There Is Hope – Currently I’m Symptom Free

Cindy U fIntroduction:

My name is Cindy. I am 56 years old and have been diagnosed with UC for a year and a half. Currently I am symptom free, have one bowel movement per day that is a Bristol 4 or 5. I have read this site from the beginning and have found the information here invaluable. As I read stories of people that are sick, discouraged, and hopeless, it breaks my heart because I know what that feels like…terrible. But there is hope! With proper drugs, nutrition and supplements healing is possible .

Some more about me:

I have always had an interest in nutrition. When diagnosed with this disease, I thought my diet was very good. I ate tons of green leafy veggies, had varied colors on my plate, used mostly legumes and nuts for protein, ate very little sugar, and drank lots of water and green tea. What happened? I don’t know. I am also a believer in exercise…so is Bev-who is a continual source of inspiration.


I became symptom free in July. I began taking low dose Naltrexone in May, and my belief is that it along with other measures put me into remission.

There Is Hope – Currently I’m Symptom Free

My story begins with the ubiquitous blood in the stool. It was Intermittent leading me to think it was hemorrhoidal, but it persisted, leading me to my first colonoscopy. In my 2 minute diagnosis after the procedure my doctor assured me it was indeed hemorrhoid and to use OTC meds and not to worry.i then received my test results in the mail telling me to continue my Nexium. WELL I did not and would not take Nexium. That should have been my first clue. I did not read through my test results which would have told me I had proctitis Lesson learned: always read your own test results-even if you have to do so with dictionary on hand! A year later because of continued and accelerated bleeding my second colonoscopy revealed Ulcerative Colitis.

My doctor told me that I would be on medication for the rest of my life and it did not matter what I ate.What a load of bull!!! My family joined forces, got on the Internet and researched the heck out of this disease to find “Breaking the Vicious Cycle” the book that became my guide.

I started SCD and took 2 Lialda daily. Although I improved it was not enough. Enter: Gaps. This regimen begins with invaluable bone broths and evolves your digestive system to the point that you can actually eat all of the foods on SCD. It was like getting a masters degree in UC- not an easy road but SO worth it. During stressful times I had to take 2 very short courses ( two week) of steroids. I would do 10mg first week and 5 second week. I do think it’s best to avoid steroids whenever possible. They are very tempting because they make you feel better for the moment but I believe what Andrew Wiel says about them. He says that use of steroids decreases the likelihood of long term remission.

Medications / Supplements

The only medication that I currently take is low dose Naltrexone. I really believe in it.

When I quit taking Lialda, I weaned myself off of it VERY slowly. Meaning eliminating one pill every four days for 4 weeks the every 3 days for 4 weeks ect. I’m not saying you should do this, just saying it’s what I did. I was symptom free for months before I did this.

I also take:

I also eat 24 hr fermented yogurt every day

written by Cindy U

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  1. shelly in maine December 13, 2013 at 4:09 pm #

    Great post Cindy!
    Continued health and healing. Great add to the site! :-)
    Best, Shelly

  2. Cindy U
    Cindy u December 14, 2013 at 7:12 am #

    Thank you Shelly and thank you to everyone in this ihaveuc community who have been such an invaluable source of support-especially you Adam.

  3. Allison-3
    Allison December 18, 2013 at 11:28 am #

    Awesome Cindy- health is a beautiful thing!

    • Cindy U
      Cindy u December 18, 2013 at 7:33 pm #

      It is, Alison. For me it requires some maintenance (SCD) but that’s a small price to pay in my estimation. I really feel much better in general when I stay strict on the diet.

  4. Allison-3
    Allison December 19, 2013 at 3:17 am #

    Agreed Cindy. I had to finally stop thinking I was “treating myself” to a bit of chocolate, when in fact I was just “cheating myself” of health… Health is the best & and I’ll drink (a cup of tea) to that!

  5. Ryan Malm
    Ryan February 10, 2014 at 4:27 pm #

    Hope Indeed! Thanks for the post Cindy. I am on day 10 of the GAPS introduction diet (currently on stage 2) and it’s been a roller coaster. Your post definitely gives me a bit more belief that this WILL work!
    I love this line because it’s so true: “My doctor told me that I would be on medication for the rest of my life and it did not matter what I ate. What a load of bull!!!”

    • Cindy U
      Cindy u February 12, 2014 at 5:10 pm #

      Good for you! Hang in there because it was a roller coaster for me too. If you can just hang tough and stay the course it will pay off. After I finished Gaps I found the pecanbread stages from that website very helpful. They seem to know how to choose foods that are easiest to digest. I’m still totally symptom free and at one time I thought this would never happen. It’s not always easy to stay faithful to the program but you can do it and it will bring great rewards. Best of luck.

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