Remicade Treatment Round #2

Remicade Treatment Round #2

Introduction: My name is Kyle. I dwell from the wonderful apple state of Washington. Down with team UC since July 2012, posted my story on the site, Joined Team UC in July…World Rocked in August!. I am a sold out servant of Jesus Christ. I still have the most amazing wife in the world. I […]

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Evil UC – Part Two

Introduction: Hi all fellow ucer’s, this is my 2nd vent in as many months, I am 48, a amother of 3 and a nana of 1. Have lived with this hell of a illness for 10 years. I want my life back, but then anyone reading this will know that’s all any of us want. […]

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Help for Colitis and SIBO

Introduction: My name is Julie. I am 56 yrs old. On disability because of several health problems. I use to be a very happy and functional person and I need help finding that person again Current Symptoms: I have Microscopic Colitis(collengenous) diagnosed 2 yrs ago. I am severely underweight—-5’4″ and only weigh 88lbs. Stomach, chest […]

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To All the UC’ers With Families

Meet Didem: I’m a 25-year-old microbiologist recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis after 6 years of suffering. I like cycling (which I do every chance I get), I love red wine (even though sometimes it hurts me), and I spent all my spare time watching HGTV :) My UC Symptoms Right Now: Occasionally small amounts of […]

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I’m Going to Get Through This – Because I Said So

Meet Emily, the Special Events Planner: I am a 23 year old special events assistant working in Philadelphia. I was diagnosed 7 years ago as “severely diseased” and have gone through the usual ups and downs of UC since then. At this point in my life I am looking for support and to support others […]

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Mom of College-Age Daughter with UC and C. Diff

Meet Cathy: I’m a mom of college-age daughter with Ulcerative Colitis. I have been gluten free since 2008 due to gluten intolerance. We have a family history of celiac disease as well as unspecified colitis. My Daughter’s Battle with Colitis and C-Diff: My daughter was diagnosed with UC in April 2012. Her symptoms started in […]

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Tyraa's Story

Tyraa’s Story

Meet Tyraa: I am 33…. I have had UC since 2003….I work as a Rehab Tech….and have two wonderful children….i am trying to find away to take back my life…my UC Colitis Symptoms: I am currently having a “flare up” for about 3 weeks now…with the usual bloody watery stools….blood clots…pain in abds…god awful smell […]

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Intolerant To Almost All Meds-How Can I Find Remission?

Meet Makiaa: Just over 40 Female, Colitis Dx 2007 living in Australia. Have successfully worked through 3 flares but now am struggling with the latest one. I’ve been in I.T. with business travel for 15 yrs but last 2 yrs cut it down to working local jobs to minimize stress, exhaustion etc. Current Colitis Symptoms: […]

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No matter what, colitis flares don't last forever, don't forget it:)