My Gut War

My Gut War

Introduction: My name is Laceigh and I’m from central Washington born and raised, I’m 20 will be turning 21 in a month and a half (YES!) I have had Ulcerative Colitis for 4 years. I work a full time Monday through Friday job, have an awesome boyfriend that’s really good at making me laugh as […]

Smoking and UC

Introduction: I am 43 years old, male, white. I was diagnosed with UC in 1996. I worked in the cruise industry for 14 years and now live in Vancouver, Canada. I play golf at every opportunity. My Symptoms: I currently have my symptoms under control but I do experience flare-ups from time to time. Generally […]

Good Gastro Doctors ALL OVER THE WORLD

Hey UC’ers and other Guests of the site, Happy Friday to all of you.  If you’re new to the website, I really hope you’re enjoying all the stories that have been submitted.  Just because you might find some of the stories really sad, because many of them are, I hope you still take away something […]

Well This Is Gonna Suck…

Well This Is Gonna Suck...

Introduction: not sure what to say… I’m 33 and currently in the military. Have a very active lifestyle that’s appears to be coming to a screeching halt!! I was diagnosed about 4 years ago but never told what it was.. Basically ignored it until recently.. Now I’m lost and feel like my life’s about to […]