1 Poop Per Day Is Possible

What up UC’ers?

How the heck you doing?

So we are in the beginning of September, 2013 and are you crapping me…the summer for us Northern-Hemi folks is starting to come to a close?


So check this, I want to give a tad of an update on me and my UC, come on, this site is so much about the thousands of others who share how they’re doing daily, I need to fess up and give the low down on my butt hole too right…

Well, it’s a pretty kick butt story if you asked me (or my wife).  I don’t know what the deal is, but I have for sure hit a new level of remission that I want to stay in forever.  My butt has been working perfectly for quite some time now, and I just noticed that August was a for sure record.

Here are some personal records that I broke last month:

  1. Least number of poops (it was either 29 or 30 for the whole month of August, I think I’m counting one that was a false alarm since I hadn’t gone the whole day and thought I’d give it a try, you know what I mean right)
  2. Least number of toilet paper rolls used (I don’t have an actual figure for you, but I had a whole bunch of those times where you wipe your doodie-man and the paper is still perfectly clean…(again, I hope you know what I’m talking about)
  3. Least amount of time in the crappper/head/WC/Twalette or whatever you call your spot
  4. Least amount of times saying:  “Baby, I’ll be out in a minute”  (come on married folks with 1 bathroom…you know damn well what I’m talking about)
  5. Not taking a single crap in public pooper (OK, I’m not counting the campground bathroom in Mt. Tremblant, Quebec, wasn’t going to hold it 4 days)
  6. Never getting pissed off having to wait for someone else at a public(or private) toilet (I’ve gotten into it with my wife before about this)
  7. Had a couple of those mystery snakes that slither out and somehow sneak down the toilet so you never even see them before you flush….weird but true right…
  8. I even had one (or maybe two) of those “HOLY SHIT BABY, AMAZING!!!!” you won’t believe what I just dropped in there moments after dropping monster logs
  9. As you saw in the video, I actually pulled my ID out at the grocery store and bought a small bottle of alcohol (Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey…)
  10. AND, I’ve even started eating quite a few things that I’ve stayed away from for several years with the diet I follow.  Things like Corn Tortilla Chips and Potato.  (Side note, I was up in Montreal, Canada for several weeks in July/August…Great Place…Even BETTER PEOPLE, and tasty food everywhere)

What’s the Big Deal?

The big deal is this.  (And I get this question from people and parents all the friggin time.  Especially right after someone gets diagnosed as you can for sure imagine)


You, your son, your boyfriend, your daughter, your wife, your husband, your summer lover, your kid, your ex-boyfriend that you want to get back together with, and anybody else CAN LIVE A NORMAL LIFE, even if you have the good old “ulcerative colitis” or UC as the cool folks call it.

It’s that simple.

The mental game, the post diagnosis crazy dance(you bet I was getting my boogie on back in 2008-09), the potential side effects from medications, and the occasional flare ups or tuff times that WE ALL DEAL WITH will come and go.  Butt hopefully, as each person goes farther down the EXPERIENCE PATH of living with UC, the personal learnings will payoff big-time and lead you to a great treatment program that works for you.

You don’t have to do what I do.  You don’t have to do what your doctor tells you to do.  You don’t even have to do what your parents or kids or great granny tells you to do.  But I sure as hell hope, that you keep your head up when the tuff times creep in.

And, if YOU are in the middle of tuffie times RIGHT NOW,
with the bathroom being your most frequented room,
one more thing ESPECIALLY FOR YOU:

The colon is an amazing part of our bodies.  It doesn’t forget how to work properly.  Even though it may seem like its forgotten sometimes, the colon is a genius.  It knows and will remember how to get a log going once again.

I wish you all the VERY BEST,

-Adam Scheuer

(for anybody wondering,  I’ve tried for years now to get my wife to do a more detailed Q&A video, but she is for sure not having it.  I even get in trouble when I try to shoot her into videos, so I’ll probably be getting it for the little bit she’s in the one above…She always reminds me “there’s enough in the ebooks you wrote about us”…)

31 thoughts on “1 Poop Per Day Is Possible”

  1. Congratulations!!! Fantastic to hear you’re doing so well and life is no longer in the shitter!!!!

    I like the point you make regarding not having to do what anyone else tells us to do. It is sometimes hard to remember its still my body, my life, when doctors are trying to push scary meds my way!

    So Adam, I take it you’ve not had any cameras snaking their way through your bowels for sometime? It would be interesting to know how well your colon has healed.

    Long may your good health and happiness continue. Xxx

    1. What up Juliet,

      You know, its almost been a year now since i had my last butt probe. I have a video you should check out which includes me and my GI doctor (Dr. Stollman from Berkeley/Oakland California). It’s kinda funny in some ways because I had just woken up and am still laying down in the bed…. anyways, give it a look, its at the bottom of this post in another youtube video:


      You can never really tell “for sure”, but I am positive that my colon currently is doing several notches better than it was 1 year ago, mainly because you’ll hear from the doc the mention of mild inflammation at the very end of my colon back then. Whether that was colonoscopy prep related or not is another impossible to know thing, but check it out.

      -Best to you,

    1. Bev,

      how you be a feeling? I hope you are well, and rocking it out British Columbia style:) And…I think its time for you to send in an update as to what you be up to…some pictures…maybe a video or two…the UC world be dying to see you and all I’ve got is that one picture….:)))

      Have a great weekend Bev,


      1. Sheesh…that’s some kind of pressure…I’m a lot like Michaela I think…very shy and private…I should try tho, I know…I almost never let my hubby or anybody take a pic of me…I can’t even imagine doing a VIDEO! That would be something.

