24 Year Old with UC on 6mp – YESTERDAY Just Found Out I’m Pregnant!

6mp while pregnant

I just found out yesterday!


24 year old with UC on 6mp, prednisone, asacol, and remicade and just today march 8, 2012 found out that I am PREGNANT. Worried some about being on the 6mp

Pregnant While Taking 6-MP

A little about my Ulcerative Colitis background…..
Hello my name is Kelli and I have had UC for going on 11 years now (I’ve been on asacol the entire time), I was diagnosed back when I was 13 and have dealt with this for so long but i do believe I have had it on the easier side.  All that time I have only been admitted into the hospital once and my stomach rarely hurts unless I’m using the restroom. I do have that GOTTA GO FEELING from time to time and on occasion didn’t make it.

Quite embarrassing as I’m sure you know

I have had my last scope done back in I believe October of 2011 and was told that my left side of my intestine is affected more so than the right. I have been experiencing a flare up since MAY 2011 and for the first few months was on Entocort then when I changed doctors (october) was switched from entocort to predinsone and started taking 6-MP. I was also put on remicade since the prednisone was not working for me as much and the dr would have liked. (said i was steroid dependent) I have recently been tappered down to 10mg of prednisone and next week will go for my third infusion of remicade. Which so far has not been that bad, it seems to be helping but I guess time will only tell.

I just found out yesterday 3/8/12

That I am pregnant

and am still on 10mg predinsone,

50mg 6MP, 800mg asacol 3 times a day

and every so often remicade.

I am not to concerned about being on remicade while pregnant but the 6mp is something that does frighten me some. I was wondering how many of you have been pregnant and on this medicine? how has it affected you and your child? (i’ve called my doctors office this morning about it but i haven’t received a reply from him as of yet and would really like some input soon) Any information ANYone could give would be great!!! Thank you in advance!

May your UC day today be better than your yesterday:)

written by Kelli

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11 thoughts on “24 Year Old with UC on 6mp – YESTERDAY Just Found Out I’m Pregnant!”

  1. Hi, Kelli,
    My daughter’s doctor wants her to take 6MP, and we just met with her on Tuesday. She assured my daughter that it was safe even in pregnancy –that many women have gone through pregnancy on 6MP and everything turned out just fine. On the other hand, it is Category D but sometimes that means they just don’t have enough data to say it is safe. Google around. There is a lot of info out there on this.

  2. Congrats! Looks like u have gotten some good info from the above posts already. Prayers coming ur way for an uneventful pregnancy.
    Kathy- mom to colitis husband and daughter with “gi issues”.

  3. This message is for Kelli,My ulcerative colitis cleared up during pregnancy.Lucky you! your body heals faster during pregnancy. Get the hell off your meds and unless you want an extra hairy baby.thats a joke but a posiblity start doing aloe enemas with tumeric and lemon juice. i promise you will notice a difference in a few days. heres my e mail if you have questions cdpropes@yahoo.com.

    1. HaHa Darlene no I dont want an extra hairy baby lol!! Thank you for the advice, I will keep you in mind if I have any other questions. Again thanks!

  4. first off, congrats on the awesome news!

    I was given a booklet last week on medications because I was told i’d be starting immunosupression or biologic treatment (starting remicade next week!) and it says that 6-MP and Imuran are fine to take during pregnancy, however Remicade is not!

    you’d want to contact your doctor asap about that, don’t get an infusion while you’re pregnant, just keep taking your asacol and 6-MP.

    Remember, right now your life is more important! you’re living for 2 people now so you’ve got to think more carefully! don’t stop any meds without asking a doctor first!

    and take plenty of folic acid!! :)

  5. Congratulations!
    I’m on Remicade at the moment and I was told that I can’t even think of getting pregnant until I have 6 months without Remicade. Might want to check that. But other than that I was on steroids and all sorts of things while pregnant with both of my boys and all went well. If something my symptoms were better while pregnant and I was able to cut down some meds. But very best of luck and hope all goes well for you.

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