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They Say I Have UC, But I Think They’re Wrong?

Ok my name is Maree, and i have UC.

I was being treated with it by tablets, my stomach went back to normal nearly, and all of a sudden in one night my tummy was that swollen that I look about 8 months pregnant.  What the hell is wrong with me?

I’m back in hospital again with the pain and Bloating of the stomach and bleeding through my bowel.

I’m a mother of 1, and have been digonosed of having this , but i don’t have any dirrea that goes with it , I think the hospital is wrong.

Anyone with a similar story?

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2 Responses to They Say I Have UC, But I Think They’re Wrong?

  1. Sharjeel September 25, 2010 at 4:50 am #

    yes….when i first saw blood in stool…that was with very normal BM….i straight when to doctor and got my colonscopy done…they havnt found anything other then piles….they gave me some medicine but bleeding didnt stop then after 3 months i got my 2nd colonscopy done in that they found i have proctosigmotitis…and they started the treatment with no success…then 3rd colonoscopy 3 months later they found that i have left sided ulcerative colitis….till that time i had no diarrhea just bleeding and multiple BM….the 4th showed the pancolitis….i had traveled from piles to pancolitis in 8 months time….now i have UC from approx 2 year….

  2. Tony (UK) September 25, 2010 at 9:09 am #

    My heart goes out to you Maree. I’m only new this myself and must admit it’s all very confusing. The way I see it, the problem seems to be very difficult for doctors to make a certain and final diagnosis. I’m sure they quite naturally, like any of us, don’t what to give the wrong information, especially so in this day and age where certain sections of our society jump at any chance for litigation. I was originally told I had IBS, then intolerance to gluten, then later when the pain and bloating got worse and the blood, the bloody blood, I had a Colonoscopy and another Endoscopy and was told it was Ulcerative Colitis. A couple of weeks ago a specialist who saw me just referred to the serious ‘disease’ I now have. A few days later my Consultant said I had Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s disease but to stick to the UC treatment till the end of the year to see if the Crohn’s got better or worse, confused would be an understatement, that was the first time anyone had mentioned Crohn’s. Saw my own Doctor yesterday because of my confusion, he said I definitely have Crohn’s but also UC ‘I think’, so I fully understand how you must be feeling, confused. Try not to get too down, I’m sure in time we will all feel better and this website definitely helps a lot.

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