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Meet Skip: I’m 57 yrs old ,I’ve had lactose intolerance since I was 26 years old.  I have always been active & healthy . I’m a Vietnam Vet & served in the US NAVY Some more about me: I’m still a kid at heart , don’t feel 57 until I look in the mirror I […]

Ulcerative Colitis Sucks

Meet Hayley: I’m 24 engaged, and have a beautiful 16 month old girl I live in Dorset in the UK Some more about me: I love spending every waking minute with my daughter, she’s growing up so quick, every day she is doing something different. We also have a Doberman cross dog, who we rescued […]

Life Father Like Son

Meet Andy: Greetings, My name is Andy. I’m from a small town in Southern Ontario, Canada. Currently residing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This should give you some indication I’ve had pretty decent accessible health care. I’m a fairly active guy, prior to my first flare up commuting to work by bike, taking solo bike […]