2011 Ulcerative Colitis Writing Contest UPDATE

Hi Everyone,

Since we are almost six or seven weeks into 2011, I wanted to update all of the participants who have already submitted your stories for the 2011 ulcerative colitis writing contest, and let you know how the contest is going so far.

First, on behalf of everyone from all over the world who reads the website each day (people from 121 countries have visited the site so far this year) I want to give each of you who have submitted your personal ulcerative colitis stories a very big thank you.  Without each of you sharing your stories, this website would be worthless and of no value to others who are living with ulcerative colitis.  But, since over 55 stories have been shared so far this year, the website is turning into a big success, and hopefully a place that anyone with UC can visit to learn more from other UC’ers experiences.

We are very early in this contest, and here are the latest results.  I was not able to put every single story’s results up, but these were the top stories who have had the “Most Unique Visitors” so far in 2011.

Remember, the goal of the contest is to share experiences with others, and to raise awareness of UC to others.  I highly encourage you to share links to your stories on any social networks that you are a part of, this way, more people will read what the life of an ulcerative colitis patient is all about.

If you have not submitted your story or would like to submit another one, you can do so right here:  SUBMIT STORY

Below are the official results and include all site visitors from January 1- February 17th.

Currently in First Place is Tara’s story:

/im-on-the-gaps-diet-to-treat-crohns-ulcerative-colitis-and-its-working/ “705 unique visitors”

Followed by Charis’s Story:

/the-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel-is-not-always-a-freight-train/ 380

In 3rd Place is “Recently Diagnosed’s” story (not sure of the authors real name)

/new-to-ulcerative-colitis-and-having-concerns-about-diet-and-recovery/ 332

/an-ulcerative-colitis-miracle/ 323

/sex-and-uc/ 316

/questions-about-the-scd-diet-and-ulcerative-colitis/ 313

/can-i-stop-my-colitis-flare-without-taking-meds/ 274

/my-story-of-hope-and-ulcerative-colitis/ 232

/last-rites/ 215

arthritis-really-from-36-years-old-to-90-years-old-in-just-one-afternoon/ 207

/six-years-later/ 197

/new-to-ulcerative-colitis/ 162

/my-evolving-story/ 131

/stephs-ulcerative-colitis-story/ 126

/uc-flares-progressing-more-rapidly/ 94

There are many other stories that have been submitted, I just took some of most viewed pages and listed them above.  Expect the list to change order quite a bit as time moves on.

Have a great weekend everyone, and I hope that if you are in a flare at the moment you find some relief in reading some of the stories and experiences of others from the site.

Warm regards,


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