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Ulcerative Colitis Tips

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Feeling Better Everyday

I’m 24 years old from Australia, and I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease (90% likely) at the end of Sept 2012. Just started 40mg pred, started eating healthy, SCD almost the day after I was diagnosed, I know God is going to allow me to heal 100%! My Story: So after noticing blood after a […]

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Activities When You're In a Colits Flare - 176 Person Results

Activities When You’re In a Colits Flare – 176 Person Results

THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN to everybody on the Active Newsletter Group who participated in this month’s survey!  This month there were participants from 19 different countries which is incredible.  Which countries you might wonder?  Here’s the list:  United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Oman, Russia, New Zealand, South Africa, […]

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Too Young To Be a Patient of UC!

Too Young To Be a Patient of UC!

Introduction: I’m 18, a student, have moderate UC since 15 months. I have done colonoscopy once, and will be doing one more! It’s hard to have UC as a student! Symptoms: i am having hair loss. My Colitis Story: Having UC is hard. Taking drugs thrice a day is really hard! Having side effect, like […]

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Ready For Surgery

Ready For Surgery

Introduction: My Name is Emie, not Ernie, EMIE! I am a 29 year old wife, mother, sister, daughter, Aunt, and Shi Tzu lover. I have a wonderful life! I have the best family, great friends, and the BEST husband! I have a serious addiction to all things shopping. I have also been in a relationship […]

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Me and my Semicolon

Introduction: I’m a young married perpetual student studying Civil engineering, working full time, chasing my dogs and waiting for the hubby to finish a doctorate. I have UC but I have a lot more than that, I like reading, studying, crafting everything from wood to fabric and other things. Colitis Symptoms: No current symptoms- Hooray! […]

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My 20 Year Old Son with Ulcerative Colitis

Introduction: My son (20) was diagnosed with UC in May of 2012. We have been going through rough times with him. My wife and I are doing so much to help him and got him with a clinical nutritionist. We are very disappointed with the regular GI doctors (most don’t care). My Son’s Colitis Story: […]

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Fighting Through My Life With Ulcerative Colitis

Introduction: Hi!, My name is JA, I am 21 years old, I was diagnosed with UC when I was 15. I am from Anchorage AK, I love being outdoors, I ski, hike, fish, run, swim, play soccer, and anything active really. I currently attend college at OSU and am hoping to get into Pharmacy school. […]

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Some Relief!

Barb M – I am a 43 year old woman, married with two children. From Philadelphia. My motto is to live life to the fullest! Kinda of tough when you are having a flare but always try to think positive!

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No Control

Meet Heather: Diagnosed 1 year and 3 months with Ulcerative Colitis but also battling C-Diff along with it. Never had any GI issues until I had a colonoscopy in July of 2011 so they are still unsure if I got it due to the colonoscopy or the C diff or how it all came about. […]

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