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23 Year Old Guy Taking Steroids, Azathiaprene, Topzole, and other meds for Colitis, No Workie Right Now

I am a 23 year old male was diagnosed with UC in September of 2008. My condition has not gone into remission ever since. I have been on ASACOL 1.8g 3 times a day. But it did not help at all. I in December 2009 I was admitted into hospital due to side effects of prednisone that I was taking. I had developed peptic ulcers and severe gastritis. I am currently on Prednisone 7 tabs daily, Azathiaprene 150mg daily, Topzole 40 mg daily, Chele Fer 1Tab daily, Salazopyrin 2 tabs daily. At the moment none of this medication is helping to ease my symptoms. I am constantly going to the bathroom and there is blood in the stool. The GI has told me that if I do not respond to any of the medication, surgery is going to be the next step. But this is an option that I AM NOT going to consider. If anyone could advise me on alternate treatments, natural supplements or dietary advice I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you

(Hey there buddy, that’s one heck of alot of meds you’re taking, as everyone else who reads the site knows, my recommendation would be to read the Breaking the Vicious Cycle Diet Book That’s an option that would for sure be considered alternative and works for some folks, not for everyone, but very much worth a try if you asked me, Adam)

8 thoughts on “23 Year Old Guy Taking Steroids, Azathiaprene, Topzole, and other meds for Colitis, No Workie Right Now”

  1. Please go to your local library and pick up “Breaking the Vicious Cycle” read the book and start the diet as soon as you can!
    The first couple of weeks will be tough, die off symptoms are not easy to handle, you might feel worse before you get better but don’t give up!!!

    This diet has changed my life! Although it is restrictive it is worth the sacrifice because the result is living a life colitis-free! The restrictions are worth all the freedoms!

    Good Luck!

  2. Hey Jessica

    Thank you for the advise. Adam has aslo recommended that I get the book and start the diet as sson as possible. I have read a bit about the SCD diet and it sounds good. At this point I am willing to try anything. I guess with UC sacrifice is required in order to live a normal, symptom free life. In the end thats all that matters… Please feel free TO share any other knowledge that you may come across…

    Thank you!!!

  3. Another thing my doctor recommended was taking a Probiotic he recommendes VSL 3
    you can find it online. I’ve been doing the SCD diet also and the combination seems to be helping. Goos luck!

  4. I was advised and prescribed to take 20mg Losec (Omeprazole) if taking pred to help address the ulcer issue. Don’t know what strength your 7 tabs of pred are but I usually take at least 40mg a day (in one dose) when I get a flare up and slowly taper down.
    Good luck mate.

  5. There’s another book that’s worth reading. It’s called ‘Life Without Bread‘ available on amazon for less than GBP10.00. I tried the SCD diet but as a vegatarian I found it very difficult and I was dropping far too much weight. Since I followed the very low carb diet described in ‘Life without Bread’ I have been able to come out of a bad 6 month flare. I don’t take any drugs for the UC even when it’s flaring. I don’t think they do anything at all to help me and in the long run I think they cause more problems. However, I very much appreciate that it’s a very individual condition and while diet works very well for some it doesn’t help at all for others, the same for the drugs I guess. Good luck.

  6. Hi Jessica
    So pleased you are feeling much better. I would like to ask you if you are med free yet, and how you managed the count down to come off them. Ifyou are still on meds what ones are you taking still.

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