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College Student Athlete Living with UC

Introduction: Hey! I am CJ. I am a freshman college where I play baseball while studying physical education. I am from the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. I was diagnosed with left sided ulcerative colitis in 2009. Have had one major flare since diagnosed where I lost 20 pounds in two weeks. Die hard Yankees […]

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Time For Surgery

Baker’s Previous Post: UC Journey to J-Pouch Time For Surgery: As a follow-up to my original post, I wanted to write-up my experience investigating and ultimately coming to the conclusion that I would proceed with J-Pouch surgery. As I write this I’m now 4 days away from my first surgery, still very nervous but also […]

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Old Hippie, Old Diagnosis, New Resignation

Meet Beth: I love muscadine grapes, I’ve worked on Wall Street and been on welfare, I once vaulted a 4-foot stream to get away from a bear (despite having it drilled into me that you DON’T run). I close my eyes when I dance to Orgone, and given the right circumstances I could do that […]

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Ulcerative Colitis – A New Me

Introduction: I’m a mum to 2 cheeky boys – almost 1y and 3ys – and wife to one (I live in New Zealand and have a degree in Marketing and Finance but choose to be a stay at home mum. I’m 29 and my Ulcerative Colitis story started at a young 17. Colitis Symptoms: Bloating, […]

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Learn How To Use PubMed – It’s Amazingly Easy

 Have YOU visited before? If your answer is no, or even if it’s yes, I’d highly encourage you to continue reading the quick and easy steps below for using PubMed to find UC articles. This is one of those posts I should have written ages ago.  So my apologies for that, but the time […]

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Diet – What To Avoid And What To Include?

Introduction: I’m a freelance journalist and language practitioner from South Africa, have four-year-old daugther and I’m happily married. I’ve been diagnosed in July this year and it was quite a shock (not sure if I’m over it yet!). Colitis Symptoms: I’m having a flare, urgency to go, bloody stools and lower back pain. I’m also […]

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The Scoop On My Poop

The Scoop On My Poop

Introduction: Hello, my name is Alysia and well my life consists of A LOT of Pink, small toys to step on in the middle of the night, and diapers! I am 25 and the mother of two beautiful girls. Sophie is three years old, and Scarlett is eight months old. When I am not changing […]

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