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21 Year Old With Crohn’s Disease

I’m Susan.  Both my husband and son have inflammatory bowel disease.

My husband has Crohn’s disease which was diagnosed when he was a teenager.

They thought his initial attack was appendicitis and when they operated, saw it was Crohn’s and did a resection at that time. When our first child of four was a toddler, he had another resection because the pain was interfering with his ability to function. He’s been good since, but my second child was diagnosed when he was 18, a few years ago. I am now visiting him in the hospital for an abscess in his ileum, which was drained intravenously. I’ve been telling him and his father about the SCD diet, bought the books, sent him links, printed numerous articles, to no avail. His father is convinced it’s not diet controlled and my son is doomed with this attitude to follow his fathers footsteps needing future surgeries.  They both get very annoyed at me for trying to educate them about these food related theories. Their doctors give medicine and perform surgery and never discuss diet – which I understand would lower their patient count.

It’s very frustrating as a mother to sit idle, while their is so much

positive information and success they could both experience.

I’m now sending him videos, which I’m hoping will be more compelling then reading the literature. I even found a series of interviews with Elaine Gottshall herself, which I thought were very convincing and if that doesn’t do it for him, I don’t know what else I can do. He’s been away at college the past 4 years, and just doesn’t want to give up the lifestyle of drinking, pizzas, etc, which are the worst thing for his gut. It’s his life and his body and maybe with some maturity and unfortunately more painful bouts with the disease, he’ll look inward and take the necessary steps to change his lifestyle.

Any suggestions, if anyone could talk to him,

etc… would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Susan in Philly



3 thoughts on “21 Year Old With Crohn’s Disease”

  1. Hey, Susan, Thanks for sharing…
    Sorry to hear what you guys are going through…
    I myself am a junior in college….
    I was diagnosed exactly one year ago… which was half way through my 2nd year of college..
    I myself liked to go boozin’ on the weekends…..weekdays, and every day in between
    I liked to definitively drink it up.. late night pizza, taco bell, MACdonals, etc…(garbage)
    anyways I ate fast food alot, but mostly lived off roman noodles and cardboard pizzas…..
    I also drank loads of milk and protein shakes…
    I completely changed my diet once I was diagnosed..and changed my perspective on life…
    I also have been on lialda for my uc….3 pills every sunrise
    It sounds like your son doesn’t want to give up his college fun,and the ole hubby kind of being a bit stubborn(sounds like my dad)haha
    I honestly have pretty much never cheated on the diet since day 1, I may follow a few rules differnt but follow it pretty effin exterme…..
    If I could, anyone could…trust me…lol
    I recall when I had my last flare up, which was when I was diagnosed, that certain foods made me go to the bathroom almost instantly…. beer,fast food, and especially milk.,.. So im certain that diet has a factor…, but everyones bodys differnt and has differnt reactions….
    Ive been on the diet since day one and pills since day one…
    I’m definitely going to start getting off my pills within the next few months…
    So im not certain how much the pills help and how much the diet helps…
    I’m at a point in life, where I just cant risk stopping either right now…finally back in school(definitly dont want to have to miss a semester like last time do to UC)
    But hopefully this summer I can start experimenting…
    I really want to start eating some foods I used to enjoy, but I don’t want to risk a flare up… worst experience of my life… I was in a flare up for nearly a month last year…
    Probably went the bathroom 20-40 times a day… it was insane…
    SO heres my advice for your husband and son…
    Dudets, you’ve been through alot of shit.. and IBD sucks ba***…. so if their is a diet that could possibly make you feel normal again, and live a normal life, why not man up and give it a try…
    quit being little pansey bit**** …just messing with ya…
    honestly beer and fast food is not what life is all about…
    Eating healthy helps my life normal and makes me feel better.. beer and fast food made me feel like shit.. Well the beer gave me a good buzz, but not in the AM.
    I realized theirs so much more to life than getting sh** faced all the time…don’t get me wrong.. I just turned 21 and their hasn’t been one day that I didn’t think about going to the bars… I mean that’s something I looked forward too since college. but now I haven’t drank in nearly a year and Im proud of it… Ive met so many new friends, and lots contact with my so called friend(drinking buddies)…. I don’t miss the hangovers and the cash Id spend on it…
    Overall fast food is terrible period… so bad for anymore,plus it makes you feel hungry again in like one hour.. eating healthy fills you uo… so that’s not a big deal… plus Ive ate so many foods I used to think were nasty( onions, mushrooms,green peppers,honey)etc… all scd effin legal!!!
    So if you son wants to enjoy his college now by parting, junk food,etc… and having tons of medical bills and flare ups thats his choice(bad choice) or come to realization that its not worth it start deciding whats important to him and make some changes. all tell your husband that trying the diet isnt just for him, its for you and your son….(hell they both can do it together..i would of loved to have had someone to start the diet with) Thank God, I found this site and kept in touch with Adam(founder of ihaveuc)hes definitely a cool dude… he helped me through some touugh times and gave me some advice… hell I emailed him for the first time almost exactly a year ago.. I was one scared kiddo and had thought my life was over….i was defintly depressed and had no where to turn.
    Thid diet might not work at all for your son or husband, but who knows… it could heal him up for life… life’s crazy like that, you just never know)….heck its new years soon, great time to give the diet a shot… whats to lose……..??
    Best of luck,and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  2. Unfortunately, if dietary management of his disorder works, but he refuses to change, there’s really not much that can be done. I’m now going on 4 years of low-carb (similar to the SCD, but with much more meat and fat- no grains at all), and have no symptoms of Crohn’s, and no disability. I have to cook almost everything I eat, which is probably not a way to live if you’re a college student. I doubt I would have been able to live that way at that time. The way food is “engineered,” full of HFCS, and the addictive triad of “sugar, salt, fat” (which is what food engineers at McDonald’s and other fast food joints use to keep customers coming back), it makes it very difficult to make these choices.

  3. Hi, i’m a college senior diagnosed in sept. 0f 2011. Just turned 22. I was diagnosed with severe chrons. I’m a naturally slim guy, always try to be healthy but could never avoid the sweets and starch products, while all my friends binged.

    I was angry that when I was diagnosed it was through a dumbass doctor that said the worst things you could say to someone already kicked down by their health. I took matters into my own hands and started researching a ton, posted on discussion forums and started doing the SCD diet after 4 months. I’m doing great now, but I will admit for 4 months I worked closely with my naturopathic doctor and that idiot doctor who diagnosed me. But my naturopathic doctor gave me L-Glutamine powder, Aloe Vera Juice, loose leaf herbs (slippery elm, marshmallow, chamomile, peppermint & licorice) to heal my gut. I’ve also been taking 3000mg of omega 3 a day, along with a multivitamin and ofcourse some help with low doses of prednisone and asacol.

    I’m now off prednisone and doing good, I cant say great as its only been a few weeks.

    But it IS possible to be a college student, live in a ill-health informed area like I do, and still buy organic and healthy foods, my parents would rather pay alot of money to know i’m maintaining my health than doing unnatural things like surgery and trying more drugs that only mask symptoms. I’m a member of forums, its a great place to talk ask questions with others who share the same issues. Good luck to everyone, its possible to get better and you can be your own doctor, this disease doesnt have to define you. Be proactive

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