Emotional Roller Coaster

My name is Shannon, I am 21 years old and I found out I had UC when I was 17. When I found out my family and I weren’t really sure what to expect because we had never heard of this disease. Some more about me: I must say I don’t really have an actual […]

On the Road to Recovery

Hi, I’m Bryan 34 years old. I Have UC. I’ married with 2 dogs, work for a major food distributor …US Foods. And I’m on the road to a better life! Some more about me: I love to snowboard go fishing and do outdoors stuff. Going to football and baseball games. Going out to see […]

My UC is Getting Worse Day by Day

Introduction: My name is Ahmed; I was diagnosed with UC almost 2 years ago at the age of 33. Never had any stomach/digestion issues of any kind my entire life, and no one else in my family has shown symptoms of UC. I belong to Pakistan, Married 5 years ago and 3-yr old son. I […]