Simponi Approved for Ulcerative Colitis

Hey UC’ers, I wanted to take a quick moment and share some news regarding a new medication called Simponi that was just recently cleared for the treatment of Ulcerative Colitis.  Just yesterday, the Food and Drug Administration, which is the “governing board” in the United States gave its formal approval for this medication. What is […]

Ulcerative Colitis Will Not Keep Me Down!

Introduction: I am 43 yr old male active male from Melbourne, FL that was diagnosed in July 2012. After noticing blood in the toilet in early June, I went to my general practitioner. After several tests I was referred to a GI doctor. The GI doctor preformed a colonoscopy in July 2012 which revealed that […]

3 New Scientific Articles – ALL Colitis Related

Hey UC’ers, After doing my usual research on PubMed (awesome awesome resource BTW!), there are several articles a whole bunch of you will gain a whole bunch from reading.  (The articles are listed below and include the links so you can read up more on the specific studies.) #1 Thiopurines in inflammatory bowel disease revisited […]

Surgery Soon

Introduction: Hi my name is Beverley (or Bev, I don’t mind ) I am a 30 year old married mother of four from Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Some more about me: I have been married for 10 years & have 2 boys (aged 14 & 6) & 8 year old twin girls. I started having […]

My 16 year old Son has Ulcerative Colitis

Introduction: I’m the worring Mom of a 16 year old son, fairly new to UC and still learning what’s its all about! My son had 2nd Colonoscopy in Feb.2013. Nothing has changed since Aug.2012. Some more details: My son, 16, plays baseball & is accepted to 2 Pennsylvania State Police camps this summer, each 1 […]