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Curse or Blessing?

Meet “Canadian Eric” Hi, my name is Eric and I’m 35 years old. I was just recently diagnosed late spring/early summer 2012. I’m not very good at remembering specific dates so that will have to do. I currently work for a Medical Technology company and the show “Ancient Aliens” has obliterated my mind. Some more […]

Sick, Lonely and Unemployed

Meet Sanne: I’m 26 years old and I live in Holland with my boyfriend and 3 year old daughter. I’m currently unemployed (caused by UC grrrrr). Colitis is giving me a very hard time. Some more about me: I absolutely loooove music, it’s my life, really. Especially singing. I also love cooking and baking with […]

Cramped and Crabby at Christmas

Meet Sarah: My name is Sarah. I’m a “professional student” and intend to make academia my home forever -cause I love it. I seriously think university is the fountain of youth. Or maybe the “real world” just scares me… I feel the answer lies somewhere in the middle. I was diagnosed with Colitis in 2010, […]