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Write About Your Ulcerative Colitis


Due to the massive amount of “Colitis Venting Area” stories which have been submitted in 2014 so far, new stories submitted will probably not be posted for at least 2 weeks from the time when you write. There has been an incredible amount of stories sent in due to a heavy increase in use of the site this year.


Please read and review what you type in below.  People from all over the world are going to read your stories.  Use your brain when you’re typing.

  • Capitalize letters at the beginning of your sentences (pretty basic, yes I know, but you’d be surprised…:)
  • If you use the word “I”, make sure to capitalize it!!!  Stories submitted where the letter “i” is used in lowercase format simply looks awful, and stories submitted where there’s lowercase “i” all over the place instead of “I” WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED.
  • Run on sentences…if your sentences are three or four lines long….that’s too long. Shorten them up so people can read and understand you better.
  • Feel free to use the paragraph break.  Stories that are only 1 paragraph but twenty lines long are also hard for people to read.
  • Check your spelling (if you need to write your story in some other program and copy and paste it to the form below afterwards….do that!)

I’m not trying to be hard here, but I simply don’t have time to be your English teacher here, not by any means.  But because so many people from all over the world will be reading your story, it needs to at least be readable.

(Thanks for your understanding and patience, Adam)

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