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Still Under Remission

Hello Every one, I am the one who wrote the story How I put my colitis under remission.  It has been a year since i went into remission and i am glad to inform you all that the status is the same as of today. It has been the Probiotic all the way and drinking […]

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Bathroom Talk Video #2

Good Day and Welcome to This is the 2nd “Bathroom Talk Video” (which is down below a little bit) It was filmed and now shown in it’s relatively Un-cut version from my…bathroom For everyone who’s new to the website TODAY or Recently, thanks for joining us, all the stoires here are written or VIDEO’d […]

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Post 2nd Surgery Update!

Post 2nd Surgery Update!

Introduction: My name is Curtis and I was diagnosed with UC in January 2011 and had to have my colon removed in February 2011. How am I Recovering From Colon Surgery: So 3 weeks post my second surgery and things are great! This recovery has been a thousand times better than the first surgery because […]

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Will Surgery Be My Only Option?

My name is Olivia, I’m 18 and I’ve had IBD for about 2 years now. My mother had Crohns and despite numerous scans, tests and hospital visits I’m still in the 10% of people who are difficult to diagnose between Crohn’s and UC for sure (although its seeming to be UC). I’ve been on so […]

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