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5 Step Stuffed Mushrooms

This was last night’s meal.   I was trying to duplicate the spectacular mushrooms that Klara made up for Misa and I a few weeks ago when we visited her.

What I really like about foods like this is that not only does it work well for my colitis, but you can change it up on the spicing as you like.  Salt, pepper and whatever else sounds good for you are pretty much the only rules.  Heck, you can even do some different variations by making some separate meat fillers for the same meal to change things up.  It’s really up to you.


(for 6 large mushrooms – so adjust quanities accordingly)

– 1/2 pound of ground beef (250 grams for the metric folks)

– 1/4 diced onion (optional for the non onion fans like Misa:(

– healthy pinch of salt

– smaller healthy pinch of pepper

– pinch of oregano

– pinch of thyme

– if you have other spices you’d like to use….GO FOR IT

– (heck, I’ve heard rumors that Klara put in an egg into the stuffing..:)


Put all the ingredients into a bowl, and then mix together with your hand.  Peel the mushrooms and stuff them with your meat stuffing.  Place on bbq grill or in oven.  I’m going to guess the oven temp should be about 400 degrees f, or medium heat on the grill.  And that’s pretty much the deal.  You may need to cut through one mushroom to see if the meat is cooked the way you like, but give yourself a good half hour of cook time.  If the heat is going to strong the the grill, turn it down a bit or take the lid off.  Low and slow is a better method to cook these compared to super hot and quick.

So have fun, and if you’re having a good time cooking meals for yourself, your family and especially for your colitis, then rock on, and this videos for you!

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Adam Scheuer

founder of, diagnosed almost 6 years ago still rocking it hard (hard poops that is:)

PS:  If you’re in the middle of severe UC symptoms, I would not make this meal, in-fact I’d avoid mushrooms until things improved.  Better would be to watch my colitis beat down video where I talk about much more basic eating while in flares.

PSS: I control my UC without the use of medications.  Diet and stress reduction has been unfriggin believably huge for me and my UC for years now.  You can learn more about me in the “about me” section of the site if you’d like.

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