12 to 15 Bowel Movements Per Day

I’m 28 years old and was diagnosed just a few short weeks ago.

Ulcerative colitis has made my life miserable.

I have 12/15 bowel movements a day and my life has been affected very negatively.  My doctors are good but there is only so much they can do other give me medications. I am very eager to find more info on the fecal transplant procedures that is gaining new momentum. I am very concerned that I will be on medications my whole life and go into constant flares and suffer from side effects of so many medicines. I would like to hear other’s experiences and see what they have been able to do. I would like to also try this fecal procedure and see if it can at least help me if not cure me. I would like to get in touch with as many people as possible and here about their experiences and ups and downs and what has worked for them and what has not worked for them.

written by: “28 Year Old”

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  1. I am also experiencing a flare and 6mp and remicade stopped working for me. I am currently going the same amount as you and am getting fecal transplant very soon. My doctor is in Pittsburgh, Pa and he is performing it at Allegheny General Hospital. We are doing the first one as a colonoscopy and then I am doing it by enema 5 times a week, going for 1 month and then tapering. I am not sure where you are from, but I have found 4 other hospitals that will perform the procedure for UC. IF you want to do it at home, I can tell you exactly how to do it.

    1. Hi, I started taking Garden Of Life products thru VitamminShoppe. If I stay on them it keeps symptoms at bay if I go off them for a few months symptoms come back. I even had my last 2 colonoscopies in remission and I know it is due to the natural supplement. I take FYI and Primal Defense. Take it like it says, back down to as low a dose as u can to keep the cost down. I now even forget some days and am still ok but I do have to remain taking the supplements. There are many other natural ways to help to. But I find those two r the main but u have supplements that actually help heal the cells in the stomache lining. check it out and google some natural supplements. Good Luck for I to had your exp. Take care Dawn ps Jordan Rubin is the maker of these supps and he has exc books to read, do get them, altho he was diagnoised with chrones and ready to die, his products still help the colon…

    2. PLEASE share with me the name of the doctor who performed this at Allegeheny General.
      I am desperate to find a doctor in Pgh who does this procedure.

      Thanks you. It is urgent

  2. Hi,

    I’m all for this fecal transplant thing! I’m sure it’s the natural way to remission. Probiotics all the way. I’m thinking that probiotic enemas would work just as well as fecal ones? They would be easier too, so that we could administer them ourselves, at home. Hopefully, somebody is developing that into a treatment for us. Please, somebody do it!

    Please keep us all posted. We HAVE to have a viable alternative to all of these harsh meds that the doctors are constantly prescribing to us. It’s ridiculous, because they all semm to eventually stop working, and just make us feel sicker. I don’t want to live in the land of the sick anymore.

    Cheers, and good heatlth,

    1. Bev,
      I take Garden of Life products, by Jordan Rubin. Google amazon for some of his books and you can purchase the products thru vitaminshoppe.com. I take the FYI and Primal Defense, if I stay on them they keep me at bay and other products help to heal the lining of the stomache. Also for spasms a natural product is Sacupreel a Homeopathic but if u r a smoker never mind. They work just as good as prednisone with no side effects. Do u know if lower back pain when doing strenuous work is assoc. w/uc and severe lower ab spasms, as well to the point of debilitating, but only after strenuous work? Thanks

  3. Dr. Lawrence Brandt (Bronx, New York), Jackson Siegelbaum (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania), Bright Medicine Clinic (Portland, Oregon), and Dr. Colleen Kelly (Providence, Rhode Island).

    Here is my email- Jazzngym21@aol.com

    Bev, probiotic enemas did not help my condition at all. I noticed it was just a waste of money. I was using two packets of VSL every night for a few weeks with no improvement.

    I will comment back when I get my Fecal Transplant done. I am waiting for my lawyers to give me a consent form since the hospital I am going to wants nothing to do with the procedure.

  4. Joanna: Did you in combination with the probiotics introduce the SCD diet? Did you also eat fermeted vegetables with live milk acid bacterias like Kimchi and Sauerkraut?

    When I have a flare I usually buy one duck and two chickens, whole ones. I then roast the duck in the oven, I also roast the liver and hart with it. Loosen the wings, legs and meat from the duck or chicken to eat. Also save the clear fat from the oven pan to fry and have as “butter”. Then I boil the bones and rest of the duck/chicken in water add the “herbal mix” from the bottom of the fryingpan to the soup to have a great taste.
    I repeat this process for as long as the chicken and ducks lasts, I also see to that I always have homemade kimchi or sauerkraut at home. When the soup has cooled down I add the juice of the fermeted vegetables (high values of probiotic milk acid bacterias) to the soup and eat.

    This is all, I then start to introduce more food as the SCD-diet suggest.

    There are just too many people saying they eat organic food, and lactose free milk. Read the facts about the SCD. THEN do it.

    I recommend ANYONE with cron or UC to buy this book (title might be off, but Crohn and UC is mentioned several times in the book):
    Gut and Psychology Syndrome
    Undertitle: Natural Treatment for Autism, ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Depression, Schizophrenia
    ISBN10: 0954852028
    ISBN13: 9780954852023

    It’s worth every $,£,₩,SEK or whatever currency you are on.

