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Ulcerative Colitis Tips

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I have UC, Now What?...

I have UC, Now What?…

Hey Everyone! My name is Nikki and I’m 27 years old. It was this time last year that I got diagnosed with ulcerative colitis (UC) October 11, 2011 to be exact. I was suffering for a few days before I went to the hospital to get checked out, I don’t have any health care right […]

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6MP…To be, or not to be

Meet Dallas: Married father of 3. I have been flirting with flares on and off since I was diagnosed back in the summer of 2011. I have been spared the true nastiness of this disease–I realize it could be much worse. Some more about me: I enjoy reading, hanging out with the family and early […]

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How Long Do You Fight the Inevitable?

Meet Joanna: I’m Joanna and was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at 17 after having some bleeding and being constipated for years. I’m 23 now and feel like I’ve tried everything. I’ve had 8 colonoscopies and my last three showed pancolitis. I’ve always been a natural type of person, never taking medicine unless absolutely necessary- that […]

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Extraordinary Raw Food Healing

Meet the Sungazer: Hey, my name is Adam and I have UC for about 3 years. The condition has permeated every aspect of my life and i have no viable long term medication that can control it. When the only option the doctor could offer me was colectomy, i turned to specific diet and lifestyle […]

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Yeast Infections and Colitis

Yeast Infections Hey UC’ers, I need your help. Yesterday I received an email from a concerned UC’er who has been having an awful lot of trouble with chronic yeast infections.  This is a topic that has not been discussed in any detail so far on the site, but I’m really hoping that some of you […]

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Dealing with Colitis as a College Student

Dealing with Colitis as a College Student

Current Colitis Symptoms: Frequently running to the bathroom, the urge to go hits me very suddenly, diarrhea Meet Jessica: I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in August 2011. I am currently a freshman in college and hoping to reach remission soon! Some more about me: I enjoy photography, watching football (Go Panthers!), and hanging out […]

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6MP and Away We Go

6MP and Away We Go

Meet Richele Lynn: Hi again! this is an update from my original story (Pooping Machine) I submitted about a month ago. I was diagnosed with UC about 7 yrs ago. I went for my annual colonoscopy in October of this year and woah what a mess in there. ouch! Just started taking 6mp a week […]

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Newly Diagnosed and Confused

Newly Diagnosed and Confused

Meet Diana: I am 33 years old. I was diagnosed with pan colitis a couple of months ago which came as a big shock! I am still trying to adjust to this condition. Having a sense of humor and being partial to toilet jokes definitely helps. Some more about me: I live in Australia and […]

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On The First Day of Christmas, My UC Gave To Me

On The First Day of Christmas, My UC Gave To Me

Hey UC’ers, Katryna, who’s written several colitis stories before (I never knew she was a song writer too!!) recently posted up this classic song with her own UC twist yesterday on the ihaveuc facebook group page, and I asked her (and she said heck yeah) if it would be alright to share with the rest […]

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