23 And Living with Ulcerative Colitis

23 year old with ulcerative colitis

Shalene - 23 years old

Hello, my name is Shalene.

I received my first diagnosis 12 years ago, and my life has been a roller coaster ride ever since.

When I was first diagnosed I was told I had ulcerative proctitis, it wasn’t till recently after a colonoscopy I found out it is now full blown colitis.  After hearing the news I was numb, didn’t really know how to react. Knowing the disease had spread was disappointing. I’ve already dealt with years and years of horrible symptoms and wasn’t sure if it would only get worse.

I am a 23 year old college student who has to deal with UC symptoms during finals and the first week of school, its inconvenient to say the least, but I deal with it.

I’ve just recently decided to give up all alcohol,

because with in the last few months I am unable

to consume even small amounts with experiencing

UC SYMPTOMS days later.

It’s gotten to the point where its just not worth it anymore. I’ve been seeking support group for a while now and wasn’t sure where to turn. I have yet to meet anyone my age who has also been diagnosed with UC. It would be nice to have support from others who share this disease.Lately I have been more open to sharing my disease with others without embarrassment. Although I am still embarrassed by my symptoms. Many of my girl friends know all about my Ulcerative Colitis and have seen first hand what it can do to me, but I sometimes resist telling guys for fear of the reaction.

I am worried I will no longer appear sexy

in the eyes of someone I’m attracted to.

My moms been a huge support, and she always tells me if they truly care about you it wont matter, they will see past it. All I can think is I hope she’s right, because its not like I have any control over my symptoms.

However, I must say that recently I have had great symptom improvement.

I have been on an aesocol regiment for years now, but within the last year I started acupuncture therapy and have been amazed with how well its helped! Never have I had anything make me feel 10 times better within days. I highly recommend it. I do flare from time to time but I hope by eliminating alcohol, keeping up with probiotics and acupuncture I will be able to be symptom free for years, I guess only time will tell.
Ulcerative Colitis Medications:
Aesocol, probiotics, and a natural stomach formula prescribed by my acupuncturist
written by Shalene
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3 thoughts on “23 And Living with Ulcerative Colitis”

  1. Hi Shalene, I’m 24 with UC, just diagnosed in October. I know I’ve had it for at least two years before that. You were so young when you got diagnosed! Sounds like you are doing alright with your UC and you can handle the flares. I also get acupuncture – it is great! And I also get an herb formula from her. I also decided not to drink any alcohol any longer at first, but now I have one or two glasses of wine with my dinner occasionally. It doesn’t hurt me surprisingly, but I don’t want to try any other form of alcohol or more than just a couple glasses.

  2. Hey Shalene :)
    I’m 39 and was just diagnosed in October of this year. I read your story and can completely relate. The symptoms are extremely embarrassing. I have been dating a good guy for two years. Up until I ended up in the hospital we enjoyed traveling, going out with friends and having cocktails till wee hours in the morning. Now that has all changed. My symptoms are worse at night and from 8 pm to 10 pm I am generally locked in the restroom. It has really cut into our social life and has definetly made me feel less attractive. My point I guess is that he has been great! He is my rock and looks out for my diet almost as much as I do. There are guys out there that will love you and find you attractive, even when you may not. Upside for him also is that I’m always the designated driver ;) No more alcohol for this girl. Its the cause of this latest flare that will not go away! I applaud your decision to stay away from it.

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