    1. Slingshot, I have not tried SCD before. I have been told that it involves a lot of animal products and I do not consume any.

      I do eat kimchee and saurkraut from time to time but it is not part of my daily diet. To be honest, diet does not affect my UC. I try to eat whatever I can when I am flaring just so I don’t starve. My last flare I dropped 40 lbs so I’m trying to avoid losing any more weight. I am hoping that fecal transplant will be my saving grace.

      I got a call from my doctor today saying that there is a delay in proceedings. I am thinking that once I have the test results from my donor, I’m just gonna start doing it at home. I don’t have all the time in the world to wait for my hospital to get their crap together. I’ve been waiting for 2.5 months and I don’t want to put it off much longer.

      1. joanna:

        I’m sorry to tell you, but humans intestine system is short, (comparable with Wolves and Lions). We do not have a long intestine system with more than one stomach like cows and giraffes. The intestine system has not changed and evolved as the rest of the industrial world. We have started eating a lot of processed food, vegetables, grains and vegetable fats which our bodies are not made for.

        If you think about it logical we were hunters just a few 1000 years ago. We ate a lot of meat, we also the later 100s of years had meat and own animals on our farms to eat. This means we always had meat, occasionally we eat some vegetables along with meat when we where low on it or just to make it last longer.

        It’s my strongest advice you at least read the book to make up your own theories.

  5. Slingshot, I am very aware of the impact eating animals has on the environment and our health and I chose to not involve myself with it. I personally do not think I’d be let into Heaven eating a diet with animal products so I will never include them. I went to school for health and nutrition and know for a fact that we are not carnivores. I do not want to compromise my body even further just to include a nice dead carcass in my digestive tract. Why eat something dead if you want to feel alive? Makes no sense to me.

  6. Hi Joanna,

    I am a vegetarian (and have been for about 10 years… I’m 27 now).
    Once I was diagnosed (about 4 months ago), my doc (not my GI) put me on a gluten free diet. He also refers to it as the “anti-inflammatory diet” (increase Omega 3, decrease Omega 6)… so no gluten, no soy (this one was hard for me), no peanuts, and only organic dairy. In general, things have been going well for me, so I don’t know what you’re doing for diet, but you might want to give that a try. During my flare, I’ve been eating only organic sweet potatoes and almond butter. He says that food that is lower on the glycemic index is better for me right now (easier to digest, doesn’t make your pancreas work so hard). I was losing weight like crazy at the beginning of the flare, but once I switched to the sweet potatoes and almond butter… I started doing a lot better. My body was tolerating those foods so much better than anything else I had tried (also, I stopped having the horrible stomachaches). So… if you’re looking for some foods to try… I would give the sweet potato and almond butter a whirl. As of yesterday, I graduated to some cooked veggies (starting with spinach)… I’m so happy!!! :D

    I’m very excited to hear about how your fecal transplant goes!
    (I’d also like the info on “exactly how to do it” at home…)
    I empathize with your frustration with all the legal loop holes that we have to jump through to get anything done. I’m sorry that the system is wasting your precious time when you just want to get it done.

    Best of luck to you, keep us posted, and sending lots of hugs from the Midwest. :)

  7. Polly, I’m glad you are starting to find some relief! I have been gluten free for a while but recently added some soy products back into my diet. I was following a raw food vegan diet since January 2009 but I’ve come to think that all the raw food corrupts my digestive system. I was doing 80/10/10 and I think that the amount of fiber is just too much for me. So that’s why I have added back grains, root vegetables, and soy. I am eating some potatoes, eggplant, zucchini, but all of it cooked this time. I noticed that food, in general, doesn’t affect my symptoms while I’m flaring. Everything goes out really fast no matter what I eat. And I am just like you with the weight loss. I lose weight so quick during flares and it’s mainly because I can’t eat as much and my food isn’t being absorbed properly. I am really hoping that FT is my saving grace this time.

    My donor’s doctor is giving us a hard time about the testing because she doesn’t want to get in trouble for fraud. I told her to call my doctor and tell her that it is a “real” procedure.

    If you want to email me, Jazzngym21@aol.com, I can send you a PDF of the FT protocol.

  8. I know a lot of experts on dyspraxia (which is a developmental disorder that often co-occurs with ADHD) say that you do not grow out of dyspraxia. They point out that it’s very hard to diagnose dyspraxia early as it is hard to distinguish between dyspraxia and a developmental delay. This therefore raises the interesting distinction between on the one hand showing dyspraxia-like, or indeed ADHD-like, symptoms at a younger age due to a developmental delay and on the other hand actually having dyspraxia or ADHD. The former would therefore grow out’ of the condition whereas the latter would not. I’m not an expert in this field but I would be interested to see if this is a logical distinction.

  9. Things to do to help reduce your IBS:

    Don’t eat any cereals!, they can kill you! (cereal killer). Instead for breakfast have things like toasts, butter, cheese, jam, eggs, bacon and pancakes.
    Eat plenty of yogurt, mints, bananas, rice and apples.
    Eat less fried food and more boiled.
    Exercise daily.
    Take Inner Health Plus which has 25 billion good bacterias.
    Good Luck.

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