2 Years of Treating my UC with SCD


25 year old graduate student, attempting to complete my PhD while battling ulcerative colitis. Diagnosed almost 10 years ago, went through 8 years of drugs before biting the bullet and jumping cold turkey into SCD. Haven’t looked back since. You can find my previous stories here: https://www.ihaveuc.com/author/kk-scder/

Some more about me:

I was born and raised in Maryland, USA. Love this state. Never want to leave. I’m pursuing my Ph.D. in physics. When working on a Ph.D., there is little time spent not studying, and I spend that time cooking delicious SCD foods! Prior to starting SCD, I didn’t even know how to make scrambled eggs. Two years later, I love cooking, and I love spending my time experimenting with real, unprocessed food.


Tenesmus, sometimes unformed stool, occasional bleeding.

2 Years of Treating my UC with SCD

Hey everyone!
I’ve written on this site before about my journey treating my UC with SCD. You can find my previous stories at the link above. I thought I’d give yet another update, this time at the 2 year mark of SCD.

The short version is: I am doing great! Still not fully healed, but light years better than where I was on a Standard American Diet and the ‘medication’ they give that has been scientifically proven to send people into remission.

The long version picks up where I left off, at the 1 year mark. Since the 1 year mark, I have stayed strict, 100%, no cheating, no illegal supplements, SCD. With the help of SCD, I was able to enjoy my wedding without worrying about the bathroom. The entire day of my wedding, I only went to the bathroom 3 times (which is the same as now). Once in the morning when I woke up, once right before the wedding, and once before bed. Each time, I had an easy, no straining, no bleeding, no diarrhea, perfectly formed bowel movement. It’s difficult to imagine a more stressful situation then your own wedding, when all eyes were on me (well, actually on my bride — I could easily have slipped away unnoticed), and I had zero problems, something I would have though impossible two years ago. To be sure, I have had several flare ups that remind me that my UC is still alive and hibernating, but what I now consider a flare up I used to consider a normal day.

I’ll give you a typical day in the life of someone who has been on SCD for two years. Hopefully this will give those of you just starting on SCD an idea of what to expect. I wake up around 8am feeling good. Not really any urge to go to the bathroom. I eat breakfast (generally 24-hour SCD yogurt with honey, eggs and some spinach). I generally start getting tenesmus on the drive to work, for reasons I still can’t figure out, but once I get to work I feel great. I feel great up until after lunch, (which is generally leftovers from the previous nights dinner — a protein and veggies), and then I have to go to the bathroom. I have a blood free, mostly formed poop — one of those that comes out solid and then falls apart. I actually feel better after going to the bathroom (something that was never the case 2 years ago). I have some tenesmus afterwards, but it goes away around the time I head home from work. I feel great up until the early evening, maybe around 7 or 8, whe n I have to use the bathroom again. Another easy, formed, blood free poop. I feel great until right before bed when I have to go again and it is another easy, formed, blood free poop. During a flare, I may have another poop somewhere in there, but otherwise I still feel great compared to 2 years ago!

Throughout these two years, I saw why people who espoused SCD were so passionate about it. There really are tremendous improvements. I also saw why people tried, and gave up, SCD. It seriously feels sometimes like 1 step forward, and then a big ol’ tsunami comes in and pushes you like a mile back. But if I just look at where I started: which is 5 or 6 bloody, painful,constipated poops a day, to now 3 mostly formed, painless poops with little to no blood, I can see that it was totally worth it.

SCD is not a quick fix by any means, but it is also not a band-aid, like drugs are. I’m not there yet, and I admit, I am frequently disappointed by lack of progress, but I also realize that diet can only make me healthier, and quitting can only make it worse. Even if you feel like SCD isn’t working for you, it doesn’t make sense to go back to the standard way of eating, namely grains, sugars, starches, soy, and other supposedly healthy foods. If you need to take strong drugs to control your symptoms, by all means do so, but realize that while drugs are a bandaid, SCD would slowly but surely heal your body. Stay on SCD even if you decide you need drugs.

I wish you all the best of health. We could really use it.

Ask Adam:

“Hi Adam,
Thank you so much for this website! The encouragement I see on here is tremendous! One thing that I would point out about your format is that you automatically link every reference to ‘diet’ to your explanation about SCD. I find this can be misleading for those new to SCD. For instance, if someone says, “I eat a diet of bread and rice”, and you link “diet” to SCD, people may assume that bread and rice are ok on SCD. Any way this can be made less confusing?

Again, thanks so much for everything you do!”

submitted by KK-SCDer

Adam iHaveUC guy

Adam Scheuer, founder of iHaveUC.com

Dear KK-SCDer,

Super super great to hear from you, and you know I’m all about SCD eating for those who want to join in the fun, its awesome to hear you’re doing well.  So thanks again one more time for sharing and keeping us in the loop regarding your progress.

You mention above something very very interesting, and I totally agree with you.  I will go into the system and make an adjustment after I’m done posting your story here.  (I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to find it even though that logic with regards to the word “diet” getting linked to the SCD Diet Page (where I talk about SCD from my point of view and I think there’s still a funny me cooking picture too…).  But you’re totally right!  That probably is confusing for some people.  Thanks for the tip, that’s great use of the “Ask Adam” section KK! And once again, congrats on doing well.

Also, I think you have some even better times ahead regarding pooping.  For example, this past year, well, its actually only been 10 months since I really started keeping track, but I’m down to an average of less than 10 poops per week.  Most of the time its once per day and sometimes it comes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon, and sometimes not at all, and a few double deuces now and again.  But the hard poops that don’t fall apart and leave the skid marks are surely possible.  I think my eating is the biggest part of it, but not taking life too seriously also has got to have something to do with it.

Best to you KK,


PS:  my favorite college course was Physics 101.  It was a 5 unit class and mostly science major folks in it, but I needed lots of credit to stay on track so I signed up. Dr. Franklin (crusty prof out in Boulder, Colorado made the class super sweet.  Does “Torque” still equal F*D??


1 thought on “2 Years of Treating my UC with SCD”

  1. Absolutely fantastic post KK-SCDer!!

    I am with you…meds are merely band-aids and often, sadly, graduate proctitis and mild UC to full blown pancolitis.

    I am over two years med free and feeling the best I have since being diagnosed in the late 90s. I will NEVER take a med for UC again…EVER!! It is possible!!


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