Ulcerative Colitis Tips

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End of my Rope!

I am so crampy and pass blood and clots with my “5-9 in the middle of the night” bathroom trips. This does not include the multipule trips to the bathroom through out the day but the worst does seem to be between 1am and 6 am.

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UC Roller Coaster Ride

Sandra is 22 years old, full of live, and just at the beginning of her career (and an exciting one at that!) But, she has some questions about how she should be moving forward and putting ulcerative colitis on the back burner, check out her story here!

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My UC New Years Resolution

It seems that my symptoms have lessened since seeing the chiropractor and changing my diet! Find out what Evan is up to right now in terms of treating his UC, find out what has and has not worked for him in his recently published story

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My Body is Trying to Kill Me

Introduction: My name is Kelly and I am a mother to 2 wonderful and high energy kids. I was diagnosed in Feb 2009, shortly after the birth of my first child. I work full-time and love my job, although it can be very stressful at times. I am desperate to find a way to begin […]

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Since I Was Six

Meet Emily: My name is Emily rose and I live in CT. I’ve had UC since I was six years old and have been getting the remicaid for about six weeks so in eight weeks I will be getting my fourth infusion. I had a colonoscopy about four to five months ago and that was […]

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Help Me Now with my Colitis

Meet Mr. Patil: I am Gangadhar Patil having Ulcerative colitis since Aug 2013 and I admitted to Ruby Hall clinic for 5 days and now I am in house taking rest. recently I have colonscopy and biopsy but nothing much serious. but during morning time I used to go to motion 2-3 times but in […]

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