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Ulcerative Colitis, Heh?

Soooo.. here it is. I am not very good at listening to my own body. So when I got diagnosed, I had already having symptoms for probably… 5 or 6 months ! It started with blood in my stools, it wasn’t dark so it did not seem to be serious. Went to see a doctor, […]

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Imuran Vs. Remicade

Well after 18 yrs with this disease(ulcerative colitis), my body has decided to not let prednisone and asacol work on the flare-ups. I have tried SCD and while I lOVE it and the way I feel on it, it did not help my flare at all. I have tried naturopath dr’s and even tried smoking. […]

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No More Denial

This year (2011) has been very challenging for me. I have been in the ER 4 times and 3 times admitted. Somehow I got an infection and after much testing I was diagnosed with UC. I somehow thought that my body would go back to normal. I guess I was in denial for a bit […]

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My Journey with UC

Introduction: There are a few things I would like to point out. 1) If you find blood and mucous in your stool. It is never normal. Most likely it will not get better and it will not go away. Make a doctor’s appointment. 2) Do not read a lot about diseases unless you know for […]

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SCD Pizza

Bongiorno Ulcerative Colitis People, I was talking with some good buddies last night named Mario and Luigi and they said SCD Pizza is rather easy to make.  So, like any good UC’er following the SCD diet program, I dove right in.  It’s been close to 16 months since I’ve had a slice of pizza, and […]

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My Ulcerative Colitis Flare Story

What up fellow UCer’s, been swooping around the site for a couple weeks now and I figure it’s time to introduce myself… It all started back in 2008 during my freshman year in college as I started noticing blood in my stool pretty frequently. At first I thought it was some infection and didn’t want […]

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Pakistani Chick with Colitis

Background Story: Hi, my name is Irma. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in September 2010. Since then i’ve already been hospitalized three times. Unfortunately, I wasn’t responding to Asacol, or Pentesa. Finally my doctor put me on Asacol and it seems to be working, Well, I think since this morning I started having bleeding […]

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