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Does Huggies Make Adult Diapers With Bon Jovi Designs?

Introduction: Hi, I’m Lisa.  45 but look 37 for real, anyway UC for 21 years happen while pregnant with my son, his been a pain in my ass ever since. prednisone, pentasa, pain meds, anxiety meds…no surgery. Colonoscopy yearly. Workout everyday thank god. If I didn’t, especially when on prednisone id be the size of […]

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8 Ulcerative Colitis Videos

Hey UC’ers, What up. OK, so I just took a peak at my youtube account, and noticed that I’ve made over 100 videos in the past several years for the website. That’s an insane amount of youtubing. Since some people initially find iHaveUC through  my videos, I figured it’s time to have a post dedicated […]

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Blood, Anxiety and Humiliation

Blood, Anxiety and Humiliation

Introduction to a super cool UC’er from England: I’m Liv, I’m from England and I’m a young girl who was diagnosed with a mild (yay- for now :P) form of Ulcerative Colitis in January 2011 after what ended up being a flare up between October and December and a colonoscopy! :) Symptoms I’m Having: Doing […]

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UC will NOT Stop Me!

UC will NOT Stop Me!

Introduction: Hi! My name’s Ruthe. I work in a hospital as a phlebotomist and have also just started nursing school. I’m addicted to running, which often means that I run from porta potty to porta potty! Regardless of what my gut does,I have to run…it’s a matter of staying SANE! My UC Symptoms: I’m currently […]

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First Online Outlet

First Online Outlet

Meet Jed: Diagnosed in 2007, from the UK, 28. I was in the first year of University in 2006 when I started with abdominal pains and passing blood/mucus. Did the typically male thing (I think it’s just males who are dumb, right?) and ignored it for a stupidly long time. I continued drinking in abundance, […]

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Mild UC - Surgery and Uncertainty

Mild UC – Surgery and Uncertainty

Introduction: Hello! My name is Ricky, a 28 year old male diagnosed Feb. 2012 with mild proctosigmoiditis. I am currently living in the UK but heading back home to New Zealand shortly. Hobbies include playing & composing music, fishing, traveling, camping and having a good time! My Symptoms: Loud stomach gurgling every now and then […]

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London Triathlon in Aid of Crohn’s and Colitis UK

My name is Dal, I am a 37 college lecturer from Essex in the UK. I posted on here during my first flair up in May ( this when I was feeling pretty rough. For more info please read that post entitled ‘Newcomer to this illness all advice welcome’. I have been on steroids […]

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Humira May Just Be Gods Gift to UC Patients

Introduction to Troy: Hi I’m from Kokomo Indiana I’m married with 3 kids I’m 26 and was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2008 as one of the youngest cases ever documented in indiana I run a weed control and fertilizer specialist business. My Symptoms: After 4 years of remission I’m currently experiencing a mild flare […]

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Newly Diagnosed with UC, Pregnant, and Overwhelmed

Introduction to Liz: I’m a 29 year old female, diagnosed in April 2012 while pregnant with my first child, attempting to maintain my full time position in an office 90 minutes away without losing my mind or my baby. Colitis Symptoms Right Now: Horrible cramping and loose stools, only occasional blood after very bad days […]

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What My Gastro Doctor Told Me

What My Gastro Doctor Told Me

I’ll Be Dangged, It’s been a week already since my last post called The Gastro Doctor Rap.  I’m sorry to say, but no video this week, but another’s coming soon so hang in there. So to do a quick recap, I had a pretty incredible doctor’s visit two weeks ago now, with a great gastroenterologist […]

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