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After 1 year of Incredible Pain & Suffering

Intro: Hi, I’m Janet- 62 years of age, diagnosed with 99% large colon UC about 3 years ago. After one year of incredible pain & suffering, someone finally did a scope and voila. After being tortured with all the usual black arts, eventually I talked my specialist into trying Remicade. Symptoms managed with IV Remicade […]

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Father Needing UC Advice

A father of a 12 year old boy is looking for answers and help with finding ways to treat his son’s colitis. Doctors are talking about 6-MP and Biologics, but if there is an easy way to get results through probiotics or diet changes, that’s an option too.

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Surgery for a Young, Active Guy?

Meet Jake, he’s a 27 year old, full of life guy, just getting things really moving in the professional world, and all about the outdoors. One of his biggest challenges at the moment is that UC is trying to slow his life down. But it sure doesn’t seem like he’s going to let that happen.

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Jersey Shore Star is Beating Colitis

She had an awful hospital stay after her diagnosis, and the last time we heard from her she was entering a flare up. But oh have things changed for the better. She’s getting on with life on her terms and back in control of her health and her colitis.

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The Best is Yet to Come

I am currently in the best place I have been in since being diagnosed with UC in February 2013. My frequency over the last month has been 3-4 times a day. My BM’s have been solid and the bathroom process is under control as opposed to resembling an Olympic sprint.

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I Refuse to Take Prednisone

Cynthia is scheduled for a colonoscopy on Feb. 3rd. She’s not looking forward to the gallon you have to drink to prepare…(who the heck is) AND, she most definitely doesn’t want prednisone due to the side effects it sometimes unleashes.

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