Newly Diagnosed with Colitis

Introduction: I have just been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis last week (Mid January 2013). I’ve had six months of stomach problems which have been getting gradually worse. Six weeks ago I got really ill and I had constant diarrhea throughout the day and night. I lost my appetite, all motivation and felt terrible. I was […]

Tonight’s Dinner

— Hey UC’ers, What is up?? Ciao, Buona Sera! or Hello and Good Evening if that works better for you. It’s been almost two months since I’ve been away from home and overseas.  My wife and I have stayed in 4 countries now, and everything is going pretty darn good.  In just a few days, […]

End of the road…J-Pouch?

Intro: I am a 26 year old male diagnosed with UC and PSC in 1996. Growing up with this combination has been both a struggle and has helped me to appreciate every day. Some more about me: I have always been quite active despite living in a constant state of active UC. I played sports […]