        I am rockin’ it out up here in B.C. thanks for asking. All is well once again. I doubled up on that wonderful probiotic for about three weeks, and I’m right back where I should and wanna be!! I’ll never switch probiotics again…big lesson. I hope drinking a bit of the ‘good’ stuff keeps you okay Adam. If it hasn’t affected you by now, it probably won’t do you any harm!


      1. Pooptastic!!! Yet another great word that for sure will make it into Webster’s someday! What up Shelly, hope you be doing well. Is the sweater starting to come out for you…:)) Hope it stays warm for a few more weeks at least…I’ve been hearing rumors. hope you guys are well,

    2. Hey Adam, supercongratulations!
      I am honestly jealous, but also extremely happy for you, and grateful. ……you definitely give me HOPE!
      Keep it up /\

    3. Dear Adam,
      You truly are an inspiration. I’m so glad to hear that one of us has had success in kicking UC’s ass! I’m currently being poisoned with 6mp AND Remicade and sometimes it seems like there’s no end in sight when your on meds like this. Side effects are almost worse than the disease itself.
      Anyways, your happy ending has made my wheels turn and I am again considering diet as a cure for this bastard disease. I know there is hope for me too :)
      Best wishes and mad respect,

      1. What up Richele,

        Been wondering how you’re doing. Thanks for signing in today:) No matter what you choose, I wish you the best, and keep us up to date. Just don’t ever ask to have your picture taken down (that would be a sad sad day:))

        (Oh crap…while writing this, just noticed the site got a huge present…your email seriously arrived while I be a typing here(a new picture of you:))) way friggin a cool. get ready UC’ers

        take care,


          1. Hey Richele…
            Here’s the recipe to overcome the fear..
            1. Read all the stories about surgery so you are nolnger afraid.
            2. Run yourself out of meds…which it looks like you’re doing.
            3. Commit to being Med free with the idea that maybe you need a Med boost of the the lower level meds.
            4. Read up on just how toxic the meds you are taking really are and all their side effects.
            5. Think Diet…SCD/paleo
            6. Probiotics, vit d, and other anti inflammatories.
            7.Hope and positive attitude.
            8. Don’t panic and baby steps.
            OK…it is not a perfect recipe….believe me I know…I have been in and out of a few flares since going off meds over 2 years ago now, flaring for a while, but i also use chinese herbs thru my Chiro and some homeopathic…but no more toxic meds.
            Hang in there…Shelly

            1. Thank you, Shelly!
              It’s a lot to consider. Thank you for the support. This website it the bomb :)
              I’ll definitely keep ya’ll posted as to how I am doing…either way :)

          2. I understand that, Richele. I was afraid to go off of them too. Between what the doctors were saying, and reading ‘horror’ stories on line, I was so unsure as to whether I even should try and go off them at all!

            Turns out, I had nothing to be scared of! I felt and feel so much better not on them! I would never have known had I not tried. I did a;ready have the probiotic well into my system when I did go off of the asacol. I started the probiotic about two weeks before I stopped the asacol completely. It was actually doing it’s job and making me feel better even before I ditched the meds.

          3. I take ULTIMATE FLORA CRITICAL CARE by RENEWLIFE. 50 billion strain. It seems to have exactly what’s needed for a person with UC. Don’t get the ‘COLON’ one by the same company. It brought the UC symptoms back, believe it or not. I thought, ‘colon’, I’ll switch to that one…big mistake. The Critical Care one is the ticket!

            1. hi Bev,
              thanks for the comment above…you are the best!
              So, so, so glad you are feeling better. That makes me sooo happy for you.
              Keep it up!
              Thanks for your positives…Shelly. :-)

              1. Thanks, Shel…I’m only 95%…I have had to double up on the probiotic again…went back down to one for three days, and things started ‘roiling’ again. Perhaps I will have to keep taking two now. I cannot believe how that colon probiotic messed me up!!

                Why did I change anything? Everthing was so good…lol


                1. Bev…95%…getting there. Could be the timing with allergy stuff in the air, etc. Even if you don’t have allergies, I find the older I get, the more susceptible to the effects. I think that’s how this whole thing started with me and now Back to school and the kids are already sick-cooties going round. I’m still struggling,but fighting with the ear sinus and flare/bleeding, but seem to be hanging in there.
                  So i guess it is all relative and you will get back to 100% soon, I justknowit. Maybe another tweaking of the astaxanthin or vit d and or lglut. Maybe you just need to trick your body’s immune system to increase its fighting ability. That’s basically what the tnf blocker do. Like what Adam had posted about the
                  concept of the meds makes sense if it weren’t for all the toxic side effects!
                  Anyway, don’t look back…my Dr. said the best time to try stuff is when yOu are feeling well and you did and it didn’t work. Who knows next time…with UC it could work?! You know sometimes it’s a crapshoot..haha…that cracks me up. :-)
                  Focus forward, lots of positives and will yourself better and you will …I just know it!
                  Best, as always, Shelly. :-)

                  1. Wow! Adam!!! Your GI doc is cool even more so as he has UC! This is a first for I’ve never met anyone in the medical profession that admitted to any health issue. Thanks for the video!

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