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New to all this – S.O.S.!!

Introduction: I’m a 51 year old New Yorker, with a background in theatre, but who works in finance, not a job I love but a realistic way to pay bills! Living in New York with a husband and child is not cheap… I have a 4 year old daughter that I conceived via fertility treatments […]

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iHaveUC Secret Bathroom Pass

Hey UC’ers, So here’s the situation: My wife and I were driving earlier today.  It was time for filling up the tank with gas, and we’d had breakfast about an hour earlier.  So we needed to both hit up the bathroom. And since we’re out in the middle of nowhere in North Carolina, there weren’t […]

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So It Goes…

Introduction: Born and raised in Southwest Florida, 33, married with no children, unless you count two cats. Dropped out of college three times (not for me). Somehow lucked into a job that usually requires a degree, and if I can help it, wait to be alone in a public bathroom so I can let loose […]

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Untreated UC kind of Freaks Me Out

Introduction: So, I’m a CPA, but don’t let that stop you from reading. I was diagnosed with UC in August 2008. Most of my job is speaking and training, so I’m on the road a lot and in front of the classroom a good deal of the time. Ulcerative Colitis has caused me to get […]

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Hope for Other UC’ers

Introduction: I am a 36 year old mother of 3, married 16 years this year. I have had UC for the past 12 years, but kept it in remission for 6 with the SCD diet. Some more about me: I’m from Canada, love hiking, camping, the mountains, reading and movies. Symptoms: Currently recovering from my […]

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colitis question and answer survey Oct 2013

791 Person Colitis Question and Answer Survey

Below are the answers to all the questions from the recent survey that took place in October. The participants this month are from 46 different countries. (I’ve listed all the countries in the video below.  All participants received an email to participate via the iHaveUC newsletter.) Like the previous survey, the questions were the exact […]

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what has to be done colonoscopy

What Is Going On Up There!

Introduction: Hi, I’m Phillip, I am engaged to my high school sweet heart, after not seeing each other since High School in 1988. We both have kids from previous relationships that didn’t workout. But we are both happy with each other and support each other with our diseases. Some more about me: I live in […]

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