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Well This Is Gonna Suck...

Well This Is Gonna Suck…

Introduction: not sure what to say… I’m 33 and currently in the military. Have a very active lifestyle that’s appears to be coming to a screeching halt!! I was diagnosed about 4 years ago but never told what it was.. Basically ignored it until recently.. Now I’m lost and feel like my life’s about to […]

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Return Of The Evil UC Flare and Feeling Depressed

Introduction: I am 47 and had to put my Master’s schooling on hold for various autoimmune issues. I am married to a wonderful and understanding woman. I am training a puppy to be a therapy dog to visit people in nursing homes and hospitals. I want my life back! My Symptoms: Cramping, frequent and urgent […]

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The Journey To A Completed J Pouch

The Journey To A Completed J Pouch

Meet Blake: Hello again everyone. It’s Blake, 31 years old, I just wanted to complete my story started back in February 2011 of UC, colon removal, life with an ostomy bag, J Pouch creation and finally, pooping out of my butt again. I had a J Pouch that was done in 3 steps or 3 […]

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Spastic Colon

Spastic Colon

Introduction: I was diagnosed with UC a year ago. I’m about to finish graduate school and receive my Master’s degree in May. I’m also working full time, so I’m really busy!! My Symptoms: Some mucus I see a a little blood occasionally 1-3 solid BM’s daily My Story: Does anyone suffer from what I call […]

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Beware of Blood Clots

Introduction: I was diagnosed with UC at the age of 22 of April this year. I was just a regular college student until I was hit with my first flare up of my UC that changed my life for the worse. Not only did I suffer with a UC flare but other things as well. […]

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Jan's Story about Colitis From Essex, England

Jan’s Story about Colitis From Essex, England

Introduction: Hi, my name is Jan, i live in England in Essex, I have ulcerative colitis and was diagnosed when i was 14 years old i am now 53. I have lots of flare ups in my time but each one has been different, it has affected my life a great deal but I’m still […]

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Long Crazy Journey To Today

Long Crazy Journey To Today

Introduction: I am 52 years young and am from West central Texas.  I have 2 grown sons and a wonderful daughter in law,We’re expecting my 1st grandbaby, a boy on or around Nov.15th and I’m very excited about becoming a “Nana” and am counting down the weeks! lol….I love time with my family and friends […]

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To See My Son In Remission

Introduction: Hi my name is Keri and I’m 40 yrs old. I have two great sons 15 and 13. Divorced now living with a great guy for the last 4 1/2 yrs. I am self employed as a stylist for the last 23 yrs The last 3 yrs I’ve been living a life long dream […]

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Newly Diagnosed And Pregnant!

Newly Diagnosed And Pregnant!

Introduction: Hi I’m Raquel. I’m 30 years old 17 weeks pregnant and finally diagnosed with UC this past Tuesday. Have a great support system but still am very scared. My Symptoms: For the last 4 weeks I have had diarrhea, extreme cramping and spasms, mucus and blood. Losing lots of weight, not good especially pregnant. […]

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