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Colitis Quiz 2015 – Part 1

Take the two minute Colitis Quiz, some simple and maybe not so simple ulcerative colitis related questions… The FREE iHaveUC eBook “Ulcerative Colitis Tips” is made available to all members of the 15,000 person newsletter group INSTANTLY. It is several pages of tips gathered from other people living with Ulcerative Colitis, and has ideas which […]

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The Noodles are Back in my Soup

My end of January, 2015 colonoscopy came back completely clear of UC. I contribute this to Bev’s probiotics, the SCD diet, stress reduction, Lialda, and Rowasa enemas. My doctor found this remarkable since 15 months prior I had disease up to 35 centimeters, left side. The FREE iHaveUC eBook “Ulcerative Colitis Tips” is made available […]

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Anyone Else a Newbie in Their UC Diagnosis?

Hi, I’m Erica and I have UC. I’m 23 years old and have been diagnosed for about 7 months. First off, let me offer a forewarning; I am currently on the “prednisone makeover” from my first flare up, so if I either ramble with something along the lines of pointless rage or exaggerated frustration, you […]

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shy and colitis no more

Stuck Inside

As I am am sitting in the hospital room, on which is day 3, of this depressing, terrifying and humbling experience, I debated on even writing a post; especially since my husband is the writer in the family. The thing is that this disease is isolating. I just happened to be web searching about UC; […]

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Dealing with Urgency

Meet UC’er Abe A: My name is Abe and I am a 25-year-old male with ulcerative colitis. I was diagnosed about a month ago and started the SCD diet two weeks ago. Some more background: I am a college professor and professionally performing musician. I am also on a full ride scholarship getting my Masters […]

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