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1 Year Post Op – J Pouch Success

Pranav 1 year post J pouch

Meet Pranav:

I’m a 28 years old male from India who suffered from ulcerative colitis since past 5 years . I was diagnosed with severe pancolits in Decemeber 2008. I opted for 1 step j-pouch surgery last year and had my colon completely removed.

Some more background:

I love traveling and eating good food.

1 Year Post Op:

So…I had UC for 5 years and had made my life miserable. I was constantly losing weight and probably depressed. After talking to my GI I opted for J-pouch surgery last year.

I had a 1-step j-pouch surgery in September of 2013. By any account it was a huge decision and I wont lie the first 4 months after the surgery were very rough. Initially I had the same problems like too many bowel movements and butt burn. The butt burn was bad. But my condition started improving roughly 3 months into the surgery. I started gaining weight and bowels movements came down. But than I started having a lot of issues with gas…I mean my stomach would growl all the time.

Two months of cipro and probiotics….but my doc could not figure out what was wrong. Soon I found out it a was stricture. I have had 3 dilation done until now.After being operated on stricture my recovery started again. I also had 3 iron transfusion as my hemoglobin went as low as 5.0

Around 6 months post op I started noticing my appetite had increased. I was eating all the time and gaining weight. I started going to gym mostly swimming and light weight training. Its been more than a year since my surgery and I can honestly say that after overcoming some rough periods I have started feeling like a normal person again. I have almost gained 45 pounds in 6 months and my hemoglobin has shot up to 14.5.

I eat almost everything except for mushrooms and corn. I have noticed that I can even tolerate a few drinks a week.

Yes I still go to the bathroom 8-10 a day. But its just because the bathroom is easily accessible. If I do not have a bathroom nearby I could hold my poop for a long time.

Now the bowel movements….after j pouch I have no urgency at all.

J pouch has helped my get my life back. I can go out the house without fearing that I will poop my pants. Thats all I wanted. Yes… it is a painful surgery and it will have complications… but eventually it gets better…rather than injecting myself with humira and remicade….I opted for having my colon removed…the best decision of my life so far…

I am on no medications for the past 6 months.



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5 thoughts on “1 Year Post Op – J Pouch Success”

  1. Pranav,

    Thanks so much for sending us an update on how things are going for you. You must feel such a huge sense of relief after making such a big decision and still having some tuff times. But now, you are back at it, feeling good and doing what you want to be doing:))) Great job for moving through the hard times and carrying on. What a great story to start out the new year!

    Best to you, your fam, and your travels moving forward.


  2. Nice one Pranav,
    I’m a few months out now and having a few slight troubles like you mentioned. Good to know it wont last forever…

  3. Pranav brother I am also facing same problems.. I Don, t know what to do at this time.. Brother can you please call me on my number. . I need your help.. 919583291818. .. thankyou

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