that can come along with UC is finding out who you can count on when medical craziness strikes.  And hopefully you’ll be there for them as well when they need you.

20 thoughts on “How is Your Poop Count – Once or Twice a Day?”

  1. I wish I could have a salad! That and fruit is what I miss the most (I only eat bananas). I am on Pentasa and even with that I get the occasional pain, and I do watch my diet. As far as pooping is concerned I usually go once a day (in the morning) so I consider myself quite lucky.

  2. Wow, Adam…I feel like I’ve gone through your whole daily life with you!! It was kinda fun to live vicariously through you, my friend.



  3. Hi Adam,

    Good to hear about your new experiences and how you prepared for this change, I can only compare it to going on holiday and the uncertainty that presents. Your commitment to the cause is always appreciated by the way.

    I now keep a mental BM diary and double dose on the good stuff if I think the 1 a day isn’t on its way. Love the daily smoothies too and have been adding home made Kefir which I’m sure is helping. A very kind lady I follow on Twitter sent the grains to me! Finally a Probiotic that doesn’t block me, have any of you tried this?

    1. Great to hear Graham!

      I haven’t tried the home-made kefir, only some store bought stuff which I didn’t particularly like. But sounds like you’ve found a winner! I put in a tiny bit of sauerkraut juice for probiotics sometimes, just a little otherwise the rank stank of that can take over the smoothie:))

      keep it up graham, take care, adam

  4. Those are some good poop counts, Adam. I am in the toilet 6-8/day right now – had a big flare up a month ago – had to do the prednisone thing and things are somewhat back under control – surgery in two weeks!

    best wishes,

    1. Hey Paul,
      Been thinking about you and your upcoming surgery. Thanks for the update, and best of luck with a speedy recovery and many a karate chops afterwards:)
      best to you and your fam,

  5. Yay, Adam! Congrats on going back to school and all the excitement in your life. Your salads look amazing – as you know, I also believe that diet holds the key to healing UC and that’s what makes the biggest difference to me.

    Every once in a while I get crazy and think I can add in small amounts of beans or rice and quickly regret it. When you have your vodka, do you have a grain-free one that you like? I had been on a little gin kick and never felt right – what do you know, it actually has gluten! Yikes. Back on the wine train – and getting excited for our first trip to Napa next month! :) Thanks for this site and have a terrific weekend!

  6. Yeah for you Adam, for testing yourself!
    It would be so easy to not take a step forward, given our unpredictable condition…
    I live in San Diego and and planned a trip to NY six months ago.
    As the time got closer to leaving, I got so scared and stressed out,that I think I made myself worse! Blood, diarehea, cramps
    About a week before I left, I almost stopped eating any food other than bananas and yogurt.
    And then I said to myself “hey wait one minute here! I’m going, and that’s that!”
    I settled down a little, gathered my meds, my emergency diaper( in case), my other stuff.
    Between layovers and travel time it was a 10 hour journey and I made it!
    My husband was waiting at the other end to pick me up at the airport in the beautiful Hudson Valley in Ny. He was there ahead of me having met up with his golf buddies prior to my getting here.
    On the plane I brought squeezable sugar free apple sauce, one banana, and my good ole Kaopectate.
    I have been here a week and been so careful.
    I was able to go pumpkin picking, hiking, visiting historic sites . Next week NYC to pay our respect to the 9-11 victims.
    I guess the mind can be a powerful tool.
    I’m not saying always, but for this one time for now, I’m good! 3 more weeks to go
    Can’t get cocky though! For one minute I thought I was one of “them” instead of “one of us”. I ate two KitKat bars out of someone’s Halloween bowl and paid the price! For me, the “kiss of possible flare” , MY BAD!
    Oh, and thanks to Beth for that probiotic advise. I believe it really helped.
    Good luck Adam!

  7. Hey Adam, how do you eat tomatoes without having a gas problem? Also my poop count is 4-5 a day, is that normal for a UC patient? It becomes a problem when I’m at work though

    1. Hi Nicole,
      Yes, I do eat tomatoes, probably 2-3 times per week on average with salads and sometimes just a few slices on the plate with meals. As for poop count of 4-5/day, there is for sure many UC’ers who are right there with you. So on one hand I think that is normal for people who have been diagnosed with UC, but it is also possible to bring that down to a much smaller number so you’re not so inconvenienced with the several times per day interruptions of having to head off to the bathroom.

  8. Hey Adam,

    Nicely done on the poop count. Very impressed and I’m also hoping I can get back to eating salads one day. At the moment the high-fibre stuff is a big no no. The last time I even tried nice leafy baby spinach (cooked) it went straight through me. I’m currently living off omlettes, carrots, pumpkin, zucchini, chicken, fish and cheese. With some bananas, pears (both cooked), fresh ginger tea and some sneaky black coffee too. Not a lot of variety unfortunately, but sometimes boring is best! And avoiding gluten as much as possible too.

    I’m currently travelling (3 weeks left out of our 6 month adventure) so being in control of food has been difficult. I’m looking forward to heading home and getting stricter on SCD – with more variety. UC has been getting me up at night lately, which is becoming normal (not good). But I think the stresses of travel have shaken me up a bit – I’m sure UC will settle one I’m back in Australia.

    Any tips for getting a better sleep at night without letting UC wake me up? Eg easier meals to digest at night? Or ginger tea?

    1. MJ,

      I think you’re making some very smart moves with what you’re currently eating. I would throw out the cheese for now until you are totally under control as that is a known trouble-maker for us UC’ers when symptoms are present. Otherwise, I think what you’re eating is very similar to what I’d be up to on the road. As for getting better sleep at night, I’d be interested to know what it is exactly that is getting you up. Is it cramping that’s waking you? Needing to take a poop? Lower back pains/aches…joint stuff? Are you sweating at night? Do you need to just get up and take a piss?(If that’s the case, and I’ve had that on and off for years…stop drinking so much liquids so late at night…pretty simple.) But I really think the foods you are talking about above minus the cheese shouldn’t be too hard to handle. Maybe just go down to only chicken one night as a test to see how that treats you.


  9. Hey Adam,

    Thanks for your suggestions – I’ve given up cheese & coffee and will see if that helps. Will also try just chicken for dinner, that’s a great idea.

    I’ve been getting up at night for colitis (poop) the pain isn’t bad, just the urgency! Last night I went at least 2/3 times.

    My colitis had been flarey the last few weeks, but really stepped it up a notch in the last couple days (bleeding again). But I now know why – I went to the dermatologist today and it turns out I have scabies! (super-creepy, right? and the itching drives me insane.) I picked them up traveling. Brazil? Europe? Who knows… I’ve got meds for scabies now so hopefully as that settles down, so will the colitis.

    The joys of having an auto-immune disease! As soon as I get a cold/flu/something, colitis joins the party.

  10. Hi Adam,

    It’s somewhat funny, because I also started school for a new job for a month now and I understand exactly what you’re going through. I was 100% ok, but this new school thing and new routine (waking up at 7AM and whatnot. It used to be 12 Pm *sigh*) affected my colitis. And oh, that vending machine is killing me. I don’t do the SCD, but I try to eat healthy and avoid extreme stuff like snickers or other nasty stuff. I also started drinking coffee on a daily basis for the first time in my life.

    It sucked, I started having the pains again, bad diarrhea, 3-4 time/day to the can. Turns out it was mainly the coffee. I stopped and am getting better (2 bathroom trips atm), but the stress is still there. Just sharing my 2 cents :)

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