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Zyflamend – Lets Call it “My Liquid Gold”

Meet Jane: I’ve always been a high drive self employed “jack of all trades” A type personality. From real estate investments to travel guide to dog breeder, now gratefully retired. Some more info about the author: Hobbies are traveling and dog training. I was a hobby breeder (meaning no money in it, simply an expensive […]

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Telling An Old Friend About Your UC

Telling An Old Friend About Your UC

Hey UC’ers, How are you all doing?  I hope the holiday season is going well for you, and you’re all excited for a new year that’s going to be here in no time. When was the last time you met up with someone, let’s say an old friend for example.  Someone who you haven’t seen […]

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Warning! Danger Approaching

Some interesting stuff about Coralie: I’m from New Zealand. I’d love to visit Italy after seeing the film ‘All you need is love’ plus I just happen to have read alot of stories recently that are set in Italy. I like to paint but haven’t been inspired too much lately because of family issues. Her […]

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Cure to UC --- J Pouch

Cure to UC — J Pouch

Meet Marq Rich: Hello my name is Marq and I’m 27 years old and I suffered from uc for 4 years before i got the surgery. Here’s a lil info to help you guys out. Some more about me: I’m from New York City and I enjoy doing all the sports that uc don’t allow […]

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Got That I.B.D. (Crohn’s and Colitis Rap)

What’s up all my UC peeps? Well, my name is Kyle and I got diagnosed this past summer with the lovely gut killa known on the streets as UC. The disease hit me pretty hard and ended up keeping me cooped up in the hospital for 29 days. I have been a regular poster on […]

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Ulcerative Colitis in Saskatchewan

Ulcerative Colitis in Saskatchewan

Meet Graham: Recently diagnosed.I am 28 years old from Regina, Saskatchewan Canada. I work in politics and am compete in rodeos as well as other sports like slopitch. I like being in the country, riding horses, and having fun. AND… I miss drinking beer. Current Colitis Symptoms: I am currently experiencing bloody diarrhea although only […]

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