Remission Success Stories Wanted/Needed!

Meet BC Mom: Hi all, I have been officially diagnosed for approx. 18 months via sigmoidoscopy. I have a Rx for Mesalazine enemas which I cannot retain. My goal is ‘natural healing’ of my body (I hope) and not to just mask the symptoms. Things are not good right now, blood with every BM, 15+ […]

UC, Olive Oil, Mind Body Spirit, Healing

Meet Wes: A wounded spiritual warrior here working on getting over the UC. I am a healer myself so the words, “Physician Heal Thyself” ring very true for me. Some More about me: Surfing and hanging out with my dog. Current Symptoms: 10 BM’s daily, some blood, mucus, urgency. UC, Olive Oil, Mind Body Spirit, […]

Curse or Blessing?

Meet “Canadian Eric” Hi, my name is Eric and I’m 35 years old. I was just recently diagnosed late spring/early summer 2012. I’m not very good at remembering specific dates so that will have to do. I currently work for a Medical Technology company and the show “Ancient Aliens” has obliterated my mind. Some more […]